64+ Best Instagram Growth Services

I’ve asked for feedback and many of you have said to me that Instagram Growth Services aren’t working – or that you don’t know which ones to trust.

I understand completely, and this article will make the picture clearer on what services are working safely.

I can tell you that the top 5 sites are always 100% working because I use them regularly, and if they are not working I remove them from this list.

A lot of growth services stopped working in 2019 due to Instagram working against these services. However, there are still many viable companies out there to work with in 2020.

Instagram growth is time-consuming, and at times, can be downright stressful.


This is why many people these days opt for Instagram growth services and tools to grow their Instagram for them. This is great news — no longer do you have to spend hours making sure your engagement is getting done.

Instagram followers can be grown organically, automatically, and posts can be scheduled ahead of time with a bit of assistance.

Best Instagram Growth Service

The top Instagram growth service is Stellation Media. Stellation Media is number one in the Instagram growth service industry for its attention to detail and its security measures. They make sure to cover all aspects of growing your Instagram account with their awesome dashboard.

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Best Instagram Growth Services in 2020

Let’s review the top growth services & organic engagement companies, that are still safe and working in order to grow your account with real Instagram followers in 2020.

Stellation Media — Top Instagram Growth Service

Organic Instagram Growth Service - Stellation Media

The follow to unfollow tactic most Instagram growth services use is dead and canceled. The last 8 years of auto liking, spamming, following, and unfollowing will never come back.

The future is mass story engagement and viewing and Stellation Media has one of the only software in the industry that is user-friendly, with the perk of having your own custom dashboard so you don’t have to rely on your account manager to constantly adjust your settings, and do reconnects, etc.

Investing in any other service out there is the equivalent to paying for guaranteed unsatisfactory results. If you are in the market to have a company deliver exactly what you ask for, plus more, look no further than Stellation Media. They have the technology to take your business’ online presence to a height your competitors can only dream of achieving.

Their method is 100% safe and will cause no blocks or bans to your account. It does not breach any of Instagram’s restrictions.

Click here to sign up with Stellation Media.

Stellation Media Discount Coupon / Code

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Here it is:

  • Industry leader Views AND interacts with stories
  • Extremely safe
  • One of the few growth services on the market delivering results
  • Top support team
  • Top development team
  • Up to 1500 real, targeted followers per month
  • Premium pricing (use the discount coupon below!)



How badly do you just need a good company that offers the kind of Instagram growth service that’s going to see you the whole way through? Nitreo is one of these rarities – they simply seem to have it all.


From a quick and easy setup to a money-back guarantee, to great customer support and even better features, we promise that your time and money with Nitreo is going to be well spent. It’s not easy to find companies like this, so when you do, we recommend taking the opportunity and running with it. 

nitreo pricing
  • Secure site
  • Great pricing
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Easy setup
  • No free trial

Ingramer – Growth Service Package


Ingramer has a unique approach to its Instagram growth service – they promise to be able to grow your account twice as fast as other growth services out there. We must say that this is a pretty confident thing to say, but it looks like based on their customer reviews that this is also pretty accurate.

They offer everything from direct messaging to scheduled posting, Perhaps one of the best things about these guys is that they say it’s only going to take you seven minutes to complete the sign-up process. They have price points that start as little as $37, and go up to $57, but the longer you sign up for them, the more affordable it is.

They have a long list of FAQs on their website, so that you can find out as much about them and how they work before you sign up as possible. They have also encrypted everything, so there’s no risk of being hacked or phished. Read our full Ingramer review for more information.

  • Bulk direct messages
  • Auto follow/unfollow
  • Likes
  • Scheduled posting
  • Hashtag generator
  • Accepts PayPal
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Some user reviews say the follow/unfollow feature doesn’t always work

HashtagsForLikes — Best Organic Instagram Growth Service

Hashtags for Likes — Best Organic Instagram Growth Service

Hashtags for Likes is one of the most powerful Instagram growth services you can use to boost your exposure on Instagram.

You can get started quickly and be set up with their easy-to-use dashboard within 2 minutes. One of their highlight features finds relevant hashtags for your niche so that you can increase your exposure on Instagram exponentially.

With their advanced suite of tools you will stay ahead of your competitors 100% safely without risking your account or getting compromised by Instagram.

Something thing we like about HashtagsForLikes is that they get to know you and your content before you begin using their service so that they can track down the best hashtags for you to use.

