AI And ML In Software Development – Uses And Benefits

From driverless cars to predicting life-threatening diseases, AI has changed and challenged traditional ways of life, along with regular and related technological developments.

With AI, companies have been benefiting from an array of advantageous offerings. Things are just getting started. A Fortune Business Insights analysis related to AI predicts a global AI market value expectation of $267 billion by 2027. 

AI/ML And Its Role In Software Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is all about automation of processes with the help of smart machines that display human-like intelligence. Software development, on the other hand, requires human involvement as a creative and skill-intensive activity.

At first sight, the implementation of AI/ML in software development might thus seem a little confusing, and even a little disruptive.

However, understanding that these creative and skill based activities could be efficiently assisted using machines that work with the help of algorithms is key to understanding the role and applications of AI in software development.

The application of AI into software engineering is an intrinsic part of the technological evolution we are currently witnessing. 

Why Is AI & ML Needed In Software Development?

Combined with big data analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial neural networks, AI technology has made possible innovations such as automated and personalized services, voice assistance, chatbots, predictive analytics, fraud detection and elimination, advanced robots, and advanced communication and information technology.

AI is indispensable for the efficient management and utilization of every resource related to the software development process. According to a McKinsey global survey, 56% of respondents in emerging economies reported AI adoption in at least one function.

Organizations related to every sphere have been befitting from the offerings that AI and machine learning provide, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.

How Is AI Used To Develop Better Software?

In the software development process, increased efficiency and reliability, streamlining of processes, waste reduction, and elimination of repetitive tasks can be achieved with the help of artificial intelligence : 

  • Planning – 

This stage generally calls for repeated human intervention, which can be reduced with the assistance of AI and natural language processing-based tools, which automate some of the work involved.

  • Design – 

An instance of AI-based software designing tool is AIDA or Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant. AIDA understands the client’s needs and offers customized designs from several design options.

  • Implementation – 

The coding process in software development can be made more efficient using NLP tools to process natural language and convert it into software code. This process, however, still needs a specified target code.

  • Testing – 

Pattern analysis and machine learning based AI helps in the testing phase by identifying and analyzing errors, testing the applicability of the software, and further customizing the product for use.

  • Maintenance – 

In this phase, AI and ML provide assistance to customers during product employment, help in making changes if needed by client, and assist in maintaining and keeping the software updated. 

Future Of AI Uses In Software Development

From faster and more efficient developmental processes, automated decision-making, time-saving error identification and management, predictive forecasts and accurate estimations, to real-time interactive feedback, AI has helped software developers in ways inconceivable, saving time, money, and effort.

If we were to look into how AI implementation and use has impacted developers, we will find that for developers who keep upgrading their capabilities and skills to adapt to the expeditious and dynamic developments in the space, AI has been a veritable boon.

A PwC survey estimates a potential contribution of $15.7 tr to the global economy from AI by 2030. With rapid and ongoing advancements, we can definitely expect that AI will work with even greater accuracy, precision, and speed, while lowering the cost and dependency involved, in the not so distant future.

As AI becomes more interactive and automated with improved language modeling, progression of predictive analytics, and metaverse solutions, more industries are supporting and adapting it in a bid to stay relevant while making efficient decisions.

GeekyAnts leading AI/ML development company in the USA and India has been wholeheartedly supporting this technology, working with clients to create functional and effective AI based solutions.

They have successfully worked on over a hundred AI/ML based solutions globally, including an AI-based app for a music industry giant and an AI-led travel assistant for the family holiday booking platform, Tripabrood.

Keeping an eye out for the latest trends around this evolving technology, this USA based startup looks forward to further multiplying their record of successful projects using AI.


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