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Transitioning to a digital marketing role or getting a better offer through experience is a great way forward. Many skilled workers shifting to the UK on a family visa have been in fields related to the digital and online marketing sectors.

These aren’t restricted only to a particular marketing style and include business and management roles, creative and tech, software and coding languages, and highly skilled computer engineering opportunities. 

Considering the recent exodus of EU citizens that left the UK after Brexit, there is a skills shortage in the software and digital fields. Many UK-based companies are urging international skilled workers to consider consultations with an immigration lawyer to help with migration and shift to the UK.

While the skills shortage is a critical issue that should be tackled immediately, it is a boon for highly educated and experienced people applying via an unmarried partner visa to the UK and searching for jobs. With the digital sector showing immense growth potential, the scope for a win-win situation for skilled international workers and UK-based companies is relatively high. 

To add to this growing excitement, Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently announced new guidelines for immigration to the UK, which has given rise to people considering digital and online jobs in the country.

Let us look at some of the digital marketing-related jobs that are in high demand in the UK. 

Virtual Reality Developers:

Virtual reality has immense scope in the business sectors, not just gaming. Virtual reality is excellent when used as a training tool for architecture, real estate, medical (instead of practicing on cadavers), safety purposes (like drills and more), customer service, and many other applications.

From a career perspective, virtual reality and its editing is a combination of innovation, creativity, and technological knowledge. People with a creative mindset and experience and those with a background in design or programming should pursue shifting to the UK. 

The career progression in the UK from everything in the gaming sector to pharmaceutical is excellent. Many virtual reality specialists start at medium-level roles and progress to reach Director-level placements. The pay scale in the UK is quite competitive, with opportunities to work with some large brands and multinationals. 

UX Designers:

UX Designers (User Experience) are the gurus of website development and applications. UX designers are responsible for year-on-year maintenance and digital marketing real-world applications with tracking and report generation.

They are integral in driving sales-focused prospects and customers with in-depth knowledge of the services or products. UX Designers are needed to develop and optimize e-commerce websites with large footfall and audience interactions.

These highly skilled professionals are usually from engineering and project management backgrounds with experience in testing, risk, visual appeal, and design capabilities.

They are also needed for end-to-end website and app development and user experience improvements throughout the project’s lifecycle. The salaries in the UK are pretty good, with fresh graduates getting as much as £60,000 annually and experienced professionals commanding above £88,000 per annum. 

Content Strategists and Managers:

Content management, go-to-market strategies, planning, and tracking are integral in today’s world. All brands and businesses need a targeted approach to focus on the audiences.

This is to ensure that the brand is in front of customers all the time and to position the brand and control the tone of voice and audience perception. Content strategists are in charge of the entire social media marketing strategy, managing teams of writers, and video content creators, formulating highly targeted editorial calendars, and tracking and using plenty of analytics to assess the progress. 

Many content managers and strategists are wholly responsible for steering the company’s marketing and ensuring that the brand is viewed positively at all times, including public relations activities and newsletters.

Content strategists and managers are highly creative, have to be excellent writers, and excellent at managing people. In the UK, they usually have higher salaries starting at £68,000 annually.

Digital Marketing Managers:

Digital managers and creative directors usually are responsible for the planning and executing of the digital marketing strategy in line with content calendars and editorials and have to work collaboratively with the content strategist.

They also need good command over handling social media marketing budgets, tracking, metrics, and cost control. These managers are usually accountable for curbing the marketing spending and not crossing the upper limits. 

Experienced professionals in this position are usually great delegators and planners with plenty of experience in financial forecasting for digital trends and spending patterns. Digital managers and Directors are usually compensated quite well, with many getting over £120,000 annually. 

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