They also have a number of other helpful, strategic tools that you can use in conjunction with this to make sure your Instagram engagement is always high.

You can track your progress and watch your followers grow organically.

Click here to sign up with Hashtags for Likes.

Hashtags for Likes Discount Coupon / Code

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Here it is:

With HashtagsForLikes, you can make the most of those hashtags on your content and ensure that each one is building up your brand, not breaking it.

  • Simple yet effective dashboard
  • Specific targeting features
  • Easy search engine
  • Organic growth only
  • Huge database of hashtag information
  • Not automated

Upleap – Manual Growth Experts


If you’re looking for an excellent Instagram growth service that actually uses real people and not automation, we recommend checking out Upleap. This dedicated Instagram growth company has recently updated the way they do things so that their customers get a better experience overall.

One of the ways that they have done this is to employ real people that grow your accounts for you manually on the phone. This is a great move that we commend as it proves that they are determined to make sure their customers get what they need, which at the end of the day is real, organic Instagram growth.

What we love about Upleap is that they offer a free trial for three days, and you don’t have to give them your credit card details to receive this offer. This is a great way to get to know them and how they work before you commit to anything. With an easy setup and real results, it’s easy to see why so many people are signing up with Upleap.

  • Free trial
  • No credit card required for trial
  • Positive reviews on site
  • Easy set up process
  • Real results
  • Affordable pricing
  • Visible pricing
  • Packages are pretty similar to one another

Media Mister – Instagram Followers & Likes Service

Media Mister - Instagram Service

When we say that Media Mister is a growth service, we’re meant to be taken seriously. There are a lot of companies out there right now that claim to be an Instagram growth service, but in reality they’re nothing more than your average Instagram bot.

This means that the engagement is most likely going to be fake, which isn’t going to help your account in the long run. With Media Mister, though, the opposite is true. They are genuinely a growth service for Instagram, which means that they can find real people to interact with your content, and follow your account.

They also supply automatic views and likes, covering your interactions as well, so your account looks healthy from all different angles.

If you’re sick of being scammed by bots in the industry and you truly want something that’s affordable, reliable and going to help your profile in the long run, we suggest checking out Media Mister.

  • Great website
  • Awesome features
  • Can help with many different websites
  • Good customer support
  • Different categories to choose from
  • No trial for free

ektor.io – Undetectable Growth Tool


ektor.io belongs to the era of new-generation Instagram bots as it emulates the latest Instagram mobile app version and uses facial recognition (through Artificial Intelligence) to behave like a human user. Thus, you don’t have to worry about security issues along the way.

ektor.io’s ambition is to establish a long-term presence in the social media automation industry by integrating artificial intelligence. We believe that most automation services are now obsolete, but this bot is very promising.

It must be the smartest Instagram automation solution around. It aims to boost your engagement strategy without getting you in trouble at all. In fact, it is undetectable by the new algorithm. This feature-rich bot (like, comment, follow/unfollowing, mass story viewer) allows you to target your audience by selecting multiple users or hashtags.

ektor.io is committed to providing its users the very best, but most importantly, the safest experience. We highly advise you to use it, as it is surely the only one to ensure the sustainability of your account, while providing a clever growth of your audience.

ektor.io Discount Coupon / Code

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Here it is:

  • Advanced facial recognition feature
  • Mimics human behavior
  • Smart technology
  • Many different features to choose from
  • Safe and secure
  • Affordable pricing
  • May be too advanced for some

Trusy – IG Growth Service

trusy social

There’s so much to love about Trusy if you want to make a real difference with your Instagram growth. They claim to have cracked the code when it comes to being an Instagram growth service, which means that they can offer their clients something unique and different that you’re not going to be able to find with too many other companies.

If you need any assistance, there’s a chatbox at the bottom of the screen. They have video tutorials on their website as well, so if you’re ever not too sure about something, they can help. 

  • Great customer support
  • Video tutorials
  • Good pricing
  • Effective growth
  • Real growth
  • No free trial

Follow Adder — Instagram Growth Tool

Follow Adder - Instagram Growth Tool

Follow Adder – Instagram Growth Tool

If you’re someone who is looking for an Instagram bot to grow your followers & do your engagement, you’ll want to check out Follow Adder. Follow Adder is a leading Instagram bot with an excellent reputation for fast, efficient Instagram growth. Once you’ve configured the settings, this Instagram app runs on autopilot. You choose your preferences based on the features that Follow Adder offers you. With Follow Adder you can automatically schedule comments, posts, and likes & views, depending on your personal settings. The software they use is safe, trusted and great at managing your Instagram activity.

