Review: 7 Reasons Not to Use Stormlikes

Today I’m going to review and expose it as a brutal scam.

In an industry as brutal as the social media marketing one, there’s always a chance that you’re going to come up against companies that are average, and companies that are downright dirty with how they do business.

While they may appear to have it going on to anyone on the outside, if you dig a little deeper, the truth always comes out.

This is why it pays to do your research and make sure you know everything about a company before choosing to trust them. Today we want to talk about one company in particular, and the long list of reasons that you shouldn’t trust them or use them for your social media growth.

Let’s get into it and review them. Review: What is Stormlikes?

Before we get into any reasons why you shouldn’t use these guys for your growth, let’s break down what they are so you have a good idea of what we’re dealing with here. Stormlikes is a social media growth tool that claims to be able to help its clients get selected Instagram followers, likes, and views.

Of course, they claim that all of their engagement is genuine, and they even have a chatbox on their website where you can talk to someone if you have any unanswered questions. From the outside looking in, they appear to be your everyday Instagram growth tool – but the reality is that they’re anything but.

Why Should You Not Trust

So, why do we think it’s worth avoiding a company like Let’s get into it:

They Are Ripping Off a Legitimate Company

Unfortunately, this is something that you’re going to come across quite a bit in this industry. Instead of starting from scratch, companies like this decide to jump on another company’s bandwagon and use their name and persona to attract any initial clients.

They don’t feel like putting effort into building up their business and creating a platform with their own resources – they’ll just take someone else’s and use the existing exposure to get ahead. is a legitimate company that offers similar services, which is not only a much better option, but it’s the original Stormlikes as well. is simply a copy, which means that they’re less than average, and probably going to run into some legal issues later on.

Their Ratings on Trustpilot Are Terrible

It doesn’t take a lot to go to the Trustpilot website and see lots of genuine, negative reviews of this company. If you do see any positive reviews there, there’s a good chance that they are fake or has paid for them. We are inclined to trust the negative reviews because they appear to be much more authentic.

Their Followers and Likes are Fake

Again, this is a strike against them that happens all too often in this industry. You’ll notice that there are hundreds of companies just like, who are selling their client’s followers and likes for Instagram.

However, very few of them actually offer this type of service that is genuine. The vast majority of them are just in this industry for a quick profit, which means they’re more than willing to sell fake followers and likes to their clients. is definitely guilty of this because their engagement drops off after a while, and they don’t require your Instagram username and password to send you the service. These are big red flags that you need to be aware of when you check out the authenticity of other companies similar to this.

They Often Don’t Deliver Orders

As if it couldn’t get any worse, often don’t even follow through on deliveries that they have received. When you go on Trustpilot and other third party forums, you’ll notice that a big issue for past clients was receiving the order that they had paid for.

Many of them talk about how they simply didn’t receive their order, and when they tried to resolve the issue, it was extremely difficult to get in touch with them. This is the type of headache that you don’t need, and just isn’t worth your time and money.

When You Get the Delivery, It’s Low Quality

Those who did end up receiving their orders were more than likely disappointed, with many lamenting this in the reviews online. The majority of the time, the orders that were delivered on time and to the right client came with spam accounts that ended up doing more harm to their account than good. You never want to team up with a company that’s sending out spam accounts – this increases your risk of being suspended or even banned by Instagram.

They Don’t Pay Affiliates

This is perhaps one of the most disappointing reasons why you shouldn’t trust or use Many companies like this have set up an affiliate program, where interested parties can promote them in exchange for a commission.

Big corporations like Amazon have implemented programs similar to this, and they work really well. However, when you’re teaming up with a company like, it’s only going to end badly. There is evidence that they don’t pay their affiliate commissions to the people who have signed up for this program and worked hard to promote them.

Again, this is perhaps one of the dirtiest tricks in their book, scamming hardworking people who sacrifice a lot of time to get their name out there. 

You’ll Get Banned

When you sign up for a company like this that associates with fake engagement and scam accounts, you’re just setting yourself up for failure. This is because their engagement puts a huge strain on your account, and increases the likelihood that you’ll get banned as a result.

You need to find a company that works within the set parameters of Instagram and ensures its clients that their account is safe for as long as they work together. Alternatives

As well as convincing you to avoid altogether, we’ve also talked a lot about how many companies there are in this industry. If you’ve been put off and you’re trying to think of a good alternative, we’ve got a few that we think you should check out:

Hashtags for Likes

We couldn’t like Hashtags for Likes more. This hardworking company is actually a pioneer in their chosen field, has brought attention to the value of using hashtags within your social media marketing strategy. If you need help finding the best hashtags for your growth, you need to check out Hashtags for Likes.

Stellation Media

You can think of Stellation Media as your one-stop-shop for everything to do with your social media engagement growth. They call themselves a ‘creative growth agency,’ which means that they can help you with every aspect of your online brand, from Instagram to your website. They even offer new clients a free consultation. describes themselves as the number one Instagram bot for your growth – and we’re inclined to believe them. They’ve got some pretty good online reviews, and one thing that stands out to us is that they prioritize safety, perhaps more than many other companies out there. There also let their clients retain a lot of control, too.


Not only can Upleap team you up with one of their personal account managers, but they also offer a free trial too, so you can check out what they’re all about before you commit to anything. You don’t even have to share your credit card number. Upleap is an excellent all-rounder that cares about the long-term results of each client, which is why they’re so popular.

Reviewer’s Final Thoughts

We think that it’s pretty clear at this point that is the kind of company that should be avoided at all costs. The last thing you need is a company like this, putting your social media reputation at risk with their fake engagement and scam accounts.

Nobody has the time or money to waste with this type of company, so spread the word and make sure that you don’t go anywhere near them. If you do still want to use an Instagram growth service, check out our alternatives list, and keep yourself safe while you grow your brand online.

It’s always worth trying any free trials that you come across as well, to make sure that what you’re getting is authentic and trustworthy.

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