BeeProxy Review 2023: Most Affordable Proxy Provider?

BeeProxy Review

It may not be too hard to find proxy providers online, but it can be challenging to find proxies that are not only reliable but affordable in the long run.

BeeProxy has been garnered attention since its inception due to its cheap proxies and the reliability of their services.

BeeProxy has been featured across a wide range of well-known publications, and for a good reason.

In this BeeProxy review, you’ll learn about what the company has to offer and why you should give them a chance if you need quality proxies on hand.

A Blend of Quality and Affordability

Even if you can source quality proxies from many other providers, rarely do you find one that makes them affordable and easy to scale.

A small number of proxies may not break the bank, but the bill can become fairly substantial as that number increases.

With BeeProxy, you get the benefit of residential ISPs, unlimited usage, geo-targeting by state and city, and the option between either dedicated or shared proxies.

The company also makes it pretty easy to manage all of your proxies in one place through a private dashboard that provides a clean and fluid UI.

BeeProxy Logo

Here, you can easily manage, change, and buy new proxies while keeping it all organized.

From different settings to managing proxy activity, the dashboard has all the tools you might need to make sure every aspect is functioning as it usually should.

No matter how many proxies you have on hand, you’re always getting the best rates possible, beating a majority of what other proxy providers have to offer.

Their website and dashboard are also easy to use, making BeeProxy an excellent choice for newcomers and those who consider themselves veterans at using proxies. 

Are The Proxies Safe and Secure?

BeeProxy Anonymity

You won’t have to worry about your proxies, location, or identity being compromised, as the company ensures full anonymity from every angle.

Your actual IP address will always be protected, and your traffic won’t be tracked, no matter which browser or application you use.

Better yet, their servers are powered by 1Gb/s networks, and you have the option of HTTPS or SOCKS, in addition to dedicated or shared at prices that are hard to ignore.

Everything about their proxies are set up to guarantee your safety from beginning to end, and they continue to improve and refine their services as they grow.

Regardless of which proxy you use, all of your traffic will be coming from a location that’s nowhere near you, and every location will look entirely legitimate. 

What Does Their Pricing Look Like?

BeeProxy Pricing

They keep pricing as simple as possible and are quite affordable for most people. Regarding shared proxies and SOCKS, a single proxy costs only $2 per month.

The highest rate for residential and network HTTP or SOCKS is $16 per month.

It’s evident that this is appetizing for many people, giving customers plenty of proxies for whatever they need at a much lower rate compared to the competition.

When it comes to dedicated proxies and SOCKS, it’s only a little more expensive by a small margin.

Single proxies in this category start at $3 per month, whereas residential and network HTTP or SOCKS go up to $24 per month.

This is still much more affordable than some of the most basic offers from many other proxy providers

BeeProxy makes it easy to purchase the proxies you need with minimal hassle, and all of your transactions, proxy inventory, and their details are available all in one place in your account’s dashboard.

Not only are their proxies high quality and affordable, but their management ecosystem is one of the best you can find. 

How to Get Started With BeeProxy


Creating an account to use their services is pretty easy, as you only have to signup on their website and add the proxies you want to your shopping cart by selecting IPs from various locations of your choice.

Once you’ve made a purchase, the proxies are then added to your dashboard for immediate use.

Moreover, the company doesn’t impose any contracts or long-term commitments, so customers have flexibility in how many they want to buy.

Customers can also opt to be billed monthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly, and canceling a subscription is a no-hassle process.

Although it should be noted, the company does require a $10 minimum for each order, which isn’t too bad considering the minimum requirements of other companies tend to be much higher. 

All payments are accepted through the Stripe gateway, which is known to be a highly secure online sales service, and the company accepts all major credit cards as a form of payment.

The proxy provider also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but this only pertains to bugs or poor performance, not those consistently using their services without a hitch.

When signing up, users should also be aware that they agree not to use their service for any malicious or illegal purposes, and their proxies are blocked for torrents.

Of course, outside of that, people can use their proxies for pretty much any other reason.

Although the company provides many locations to choose from for their proxies, customers can also make suggestions on new locations, and the BeeProxy team will consider adding them to the system.

If users happen to run into any issues with their services, the company offers a dedicated customer support team that’s ready to answer any questions or concerns.

From a simple yet efficient UI to high-quality, affordable proxies, BeeProxy has everything you might need to keep your location and personal information secure online.

What Are Some Pros and Cons Of Using Proxies?

BeeProxy Dashboard

Regardless of your experience with using proxies, it is always important to understand their pros and cons.

Some benefits are pretty clear up front, as they can hide your IP address and filter requests between websites that are blocked or accessible.

They also offer protection and security from multiple angles, and it’s a great way to avoid hacks or data breaches online.

Overall, most people use proxies to stay anonymous when using the internet.

In the same vein, proxies have a few downsides that you might run into. For example, proxy servers have a cache memory that can contain a lot of sensitive information.

In any case, this would only be an issue if those managing the stored information were irresponsible with it, and this wouldn’t be an issue with BeeProxy.

Another roadblock that can arise is an issue of incompatibility.

In some cases, proxy servers may be incompatible with your local server network, but the best way to avoid this is to ensure you’re working with a reliable internet service provider (ISP).

Nevertheless, it’s evident that proxies provide many more benefits than downsides, yet it’s crucial to focus on the quality of the proxies as well as the company that provides them.

BeeProxy may not currently be as popular as many other providers, but this is quickly changing as more people become aware of their quality proxies and highly affordable pricing structure.

The company is also relatively transparent about their business practices, and they provide everything you might want to know directly on the front page of their website.

Review Conclusion

Whether it’s your first time purchasing proxies or you’re simply looking for a new service provider, BeeProxy is here to welcome you with open arms.

It’s clear their main selling point is their pricing and the quality of their proxies, but their intuitive UI and efficient account dashboard are equally as impressive.

Their business model is bound to evolve over time, so it’s best to hop on board now as they’re offering some of the best deals on the proxy market.

This article displays all of the ins and outs of what BeeProxy has to offer, and it should be apparent they’re a solid choice for proxies that come with long-term reliability. 

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