It might be a bot, but all the followers you get are real and organic.

Follow Adder Discount Coupon / Code

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Combin – Boost Your Growth


Combin is a piece of software that can grow and manage your Instagram for you both organically and safely. Like Stim Social, they also have a free trial, and all you need to do is enter your email address.

Combin uses a combination of search analysis and advanced Instagram searches to find your perfect audience before targeting them for you. They also feature up to date statistics on the engagement they’re doing for your account, as well as advanced features that included audience management. This is the type of company that you’re looking for if you want your engagement to be easy and straightforward.

Kicksta – Growth That’s Easy To Start


Kicksta is another Instagram growth service that makes it easy to sign up – all you need is your email. Kicksta uses the tried and true method of interacting with people and accounts that they think are going to like your content – whether it’s personal pages or influencers that happen to be your competition.

Kicksta knows how important it is to improve the awareness of your brand, which is why they work around the clock for you to maximize your engagement. They also offer all of your analytics on an easy to read dashboard so you can keep up with what they’re doing for you.

Jarvee – Social Media Automation


Jarvee is a Windows botting program that you can download to your desktop or laptop. It helps you automated a range of social media platforms including Instagram.

It’s worth noting here, though, that taking a look at some of Jarvee’s video tutorials on how to use the dashboard is advised before you dive in. It can take a bit of getting used to at first, but when you’ve watched the videos and used it a couple of times, it will be a lot easier for you to implement your engagement, so in the long run, it’s completely worth it.

One of the best things about a bot like Jarvee is that they have a free five-day trial that lets you check them out before you commit to anything, so you can determine whether they’re a good fit for your Instagram engagement or not.

Link Tree — Transform Your Bio

Link Tree is the best tool when it comes to tweaking your bio. How many times have you gotten frustrated at Instagram’s ‘only one link’ bio rule?

Well, there’s an app for that. Link Tree allows you to work around this restriction and uses your bio link to help your followers discover all your latest content. Link Tree can also help you use the link in your bio to its fullest capacity. This includes using it to send your followers anywhere and managing new URLs efficiently without any fuss.

Later — The Old King of Scheduling

Designing and planning your posts is only half the battle. The rest is up to the scheduling — which can be tedious and time-consuming.

Not with Later. Later ensures that all your posts go up as planned when you planned on publishing them. It’s so simple, in fact, that it will take you just twenty minutes to plan out a week’s worth of Instagram posts. If you’re looking for an app that’s highly efficient in planning and scheduling your Instagram posts, then you can’t go past Later. You’ll fall in love with the Visual Content Calendar that has everything laid out for you.

Sprout Social — Stellar Instagram Management Software

If you’re looking more for an Instagram automated tool that’s going to work alongside you to manage your account successfully, you need to try out Sprout Social.

I imagine that you’re in it for the long haul, as most businesses on Instagram are.

That’s why Sprout Social is so useful — because it works at cultivating and maintaining deep connections that turn into long-standing relationships through your business account. Sprout Social is all about real brands, real people and real connections. You can’t go past them for your top-tier Instagram management software.



Folowersup is one of those Instagram growth services that can not only make your life a little bit easier when growing your Instagram profile but when growing the rest of your social media pages as well.

They have flexible prices, so you get to decide how little or how much you want to spend on your engagement, and their customer support isn’t too bad, either. In fact, you can get in touch with them directly on their homepage, making them really user-friendly. 

  • Flexible price points
  • Great features
  • Good customer support
  • Secure site
  • No free trial


Social Viral

It’s harder than you think to find companies in the Instagram growth industry that offer real engagement that’s also exclusive. The trouble is finding engagement that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, but we think that we’ve found a company that has pulled this off.

SocialViral is one of the only places to get real views, likes, and followers for your Instagram profile, and we think that their immediate results are pretty sweet. We also like that they can help you with other channels as well, just in case you’re trying to grow it all at the same time.

  • Fast results
  • Great features
  • Multiple platforms
  • Good customer support
  • No free trial

Social Follow

Social Follow

Are you looking for an easy way to get more people on your profile, but you don’t have too much in the social media marketing budget? Don’t worry, Social Follow is here. These guys know pretty much everything there is to know about growing Instagram accounts – and they do some of it for free, too.

