Are Instagram Bots Dead? Not Working? What Now?

Are Instagram Bots Dead? Not Working? What Now?

Are Instagram Bots Dead?

Gasp! Jarvee / Follow Adder / SocialCaptain etc etc isn’t working! All the bots are dead!

I hear you cry!

It’s now 2020 and you’ve just logged into your Instagram account and noticed that something was a little awry. That Instagram bot that you signed up for, which was supposed to be bringing more traffic to your account doesn’t seem to be working, right?

Your follow count looks the same as it did yesterday, which is definitely not what you’re paying for. Instagram is a hotbed of competition right now, and the least you could do is get some help being seen.

But your Instagram bot isn’t working. Are Instagram bots as good as gone?

Instagram Account Compromised?

A lot of people that use automation tools and related services have started getting warnings from Instagram – and sometimes even temporary blocks and bans for up to a week.

I haven’t heard of anyone getting permanently banned as yet though – have you? If you have, please give us a heads up in the comments section.

They basically send you a notice saying you have shared your party with a tool or service in order to get more likes or followers which goes against their guidelines.

Obviously, your account wasn’t compromised because it was you who gave the username and password, but Instagram wants to use language that will scare you. Does this image to the right look familiar?

Note: You’ve done nothing illegal so please don’t panic. But Instagram definitely doesn’t like it.

A Little History of Instagram Bots

Let’s take a step back for a second and talk about the brief, but fiery history of Instagram bots. Instagram wasn’t always the most difficult place to get your brand seen. In fact, it was a great place for it, which resulted in many people making the most of what it had to give. But, as we know, there can be too much of a good thing, and Instagram began to get too popular.

In rolls the Instagram bots. A bunch of companies saw the writing on the wall and decided it was time to make their entrance, and dazzle bewildered Instagram users with their simple, yet effective solutions for engagement and growth. This was an excellent option and a great way to shift a bit of the burden to someone who could seemingly make it happen in half the time.

As you can imagine, Instagram bots exploded in popularity, and it wasn’t long before everyone was jumping on the bandwagon. Instagram, or rather Facebook, who acquired Instagram, didn’t like this, though. They also saw the writing on the wall, through their profit-tinted glasses, and decided that if anyone was to get a piece of the marketing pie, it was them.

Fast forward to today, and you’ve got yourself a witchhunt. Instagram bots left, and right are not working or are being wiped out completely by the gram itself, for ‘violating’ terms and conditions, or rather stealing marketing opportunities from the social media monopoly. Instagram bots were David, and Instagram is goliath, but it seems that this particular version of the story ends differently.

The Demise of Instagress

Everything started to take a turn for the worse when Instagress got shut down by Instagram. Instagress was one of the most prominent of all the bots, with an incredibly effective automated approach to its clients’ engagement. It was wildly popular, which is perhaps why it didn’t take that long for Instagram to line it up as its first victim.

Instagress was pandora’s box for the blitz on Instagram bots. As soon as Instagress went down, other companies started to get picked out and dragged down with it. The era of Instagram bots seemed to be on the way out, and with its king gone, there wasn’t that much that the rest of the army could do to stand up to the likes of Instagram.

Facebook on a Lawsuit Bender

If you want to point the finger of blame at Instagram, you might as well aim it at Facebook, too. After all, as we mentioned, Instagram is owned by Facebook, so technically, they’re one and the same. While Instagram may have been the face of the movement, Facebook has been the one with the financial means to ruin businesses and make sure that they can’t profit from any kind of marketing through either social media company.

Facebook started out with Instagress and has been trigger happy ever since. There seems to be no end in sight for the lawsuits against smaller, more vulnerable companies that clearly have no means to fight back. The bigger Facebook gets, the more powerful they become, and unlike Spiderman, they’re not making any effort to be responsible with their new-found power.

Zuckerburg will chalk it all up to Congress, though, and claim that pressure from the top has forced his hand. Facebook recently got in deep trouble with the people who make the law, citing massive data privacy breaches, which led him to receive the deposition of a lifetime. So, once again, the minority has ruined it for the majority. Facebook has messed up bad, and to appease the teacher, it has come down hard on Instagram bots, ruining everyone’s chances of affordable, effective Instagram marketing.

So, the million-dollar question: are Instagram bots really dead? Technically, no – but they’re declining rapidly when it comes to their efficiency. While some of them are still working, we will promote them, in an effort to stick it to the man and make sure that the underdog comes out on top, even if it’s only for a little while longer:

Instagram Bots Not Working? Here’s What Still Works:



One of the most reliable, consistent Instagram growth companies still out there ticking away is Growthoid. These guys know that their clients want real, organic engagement delivered quickly to their Instagram page, and they even have a money-back guarantee, so if you’re not completely satisfied, they can make up for it.

They have been in the Instagram service business for a while, so you can bet your bottom dollar that they know more about what it takes to do well on the gram than most other companies out there. They have flexibility when it comes to both budget and engagement strategy, so talk to them today about what you need.

Stellation Media

Stellation Media

Stellation Media can not only help you with mass story views, but they can also help you answer questions and polls as well. They have some of the most sophisticated software out there, which really makes them stand apart from the rest. They are always updating their services and keep a finger on the social media marketing pulse, making sure that their clients get the very best.

