Advantages Of Group Text Messaging As A Marketing Method

It’s most likely that you are already familiar with SMS marketing or group text marketing techniques. It’s one of the most helpful tools that a company can use to communicate with their potential customers to sell their products or services.

It’s astoundingly efficient despite the fact that it is shockingly easy to use and remarkably straightforward. Sending group messages or SMS individually may seem too wonderful to be true, but there is a solid reason for its success.

Let us outline a few of the major advantages that we believe are the most important for you to know before you launch your very first campaign and send group texts to your customers. 

Advantages Of Group Text Messaging

1. It Enhances Customer Engagement

If you’re like most customers, you probably can’t wait to check your inbox whenever a new text message arrives. A recent study found that 98% of group text messages are viewed within the first two minutes.

Many people check their email inboxes for new messages no more than once or twice a day since they have become used to receiving spam and other forms of unwanted advertising.

The use of group messaging, on the other hand, is almost exclusively reserved for communications that really must be read right away. Moreover, the advantages of this occurrence to the owners of businesses are evident.

Not only are the customers on your SMS contact list eager to participate in your promotional campaign by adding into group text and becoming a part of it, but it is nearly certain that they will receive your message as soon as it is sent to them.

You may reach the greatest number of people with your advertisement by using the growing group messaging market technique. It’s cost-effective because your messages reach customers who are already interested in what you have to say, and they are read swiftly.

2. Tremendously Cost-Effective

SMS marketing or group text marketing, is a low-cost advertising option, especially for small businesses. The cost of sending a message vs displaying a complete advertisement is dramatically different.

The cost varies, but you may find many platforms like WhatsApp that allow you to broadcast your promotional messages to customers without any cost.  But there are other services that let you send hundreds or thousands of messages at once for a fixed monthly fee. 

3. Greater Customer Reach

Reports from 2018 show that 52.2% of all global internet traffic was produced by mobile phones, making SMS and group messaging the ideal option for many enterprises to communicate with their customers and sell their services/products.

One of the major benefits of group texting in the workplace is that recipients need only have access to a phone with service in order to receive messages.

SMS is a veritable goldmine thanks to the rise of mobile devices. Businesses have a clear advantage over their competitors when they can talk to customers through their mobile devices. 

4. Visibility Of A Campaign

The next step for companies after sending mass messages via groups is to get information about how those messages performed. They may utilise this information to target their text message marketing campaigns more effectively.

In the current technological landscape, several applications and programmes are available that provide access to live data and in-depth visual analyses.

For instance, the total number of messages sent, their delivery timings, their read status, the customer’s browser type, their geographical location, and much more.

Such information is useful for companies since it reveals things like the demographics of their audience, the campaign’s level of success, and the next actions that should be taken to expand that audience in the future.

5. Significant Increase In ROI

60-70% or more of those who get messages end up making a purchase. Even if email is now the best channel for return on investment (ROI), SMS or group messaging may soon overtake it.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t prioritize one service above another. Instead, combine them for a synergistic impact, which will increase your chances of connecting with your target demographic through the mode of communication that they like the most.


When compared to more traditional marketing methods like cold calling or emailing, group messaging offers a number of benefits.

Texting has a plethora of practical uses in business, including being inexpensive, accessible to a wider audience, and more likely to get a prompt response.

In addition, businesses may monitor customer feedback in real-time to see which strategies are successful. If you’re searching for a new marketing technique, group text messaging is a great choice to consider.

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