How to Add Spaces & Line Breaks to Your Instagram Bio & Captions Easily

How to Add Spaces & Line Breaks to Your Instagram Bio & Captions (2020)

You’re probably here because you’re trying to add line breaks and/or spaces with your iPhone or other device to your Instagram bio or post caption.

And you’re here because you can’t get it to work.

Why? Because the Instagram app simply isn’t set up for it.

You’re not alone with this. I’ve even seen some really famous people and brands struggle with this, which is kinda embarrassing considering most of these accounts will be managed by a dedicated marketing agency facepalm.

Instagram Line Breaks - Facepalm

But luckily, there’s some EASY PEASY workarounds for this.

How to Add Spaces in Instagram Bios and Captions in 2020

There’s a good chance that, like us, you have found on Instagram that some of your favorite posts have awesome content – but average captions.

They have put a lot of time and effort into making sure that their photo or video is engagement worthy, but when it comes to their caption, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

These days, playing the Instagram game is all about strategy, and knowing how to create an attractive bio or caption is just another piece of the puzzle.

While it sounds like something that’s pretty simple to achieve, you’d be surprised how many people get stumped by it.

The vast majority of people on Instagram are scrolling through their feed pretty quickly.

This means that they don’t have time to stop and read a long, rambling caption – especially if there are no spaces in between the text.

Walls of text put people off, both in Instagram captions and bios, so working out how to break them up is going to give you a significant advantage.

In this article, we break down how to add spaces to your Instagram bio and captions, and how to make sure that you’re doing the awesome content you upload justice. Let’s take a look.

Best Practices

Before we talk about exactly how to create spaces in your bio and caption, let’s go over a few common-sense rules that we highly suggest you stick to.

These are going to make the entire formatting process a lot more palatable.

1. Avoid Writing on the Instagram App Itself

There’s a really good chance that you’re here reading this blog because you’ve tried to add spaces to your bio and captions on the Instagram app, and had no luck.

Even if you were intentional about making spaces in between paragraphs of text, the app is going to draft it without them automatically.

With this roadblock, then, how do you go about creating spaces for your Instagram captions, then?

The best way is to write your captions in the Notes app on your phone first. This way, you can create the kind of format that you want, before copying and pasting it into the captions section on your posts.

At this point in time, there’s just no way to do this directly through the Instagram app.

2. Remove Extra Space

Another way to avoid having issues with spacing on Instagram is to take out all the extra spaces in your Instagram captions.

This has everything to do with your invisible line break. If you want this technique to work, you need to make sure that there’s no space between the last word you typed or punctuation, and the space that’s meant to be invisible.

As an example, when you typically type out a sentence and end it with a full stop, you press the space button.

Instead, try hitting the return or enter button instead, before adding the invisible space.

Different Ways to Add Spaces

Now that we’ve talked about best practices let’s go over the various ways that you can add space to your Instagram bio and captions.

The good news is that there are a few options to choose from, so it all comes down to what you personally prefer.

1. Use Symbols for Line Breaks

gopro - linebreaks
Ewwww… GoPro – not the best way but it kinda works.

The easiest way to add space between your walls of text in your bio or captions is to use symbols.

It always happens to be the fastest way, and it means that you can still type your captions up through the Instagram app, without having to use your Notes.

Whether you prefer a dash or period symbol, or even emojis, these extra characters are going to separate your text.

The only downside to this option is that you will be able to see the symbol or emoji, which is not for everyone. Let’s check out how to do this:

  • Upload your latest post and go to the caption section.
  • When you want to create a line break, click ‘return’ or ‘enter.’
  • On the next line, add your symbol or emoji.
  • Click ‘return’ or ‘enter’ to go to the next line, where you can keep writing your caption.
  • If you want more than just one line-break, repeat steps 1 and 2.

2. Use Your Notes App for Invisible Line Breaks

notepad - line breaks

If you’re not someone who likes the idea of using emojis or symbols to create line breaks between text, we recommend using the Notes app on your phone.

You can also try this option on any scheduling app that you prefer to use. Let’s take a look at how to do this:

  • Type your caption in the Notes app or whatever app you prefer.
  • Use these spaces [                                 ] on the next line.
  • Paste it in other parts of your text if you’ve got a particularly long caption.
  • Take away the brackets.
  • Copy the entire caption with the spaces and paste it into the caption section on your content.

If you use a scheduling app to upload content to your Instagram, you can just send it through to the Instagram app like you normally do.

The line breaks will automatically come up, so you can just post it as it is.

3. Use Line Wizard to Create Your Captions (Recommended)

Line Wizard - line breaks

If you don’t like the other two options and you need another way to create line spaces in between your caption text, you may want to think about trying Line Wizard.

Line Wizard is a user-friendly app that can help you create clean line breaks in your Instagram posts.

The best part of using an app like this is that you don’t have to use symbols or emojis to create line breaks.

Let’s take a look at how to use Line Wizard:

  • Follow the link that we’ve embedded above to Line Wizard.
  • Start typing the caption you want line breaks in into the box that you see on their homepage. If you want to create a line break, all you do is hit the ‘enter’ button.
  • Copy the caption, and paste onto your Instagram content.

Final Thoughts

Adding spaces to your Instagram captions is a great way to improve their readability and visual appeal immediately.

It’s also ideal to use them in your bio. For more bio optimisation you can use a link in bio tool.

Above, you can see a number of different options to creating line breaks in your captions, so all you have to do is decide which one is going to suit your personal preferences the best.

Don’t forget to check out Line Wizard if you want to fast-track the entire process!

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