Apology Emails to Customers: Best Practices and Examples

For this one, let’s slide into the shoes of our customers. Imagine a renowned brand sends you the wrong order. Of course, you’ll be upset and would want to return it.

Now the company can either apologize – and fix the mistake – or completely ignore you. 

It can be tricky to apologize through SaaS email templates, but would you buy again from the brand that doesn’t respond properly to your complaint? No, of course not.

The brand has to sincerely apologize and take respective action because customer service is of utmost importance.

In fact, 89% of customers are more likely to become repeat buyers of a brand that offers great customer service. 

Look, when you are running a large-scale SaaS business, mistakes are bound to occur. But if you can apologize to your customer effectively, the situation can be turned around.

So, in this article, we will discuss some of the best practices and examples that can be used when writing apology emails to your customers. Let’s start

5 Best Practices for Writing Apology Emails

Crafting effective apologies can be difficult sometimes. But worry not, here are some of the best practices you can use in your emails to turn the situation around: 

1. Responding ASAP:

Your customer is already upset because of the issue; don’t make them wait any further.

Thanks to SaaS Marketing Automation, you can use tools to send auto-generated emails to customers immediately.

This not only allows you to resolve the problem at the earliest but shows your customer that they are your top priority.

2. Empathizing with the Customer: 

If you cannot apologize genuinely, there’s no point in emailing. It’s important to listen to the customer and work around why the problem occurred.

3. Saying Sorry:

It’s a powerful word when used in the right context and in the right manner. Don’t believe it? Check out the TedTalk by Robert M. Gordon (Psychologist). He explains how saying sorry can actually repair relationships.

4. Explaining Your Side:

Once you have listened to your customer and apologized to them, it is essential to write a full explanation of the situation and share your side as well.

This way, you can provide information that the customer may not have access to and explain the reason that led to that problem.

5. Making Changes:

Lastly, it is vital to work around what to do differently to avoid the mistake from happening again.

In your apology email, explain what your company will do differently to avoid this from happening again.

This shows your commitment to rebuilding customer confidence and bringing improvement.

3 Excellent Examples of Apology Emails to Customers

Some of the best email marketing automation tools for startups such as AOL, Outlook, and Google often have templates for emails available. But you can craft these emails yourself as well.

Let’s talk about some of the most awesome examples of apology emails:

We are Sorry This Happened

Hi [Client],

Thanks for being patient while we sort this out. First of all, apologies for what happened. We have had an in-depth discussion within the team, and we are working on resolving your issue as our top priority. 

Here’s our plan for moving forward with it: [Add the Plan here] 

Thank you for understanding. 

Regards, Team X

Giving a swift reply explaining how the customer’s issue is your top priority can make a huge difference.

You can send this type of email when you are working on finding the solution.

Help Us Understand Further

Hi [Client],

Thanks for reaching out to us about [Add the problem here]. We have spent some time working on the situation, and we really appreciate your patience. 

Here’s what we have tried so far: [Add what you have tried]. But we haven’t found a fix up till this point. 

We are committed to resolving this issue, so we have a few questions. Please answer these to the best of your knowledge [Add questions]. 

Thank you again for your patience.

Regards, Team X

This type of email can be used when you are fixing a problem but cannot figure out the solution. It is important to be transparent with your customer, so you can follow up with further questions. This will help you progress with solving the problem faster while building a trustworthy customer relationship.

There’s a Glitch in Our Web Application

Hi [Client],

We sincerely apologize for the glitch in our Website Application, [Add app name]. Our application is experiencing downtime due to [error code] on our API. Due to this error, our application is not working properly at the moment. 

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience, and we are working to resolve it at the earliest. Should you want any details, please feel free to contact us.


Team X

Technology is not perfect, and sometimes applications can mess up. This email can be sent when your app shows a glitch and the customer faces any error.

Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry?

No, it is never too late to apologize. No matter how unfortunate the situation might be, your apology email can salvage the mistakes and restore customer loyalty. 

But for this apology to work, you have to make sure your email is absolutely flawless.

Because, when done properly, apology emails can be effective promo campaigns that build your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness. 

When writing apology emails, make sure you respond on time, communicate properly, use a consistent brand tone, and make emails sound professional.

If this sounds like hectic work, you can use the professionally crafted SaaS email templates.

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