Affiliate Marketing in 2022

The origins of a revenue-sharing model for referred sales predates the internet. However, once the World Wide Web went live and changed commerce forever, the concept of affiliate marketing started to spread like wildfire into the mainstream’s consciousness. Today, it is a widespread performance-based marketing tactic. It generates billions of dollars across countless industries.

In 2022, thanks to companies like Amazon popularizing these marketing schemes, the internet has gotten overflowing with websites and bloggers that review products and try to get people to sign-up for a wide range of services. Cookies, pieces of data that websites store within a user’s browser, have also revolutionized the game by allowing advertisers to utilize them to track customers’ activity across various sites. That aids them in learning what ad strategy is most effective for specific demographics.

While the technology regarding how affiliate marketers approach their job has dramatically changed over the years, the niches most choose to operate within have not. Naturally, there is no money to be made by selling soft drinks or cars to people online. 

Thus, the business sectors that are most appropriate for online persuasion have remained stagnant in recent history. Hence, below, we list the top most profitable ones in 2022, a selection that unfortunately does not differ drastically from the top suggested niches rattled off by experts in previous years.


In this day and age, there is hardly a person that does not stress out about their well-being. Pharmaceutical and supplement companies have managed to generate a global wellness economy that, according to 2018 estimates, has a value of $4.5 trillion.

Some blame the sedentary lifestyle and hectic schedules of most working people for an overall decline in human health. These reasons have caused many to lack a proper diet and reduce their intake of essential nutrients. That has led to rising depression rates, diabetes, and more cancer than ever. 

Consequently, it has also increased the number of supplements sold worldwide. The appeal of this affiliate niche lies in that most people are already in the market to buy medicine that will improve their lives, so demand is there. Moreover, companies like Best of Life Herbs and CBD Medic offer commissions in the 20% to 40% range per sale, which is terrific.


In 2019, research put the value of the global cosmetic market at $380 billion, on track to hit $463 billion by 2027, growing at a rate of 5.3% per year during this timeframe.

Without a doubt, cosmetics have become an indispensable feature of most individuals’ modern lifestyles. At least, that is accurate for those that live in the Western World. However, an aspect of this industry few laypeople know is that cosmetic products have a super high-profit margin. 

They often incur insignificant production costs but still get sold with a price tag that is substantially above their actual value. More goes into the marketing of these products than their creation. The average profit margin of cosmetic products is 58.14%. So, it is no wonder that top-end brands like Olive Young and Yves Rocher can offer affiliate fees of 10% to 15%. More novel market players bump this percentage up to 25% or more.

Interactive Gaming

Interactive gaming has been around since 1994. Therefore, despite most people only recently starting to enjoy games of chance online, thanks to smartphones, this sphere has been operating for over twenty-five years. That said, it wasn’t until this past decade that its affiliated site dramatically developed and morphed into a beast of its own.

Going by a projection by Pune-based market research firm Fortune Business Insights, the global gaming market should grow by $102 billion from 2020 to 2028. That is staggeringly impressive. To say the least. The thing that makes the iGaming niche and its affiliate programs so attractive is that they tie affiliates and their referred players for life. 

That means that marketers can continue earning money from the people they direct over to gaming sites, as long as those people keep playing. The profits come in regardless of whether these players are winning or losing. Nowadays, with the rise of blockchain technology, crypto gaming has taken off, and it has opened up this landscape to new demographics that previously had no interest in it.

Pet Insurance & Care

Yes, pet insurance is a thing, and it is no small thing at all, as its worldwide market in 2020 stood at $4.5 billion, with multiple experts and companies claiming that it will grow at an annual rate of 14.3% until 2030. Then, it should hit a size of $16.8 billion. The policies that insurance companies sell for pets cover death, illness, and injuries.

Per a 2021 survey conducted by the American Pets Products Association, over ninety million families in the US alone own pets. That is 70% of American households. Of course, cuddly creatures get sick and hurt too, and veterinary expenses often rival those for humans. 

The top pet insurance affiliate programs like those from brands like Knose and PetFirst offer 8% to 10% commissions per policy. Nonetheless, a more common approach for this sphere is pet insurers giving a fixed amount per lead. For instance, Embrace Pet Insurances lists a flat $36 per lead fee.


Though different firms have different estimates, most believe that the financial services sector is around 20% to 25% of the world’s economy. Massive business entities are now diving deep into using financial analytics software, as no one can succeed on a worldwide scale without reliable business intelligence solutions that meet their enterprise needs. More or less, the same logic applies to casual people who are looking to get by, as they need advice too on how to navigate their everyday and long-term financial waters.

Today, everyone is looking for investment opportunities and suggestions regarding debt consolidation. Robinhood is likely the most established trading app ever, rising to prominence during the GameStop debacle.

It offers a commission of $5 per lead and $20 per funded account. BBVA Bank is one of the US’ largest full-service banks, and it supplies a fee of $85 to those that can provide what they call a qualified lead. Credit Sesame is a loans company launched in 2010, currently monitoring over $35 billion in credit. It gives affiliate commissions of up to $6 per sign-up.

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