7 Facebook Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Facebook is one of the most influential social platforms in the world. The platform was founded in 2004 but has grown from a group of hundred users into a channel for communication, politicking, and marketing where almost three billion people have accounts. 

Leveraging the broad reach of Facebook to generate leads and engage with the target audience should be the main objective of every business on social media. Businesses can be sure that their target audience logs into Facebook almost daily.

However, if you want your Facebook marketing to pay off, you must avoid these frequent mistakes that most growing businesses make.

1. Using The Wrong Facebook Ads

If your current Facebook ads do not convert, you are likely using the wrong Facebook ads. Facebook provides different ad formats, but you need to be clear about your target audience in order to choose the right one. The most popular ads include:

  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Slideshows
  • Carousel
  • Collection
  • Making use of canvas

Along these ads, there are also other different ways you can place your ads. You can place them on the desktop, monitor or right-hand sidebar.

However, knowing which ad would work best with your objective or placement is essential to ensure success in your ad campaign. Desktop ads, for instance, have one of the highest conversation rates, but they can be extremely expensive.

2. Failing To Show A More Personal Side Of Your Business

Most people use Facebook to connect and engage with their family and friends. Therefore, publishing only business-related impersonal posts won’t create interest in your customers.

Try to show the human side of the business by communicating like a person rather than a company. You can, for instance, upload photos and videos of your office or share employees’ history and team building.

3. Not Engaging Clients In Messages And Comments

When customers visit your business’s Facebook page to communicate with you, they expect an immediate response from your company. Not responding fast enough to users’ messages or comments can give a negative impression and also negatively affect your business. Your business should be involved in the conversation on your Facebook page by replying to comments and messages.

4. Being Inconsistent In Publishing

If you publish twenty posts over a month and then fail to publish for the next two weeks, that can harm your Facebook page. Building a good following on any social media page takes time and effort. When you post new content, it tells the visitors that your Facebook page is active, which may increase their chances of following the page.

Posting once a day or four days a week should be enough, provided you do it consistently. However, don’t post too often, since your fans may get tired of seeing your company name appear in their notifications now and then.

5. Using Irrelevant Hashtags

Some companies often use an irrelevant hashtag on their Facebook page to gain a massive audience. Just like you can’t plant a potato and expect to harvest marshmallows, using irrelevant hashtags or twisting trends can be a bad blow to your business. Use proper hashtags if you want to grow a following on Facebook and increase engagement and page likes. 

6. Ignoring Negative Feedback

Negative feedback is inevitable. Even if a company tries to offer the best services, some situations lead to dissatisfaction. Your business should consider every negative feedback and look for ways to respond to criticism.

Ignoring negative reviews is not the best customer service strategy. It can negatively affect brand perception, so it’s worth considering the tactics of working with negative feedback. Being responsive and thoughtful is the best way to deal with negative comments.

7. Not Creating A Detailed Profile On Your Facebook Page

A Facebook page is a company business card on a social platform with certain benefits. First, the business can give more information than on a sheet of paper. Second, a person can interact with a brand by using a profile on a social platform and learn more interesting details about it.

Therefore, don’t neglect the opportunity to entice users by ignoring some profile options. Strive to offer the necessary information to attract your target audience without missing essential details.

  • Use high-quality images for your profile and cover pictures.

  • Customize your Facebook profile URL to your business name.

  • Use a call to action (CTA), such as “Sign Up,” “Watch Video,” or “Book Now.”

  • Display your contact details.

  • Select the right business category to optimize the page for search.

  • Ask visitors to leave a comment on your page.


Facebook is a huge marketing platform and thus a very lucrative opportunity for digital marketers. However, to succeed in this digital platform, you need to understand what you are doing and have a proper strategy, or you will miss all kinds of opportunities. Most importantly, try to avoid these common Facebook marketing mistakes. 

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