All I Want For Christmas Is A Social Media Marketing Strategy For My Campaign

Are you excited about this year’s Christmas? Because we are, for sure! But such an important holiday also means more business effort in strategizing your marketing campaign.

During Christmas, you must be creative and genuine regarding social media posts and campaigns to help people find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. 

In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss the essential marketing strategies you need to consider this Christmas to be on top of the competition.

Set Up Your Social Media Profile

Nothing prepares you more for the most awaited time of the year than setting up your social media profiles to emanate festivity. You must adapt your logo and business content to a holiday-themed design to stand out. That means:

  • Changing your colour palette to something more celebratory. You can choose between a more relaxed colour scheme that includes blue, purple or green, but if you want to give off a warmer feeling, red and green are the best choice;
  • Try attractive writing fonts. It would be better to use them only for titles and short descriptions since they might hinder reading, but they’re fun to add to a joyful post on social media;
  • Add themed designs or emojis to your websites and social media posts to make them more appealing to this period;

If you take care of these aspects and optimize your page accordingly, you can position your business among the top competitors and increase sales. And given that Christmas holiday sales have already begun since November is the time for Black Friday deals, you’ll draw more people into buying from you if you get the Christmas spirit.

Start A Hashtag Campaign

Executing a hashtag campaign is one of the easiest methods of encouraging people to engage with you. Twitter and Instagram are the best platforms for this type of strategy due to the high number of users from different locations and of diverse ages.

You can choose the type of hashtag campaign between the following methods:

  • User-generated content. This plan implies that the brand creates the hashtag movement, but users will use it to upload their photos of something related to the campaign;
  • Contests and giveaways. Creating a contest or giveaway and adding a hashtag to it will give your posts more visibility;
  • Recreating pictures. Encouraging people to recreate famous photographs or the ones you have posted through a hashtag will make your business more human to customers;

Launching your own hashtag campaign will help you increase the number of followers, get higher engagement and increase brand awareness through users sharing your content. It also allows you to be more creative and see how people perceive your engagement methods.

Create Engaging Stories And Reels On Instagram

Stories and reels on Instagram have taken the world by storm, especially the reel feature. These allow you to spam your business accounts without posting too much content on your profile.

At the same time, posting many stories and reels will boost audience engagement and keep their interests high, but only if you create interesting content. Aesthetic designs, captivating texts and royalty free Christmas music are the three best tips to consider when designing your stories and videos.

If you’re not inspired, notice what the competition is doing and adapt their methods to your company profile. This will make your content unique but trendy at the same time. It’s essential to follow the trends because they sell―you only need to find a way to adapt them.

Besides stories, the reels feature is easy to use as it provides many stickers, music, exciting fonts and a lot of other engagement opportunities. With a little bit of imagination, you can make your page stand out from the competition.

Run A Christmas Sale Offer

Christmas is the season of kindness and gift-giving, so why not offer a Christmas sale to allow people to win something for free? This strategy will also attract people to buy something from you or will make them loyal customers since you have already bonded.

Some sale offers examples include:

  • Buy one, get one free
  • 25% off all website products;
  • 25% off on all Christmas items;
  • Limited period discount on a particular product;
  • 25% off on hotel booking during Christmas week;

Regardless of your company’s purpose, there’s no way you can’t link some sort of discount for your products or services.

And during this period, offering more things for free or at a discounted price will increase your sales since everyone is eager to buy something for themselves or as a gift for their loved ones.

To make your announcements more attractive and Christmas-oriented, you can find many free templates on the internet that will help you create the best post.

Remember that changing them to look professional and adapt to your business is advisable, so never use something as it is.

Organize Your Ad Campaigns

Creating and launching an ad campaign is easier with the right programs, such as Google Ads. Before approaching a Christmas ad campaign, you must consider the following:

  • Is there customer demand for the product I’ll be advertising for?
  • Can I afford to advertise on top keywords?
  • Should I perform a competitor analysis?
  • Do I have something valuable to offer in my ads campaign?

Although running an ad campaign seems effortless, you need to monitor it frequently and ensure it’s properly working. That’s because sometimes your ads can run without generating any profit or engagement, which will cost you money and precious time.

You can also run more campaigns, but it may be difficult to bring attention to even a single product on your website if you’re a small business, so you need to be careful and organized with the campaign approach.

Final Take

As Christmas approaches, prepare your tools and create one of the most exciting and genuine ad campaigns. Your social media marketing strategy will thrive if you take things easy and try to bring out the best of your company’s features by being original, fun and relatable. 

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