They won’t bore you with surveys or other things that other companies do – they just think that you deserve some honest, free engagement. Hit them up if you need help with your page, but you don’t have a lot of spare change.

  • Secure site
  • Free followers
  • Good customer support
  • Good pricing
  • No free trial



Is making sure that you don’t associate with fake activity important to you? If it is, then you need to try out Foost. Foost is the kind of company that can help you not only with your Instagram engagement, but they say from the very beginning that they can help you without the aid of fake engagement or activity.

If you’re looking for an Instagram growth service that’s honest and upfront about their engagement and how they work, then you need to try Foost. We also believe that they have some pretty good price points, too.

  • Secure site
  • No fake engagement
  • No fake activity
  • Good prices
  • No free trial

Insta Promoter

Insta Promoter

With such a competitive online world out there, it’s no wonder that people hardly have any time these days to invest in their growth on Instagram. However, it’s still important if you’ve got your business on there, which means that the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out.

However, you might not have all the time in the world to do so. If this is you, then you need to try Insta Promoter. This company knows that you’re limited on time, and have fast plans for a fast-paced world.

  • Separate features
  • Variety of Instagram plans
  • No password required
  • Quick delivery
  • No free trial

Social Buddy

Social Buddy

Everyone needs an Instagram growth service that’s less like a technical piece of software and more like a personal assistant, right? If this is you, then you need to check out Social Buddy.

Social Buddy has been around the block, so we think that they know a thing or two about growing people’s social media accounts. They also promise that their growth is organic and that they never use things like fake followers and bots to achieve their goals.

  • Secure site
  • Great pricing
  • Organic growth
  • Safe and secure
  • No free trial

The Millennial Marketers

The Millennial Marketers

Everyone wants a company that’s not only safe but relatable as well. We think that just based on the name alone, The Millennial Marketers know a thing or two about helping the younger generation with their Instagram growth.

This Instagram growth service is not only popular with the kids, but they have managed to attract the attention of more prominent companies as well. They have even been featured on third-party review websites like Trustpilot, which says a lot about their good reputation.

  • Secure site
  • Great reviews
  • Good pricing
  • Good customer support
  • No free trial



If you want to amplify your Instagram growth, we suggest going onto Ampfluence and signing up for them right now. They are a reputable Instagram growth service with a lot to offer, and they promise that their features are all done manually, so there’s no risk of being suspended or even banned.

They have video tutorials that you can watch so that you can get to know all about their features before you even sign up. They even offer a free consultation so that you can tell them all about your niche and industry.

  • Secure site
  • Free consultation
  • Manually powered
  • Great prices
  • No free trial



Sometimes, it’s nice to find an Instagram growth service that can not only say they will be able to help you grow your account, but they can put an exact number on it. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do this across the board, so you know how many new community members to expect?

We certainly appreciate it from Simplygram. This company can help you get as many as 5000 new followers every month, and they even offer potential clients a free trial. This is a great way to get to know them without having to invest any money first.

  • Free trial
  • Secure site
  • Expected followers
  • Organic Instagram service
  • Not sure about pricing



Buzzoid is pretty confident about themselves and what they offer as an Instagram growth service, and honestly, it’s hard for us to find a fault here. They say that they have the ‘competition shaking’ with their great prices, and they have divided their features so that you can choose which aspect of your engagement you need help with the most.

If it’s followers, they’ve got the right features, and if it’s views, they’ve got some for that as well. They also never ask for things like your password, so you know that your info is safe from being stolen or hacked.

  • Secure site
  • No password required
  • Variety of packages
  • Good pricing
  • No free trial

IG Clerk

IG Clerk

IG Clerk is another one of those Instagram growth services that want to get it right from the beginning. This is why they promise to do everything safely, authentically, and organically. They say that they are completely manual, and they can help you grow your Instagram so that you won’t be detected at all.

They also say that they are completely in line with Instagram’s terms and conditions, making them a great choice for everyone who is concerned about security. You won’t find too many companies like this out there.

  • Secure site
  • Good prices
  • Free trial
  • Manual growth
  • Features might be too much for some



There are some Instagram growth services out there that are for everyone, and then there are some that are a little more specialized. We think that Mapiac is one that falls into the latter camp. They really focus on making their features specific to their client’s needs, which we think makes them a great company.

