7 Best Hacks To Access The Depths Of Streaming Media

Lockdown has forced everyone inside their homes, but thankfully, we have not gone insane with boredom.

Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu keep our minds occupied with their content.

What is the catch here? They all come at a price and a few technical glitches here and there.

However, most people overlook the differences between each platform and tiny steps that might otherwise make their streaming experience ten times better.

Here are seven hacks that will help you get the most out of every streaming service!

Keep an Eye on The Originals

When we say hidden gems, we also mean the original content of the streaming service.

This original content is a blessing for movie buffs that are always on the hunt for unique stories.

Some streaming platforms also have original documentaries that are a lot more educational and genuine than others. 

Pick the Right Platform for Your Preferred Content

Some people like to watch long series while others like movies, documentaries. The point is that every user prefers to watch a different content type.

To get what you want, understand what each platform offers.

For example, Hotstar specializes in sports, while Netflix got the top jump scare films. If you need a mashup of everything with some live TV, go for Disney + Hotstar, SonyLIV or Zee5. 

Mark Previously Watched Stuff 

Nobody likes to browse through the content they have already watched, no matter how much they like it.

You would not like it if your streaming service kept recommending you the same teenage rom-com you have watched a dozen times by now.

Fortunately, some streaming platforms have an option that allows you to mark seen content. If your service has it too, make sure to use it.

Besides, when you filter out the old content, your streaming service starts recommending you some hidden gems. 

Download Your Favourites

If you have a series, movie, documentary or other content close to your heart, make sure to download it.

You see, even the most famous, advanced streaming platforms suffer from technical issues now and then.

Besides, sometimes climate conditions mess with our internet connection, making it impossible to stream content online.

During such days, having something downloaded can help you kill your time. 

Prepare Watchlists

You might think we are going a little too far with here, but hear this out, having a watchlist is better than wasting your time scrolling mindlessly. Whenever you see something you like, add it to your watchlist.

This way, you don’t need to search for exciting content the next time you open the app. The “watch later” feature is almost on every streaming platform for this very reason.

Besides, adding something to your watchlist will also come in handy when you forget the name of said movie/series later. 

Don’t Forget the Free Stuff

Most streaming services will offer some free content and premium content. Just because you are a member of the premium subscription does not mean that you should let go of the free movies.

Zee5 and Hotstar are among those platforms that provide a combination of free and premium content.

On the other hand, services like Netflix and Amazon Prime do not offer anything free other than the trial period. 

Use a VPN

Somebody may have already given you this advice, but we are going to repeat it. A VPN is the one thing that can help you get the most out of your streaming service.

It unlocks geo-restricted content, and you can enjoy movies, documentaries, and reality shows from all over the world.

It can also hide your bandwidth consumption from your ISP, thereby reducing the chances of buffering.

However, remember that some platforms have their ways to recognize and ban VPN users too. 


People invented streaming services to make our lives more convenient, but they end up confusing us at times.

Organizing your picks, marking them, and downloading them can benefit you a lot.

Next time you open your streaming app, make sure to use these tips. If you are already following these hacks, pat yourself on the back.

Remember, you can always enjoy quality content if you know how your streaming service works. 

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