Stellation Media is less of an Instagram bot and more of a ‘creative growth agency.’ They know that there are many facets to their clients’ online brand marketing, and they want to make sure that they can cover it all. We highly recommend Stellation Media if you like the idea of targeting your desired audience through their Instagram stories.

Stellation Media Discount Coupon / Code

Want a Stellation Media discount coupon? Luckily we were able to secure an exclusive coupon. Here it is:

Hashtags for Likes

Hashtags for Likes

You can’t go past Hashtags for Likes – in fact, we dare you too. Hashtags for Likes is never going to get shut down by the likes of Facebook because they’re not automated software. They do everything naturally and organically, so they’re a great option if you need something long term. We love that they are one of the only innovative companies left and have attacked the issue of Instagram engagement from an utterly original viewpoint.

They have created their very own search engine that helps you look up your favorite hashtags. You can either look up hashtags that you are already using, or hashtags that you would like to use and you think are a good fit for your niche and industry. When you look them up through Hashtags for Like’s search engine, you get real-time data and analytics that help you decide if they’re well suited to your brand or not. Honestly, you don’t want to pass up on a company like this – they’ll be around forever. is above all a start-up -supported by many stakeholders- whose ambition is to establish a long-term presence in the social media automation industry by integrating artificial intelligence.

It must be the smartest Instagram automation solution around. It helps you get visitors on your Instagram page not only with mass Like/Comment/Follow but also with Mass Story Viewer.

This bot is a software, not an online service. It is a truly cheap long-term solution since you will receive all the updates for free. It emulates the latest Instagram mobile app version and uses facial recognition to behave with human users; thus, you don’t have to worry about security breaches along the way. is committed to providing its users the very best, but most importantly, the safest experience. For several months has been striving to establish a long-term presence in the social media automation landscape. We highly advise you to use it, as it is surely the only one to ensure the sustainability of your account, while providing a clever growth of your audience.


✔ Users can contribute to the bot’s improvement by submitting new features.

✔ Automates Liking, Commenting, Following/Unfollowing.

✔ AI and face recognition built-in the software.

✔ Runs a modern and ergonomic interface. 

✔ One-time Payment (No subscription).

✔ Features a safe Mass Story Viewer.

✔ Totally safe and undetectable.

✔ 100% real followers.

✔ Proxy friendly.

adespresso instagram paid ads
Image by AdEspresso

Yes, we know – this looks a little bit like a sell-out, and it arguably is. But maybe it’s time to give in. In this day and age, paying for Instagram ads isn’t the worst thing you can do for your brand, especially if you pair it up with something like Hashtags for Likes.

Why, you ask? Because it’s pretty essential to put hashtags on your paid ads still. Now, it isn’t important to do this because it’s going to increase your exposure – because it isn’t. You just paid for that privilege. However, it is going to help put a little bit more personality into your paid ads. If it’s just an image with a small caption, people aren’t going to jump at it in terms of engagement.

People are more than used to seeing hashtags on posts now, so we think that it’s a pretty good idea you verify your hashtags through Hashtags for Likes, and then put them on your paid ads.

Follow Adder

follow adder

Follow Adder is truly one of the OGs of the Instagram bot industry, along with Jarvee, which we will cover below. They truly know what it takes to remain consistent and reliable, which is why they’ve been around since the very beginning and show no signs of slowing down. You may notice that they’ve remained off Instagram’s radar, too, which makes them a solid contender for your Instagram growth.

What we like about Follow Adder is that it comes with a dashboard that you can download, and it’s compatible with virtually all different types of computer software. They also let you customize their features so that they fit well with your niche and industry, a feature that is definitely underrated and something that you won’t find with too many other companies.



Just like we said above, Jarvee is pretty much like Follow Adder, another OG in the Instagram bot industry. They also know what it takes to be successful with your brand on social media networks like Instagram, which is why they have kept their prices and services virtually the same since they first began.

They love helping their clients get to where they want to be, without thinking about how much money they can make from them. If you love the idea of teaming up with a company that has gone from strength to strength since it first began, we can’t recommend a company like Jarvee more.

This is the type of company that is made for the people, by the people.

Media Mister


Media Mister is pretty upfront and honest about being an Instagram bot, something that we can definitely appreciate, especially when confronted with so many phonies and fakes out there. Not only can they help you with your Instagram engagement, but they can also help you with other social media websites, too, including YouTube. All you have to do is choose the channel that you need the most help with, and they can make sure that it happens.

We love that they’re great value for money, and they also have great reviews from real clients on their website, which definitely makes us believe in them a little bit more. They have great technical support and the kind of set up that reminds us of a quintessential Instagram bot.

Final Thoughts

So, it appears that the buck stops with Facebook – for now. While Instagram bots seem to be slowly dying off, you still have hope. There are still legitimate ways to grow your Instagram engagement without having to bow to pressure from giant conglomerates, who, at the end of the day, see you more as a commodity than a real human being.

While they’re still just getting by, we suggest you check out our list of the best Instagram bots that could see you through this hard time, even if you’re still mourning the loss of Instagress. Fight the power, and push on with your Instagram growth, even though it seems like the end is nigh.

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