They have features that can be used by brands, businesses, and influencers alike so that you can find the right package for you and grow your account accordingly. They say that you can get a free trial if you contact them, and they have a chatbox.

  • Free trial
  • Good prices
  • Secure site
  • Specified features
  • Website too simple


Viral Race

How many Instagram growth services do you find that are able to speed up or slow down your Instagram engagement, depending on how gradually you want to grow your page? Not many, right? Well, that’s why we think ViralRace is so special.

They definitely stand out from the crowd and have the features to match. They leave you in charge of how quickly they grow your account for you so that you can keep things low-risk, and avoid getting in trouble with the gram.

  • Secure site
  • Good pricing
  • Gradual growth
  • Separate features
  • No free trial

Treefrog Social

Treefrog Social

Looking for a team of experts who know exactly what you need to grow your Instagram account? Then look no further than Treefrog Social. This Instagram growth service is all about hiring the right people who are passionate about helping their clients grow their Instagram engagement – manually, of course.

They claim that organic Instagram growth has never been easier, and they also have great customer support, so you don’t have to worry about having an issue and not being able to get any help.

  • Secure site
  • Helpful customer support
  • Good pricing
  • Good reviews
  • No free trial

Instagram Growth Services That No Longer Work or Have a Bad Reputation


Boostgram works by connecting to your Instagram account, which gives you access to their easy to use dashboard. Once you are connected to their dashboard, you can enter your personal preferences so that they can target the right audience for your niche.

Among features like post scheduling and audience targeting, Boostgram also offers a free three-day trial so that you can get used to their services before you commit to anything. Boostgram is the kind of service that you’ll like if you’re someone who still likes to be in control to a certain extent.

Instagram Bot Follower

Instagram Bot Follower is exactly that – an Instagram bot follower. This company utilizes automation to make sure that your Instagram is being seen by the right people. Not only can it help you manage your Instagram engagement, but it can also do this across multiple different Instagram accounts. Instagram Bot Follower is ideal if you are juggling more than one Instagram account.

With Instagram Bot Follower you can also automatically post all of your content, and even schedule them, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to upload them. Instagram Bot Follower streamlines your engagement for you.


Gramflare is the type of company you want to use if you like the idea of your engagement being on autopilot and in someone else’s hands. To start their free three-day trial, you log in with your Instagram, and then you can get a much better idea of how they work.

They claim to have over 8,000 current clients, which is pretty impressive. They put privacy at the top of their list of priorities, as well as unlimited growth and even a ‘welcome’ direct message that you can send new followers – which you can customize of course. Gramflare offers an ideal mix of features that are going to get your engagement off the ground.

Social Empire

If you like the idea of accelerating your engagement, then you’ll want to check out SocialEmpire. SocialEmpire is the kind of quick fix that your Instagram account is looking for. You don’t have time to sit around and wait for your Instagram to grow – you need engagement, and you need it now.

As well as using their premium networks to upgrade your engagement, Social Empire also uses influencer marketing strategies as well as the tried and true social marketing methods to make sure that your engagement is where it needs to be. You don’t even need to share your login details with them.

Social Upgrade

SocialUpgrade is the type of service to use genuine marketing techniques in order to give your Instagram the exposure that it deserves. This, in turn, helps to generate active, organic followers that aren’t going to unfollow you a few months down the road.

All you need to do with Social Upgrade is to tell them about the kind of audience you want to see your content, and then they will go ahead and work hard to get them for you. Their real reviews tell a happy tale and are a testament to the work they have done already with their clients. This is the kind of company you want to check out if you’re looking for serious Instagram growth that’s genuine.

Gold Nitro

Gold Nitro potentially has the longest free trial that we’ve seen out of the companies on our list – you can try out their services for an impressive fourteen days. What’s more, you don’t even need to enter your credit card details for it – plus, they have a money back guarantee on their services if you do end up signing up to them.

As well as these positive features, Gold Nitro has 53 positive reviews on Trustpilot, a third party review website. This definitely speaks volumes of the kind of company they are. They also offer additional features including weekly analytics of the engagement they’re doing for you.

Insta Vast

Insta Vast is aptly named for its extensive range of features that seem to cover everything you’d need when it comes to your Instagram engagement. From the usual liking, commenting and following features to the more advanced unfollowing and direct messaging, there’s nothing that Insta Vast won’t do to grow your Instagram for you.

