Archie Shut Down by Instagram

Archie Shut Down by Instagram - Best ReplacementYes.

It’s true.

Archie has been shutdown. Users have today woken up to this message on the Archie website:

Archie is being discontinued due to a request from Instagram and is no longer accepting new clients.

If you’re looking for a replacement, I recommend using Follow Adder as the best Archie alternative.


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You can also check out my reviews of Instagram bots where I keep an up to date list of alternatives.


Why Was Archie Shut Down?

If you were using one of these apps or websites to automate your Instagram account, then you have probably been left hanging.

This closure won’t come as a surprise to some, as Instagram recently shut down Instagress, and then even more recently Mass Planner closed – as well as some similar, smaller sites.

Make no mistake – Instagram is on a warpath to shut down these bots. It started with a wave of bad publicity concerning a particular Instagram bot – and now Instagram is slowly taking out other apps too.


What Archie Alternatives Are There?

Bots that are being run from a central location (i.e. these web-based bots such as, are slowly being shut down one after the other. It’s not hard to imagine your account or the service being flagged, if the service is based – for example – in America, and you are in Asia, or anywhere else.

So forget them.

If you want something safe, you need to either build your own private bot, or purchase a good bot that you can run from your own computer. This keeps negative attention away from your account and the service, as there is nothing suspicious about a bot running from your IP address.


Download Follow Adder

As mentioned earlier, you can download and run Follow Adder from your computer (or from a VPS if you want). It’s got the same stuff that the web based Instagram bots had:

• Easy installation and setup
• Completely customisable
• Scheduling of automated image posts
• Searches by hashtag, location, user, and other methods
• Automated direct messaging
• Automated video and photo liking
• Automated comments
• Automated Follow
• Automated Unfollow

If you’re feeling left behind by the loss of Archie, make sure you check out Follow Adder as an alternative. I also made a list of Instagress alternatives which you may want to check out.



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