This Instagram bot offers up a free three-day trial, along with the safety of not having to download anything to get started. What’s more, you can set up a posting schedule and then forget about it, because they’ll do the rest of the work.


Kenji is upfront and transparent about being an Instagram bot – which is a great characteristic to take on. You don’t want to associate with a company that can’t be honest about what they are, because this most likely means that they’re not being honest about other things.

Like with most of the companies on our list, you can try out Kenji for free for three days. Their automatic engagement means that you can give them the responsibility of bringing more people to your page, while you focus on other parts of the brand. Kenji is simple, easy to use, and trustworthy.


Social Drift is the type of automated Instagram growth service to recruit the expert advice of professionals in the industry, to make sure that the work they do for you is high quality. Their exclusive growth strategies tailor to your specific needs so that they find the right people who are going to get the most out of your content.

Their smart Instagram automation makes sure that your Instagram content is only being seen by the right people. What’s more, SocialDrift are backed by third-party Instagram marketing experts that consider them an integral part of the industry.


If you’re someone who loves the idea of giving your engagement to someone else to do, but would appreciate seeing the progress, then you’ll want to check out Blastup. In fact, they give you a real-time count of all the new followers and engagement you’re getting on your Instagram content, so you know exactly how well their service is working for you.

Since becoming Blastup – they used to be Gramblast – they’ve upgraded their system and have a much faster rate of Instagram growth. You’re going to want to check out this new and improved Instagram growth service that’s guaranteed to bring you the results you’re after.

Instaboomer Social

The first thing that Instaboomer Social talks about on their website is that they’re safe to use, falling well within Instagram’s terms and conditions. This is great news because it means you’re not going to get red flagged by Instagram – and neither is Instaboomer Social. This safe Instagram growth service is going to successfully grow your Instagram without any risk to your account.

As well as asking you the questions required to get to know your audience a little bit better, Instaboomer Social also features a chat box where you can ask them any questions you may have for them. This way, you can know as much about them as possible before committing to anything.


Instaboom not only grows your Instagram for you in an effective and efficient way, but they also say that with their services you can gain over 4000 new followers per month. This is a pretty impressive statistic, and if it’s true, then you’re looking at a pretty successful growth company.

Instaboom’s team gets onto designing a custom-made strategy for you right away so that you can target the right people for your content. You’re not going to waste any time trying to attract the attention of people who just aren’t interested with Instaboom.


Social Captain offers up a live demonstration of their service so that you can see exactly how they work and whether they would be a good fit for you or not. They also have someone on the other end of a chatbox as well that can help you with any questions you may have if you’re not too sure about it.

Their quick, two minutes set up means you can get engaging in no time. SocialCaptain even offers a personal Instagram assistant who can get going with your specific strategy straight away. They’ll help you grow your Instagram automatically, as well as offering a boost in overall productivity.

Work Macro

Work Macro offers a free trial upfront, as well as a live update on who is signing up for their services – which is always a good sign. They use automation that’s powered by a sophisticated system that can bring you the perfect strategy to account for your content. They also offer a video demonstration so you can see how their service works.

Work Macro claim to have helped over 5000 clients, which is pretty impressive. The reviews on their website talk about positive experiences, with an average rating of 4.42.


Firestrike is the perfect company for growing your Instagram engagement on autopilot so that you can just sit back and free up your mind to think about other parts of the business. They have a clear way of explaining how they work, as well as a number of advanced features that make their affordable prices that more appealing.

Because they are able to target any niche your page falls into, they’re one of the most versatile companies out there. What’s more, they have a positive review on their website that is a testament to just how good their service is.

Plan My Post

Think of Plan My Post as your personal, virtual assistant — because that is what it is for your Instagram page.

What’s more, Plan My Post has a user-friendly platform that gives you the controls when it comes to managing your engagement and posts on Instagram. This means that instead of logging into Instagram every time you want to post something, you can schedule posts ahead of time. The best part of Plan My Post is that it saves you time when you’re trying to grow your account.

Stim Social

Stim Social talks about how important it is to increase your exposure on Instagram, and they can help you achieve this by connecting you with new customers. Their website offers to use their bot to grow your followers so that you can turn these into customers.

Stim Social also has a free five-day trial, so you can test them out before you decide whether you like them or not. What we love about this feature is that you don’t have to give them your credit card details to try it out.


Instato is quite similar to the likes of Follow Adder. It’s another excellent choice if you’re looking for an Instagram bot that’s going to produce your growth organically and do so while managing multiple business accounts.

With Instato you can put your Instagram on autopilot and watch as the growth & engagement is done for you. This allows you to quickly engage with potential and existing followers as you watch your Instagram gain in popularity. From automatic direct messages to automatic reposts and scheduling, there’s nothing you can’t do with Instato for your Instagram.


The first thing that you will notice about Instavast is that they offer all potential customers a free three-day trial, which is a great way to get to know a company before you commit to any of their services. Instavast is an Instagram growth service that can help you with all of those basic automation activities that are going to get your account ahead. These include things like direct messaging, liking, and commenting.

We love that they make it all automatic, so you don’t even have to think about it when it’s happening. However, if you want to check in every now and then and make sure that they are growing your account in a way that fits in with your niche and industry, they offer all clients analytics.

This is going to help you figure out what they need to more of and what they need to scale back a bit. Instavast knows that your privacy is important when using a third-party company to help with your Instagram growth, and they promise to keep all of their clients safe when using their services.

We love that you don’t have to download anything, which is going to keep your computer safe from viruses and bugs. They can also help you manage an unlimited amount of accounts, so if you’ve got your brand spread across multiple profiles, Instavast can make managing them all a whole lot easier.


Graminator is there for their customers right from the beginning. They even have someone who can help you make your way around their website, so you can find out as much as possible about their services before you sign up for anything. They even have a free trial that you can claim, and they have multiple different features with their Instagram growth tool that’s going to make your life a whole lot easier.

From scheduling upcoming content that you’ve got planned to automating your interactions, there’s not a lot that Graminator can’t for you. They have dedicated customer support, and they promise to grow their clients’ accounts organically, so there’s no risk that your reputation will be in jeopardy.

They want all of their clients to benefit from long-term, sustainable Instagram growth, and their services accurately reflect this.


Whether you’re an online business owner of you’re an aspiring influencer, Instamber has a service and features that can help you get ahead on the gram. Their Instagram growth service is sophisticated enough to help you manage your engagement and the day to day side of this, while also helping you schedule content that you’d rather post later.

Instamber wants to make sure that all of their clients are experiencing fast, effective growth, and the proof is in their high-quality services. Once you’ve signed up with Instamber, they connect you with your very own personal account manager, who wants to know all about your niche and industry so that they can effectively, accurately grow your account.

They use advanced features to make sure that they are targeting the right people for your account who are actually going to be interested in your content, which of course, increases the chances of them sticking around. Just like some of the other companies on this list, Instamber is a cloud-based software, which means that you don’t have to deal with any downloads to use them.

Their features can be personalized to suit your needs, and they even offer regular reports on their progress so that you can adjust them accordingly. If you love the idea of having an Instagram growth service that really pays attention to the little things, then you need to check out Instamber.

Instant Dash

The main goal with Instant Dash is to make sure that their Instagram growth service can be used and enjoyed by everyone out there, no matter what your needs or budget look like. We love that they offer a demo of their dashboard before you sign up so that you can see if it’s going to work for you or not. The demo is only a minute long, so it’s not going to be too time-consuming.

They have really affordable price points, starting at just $19 a month, and going up to $150, so as you can see, they have a variety of different options to suit your needs, whatever they may be. We love that even their basic service comes with quite a few different feature options, including around the clock customer support.

They also promise that their services are all completely safe to use and won’t get you in trouble with Instagram. Their free day trial is 14 days long, which is the longest that we’ve come across in the industry. They want to make sure that they get it right for each customer so that your efforts aren’t wasted – or your budget, for that matter.

Between the demo and the free 14-day trial, we think that you’ll know everything you need to about Instant Dash before you’ve even entered your Instagram username.

Falcon Social

There are two different types of companies in this industry – those that can help you manage your brand across multiple different platforms, and those that can’t. Falcon Social falls into the former category, which means that they can not only help you with your Instagram growth, but they can also help you with your Pinterest and Twitter growth, too.

Their Instagram growth service is tailored to being efficient and effective, and they can also help you schedule upcoming posts so that you can save time and spend more of it creating content. What’s more, they will monitor the growth service as it goes, and adjust it depending on what’s working and what’s not.

Just like Instant Dash, Falcon Social offers a free demo, so you can see how their software works before you sign up for it. You can get in touch with them either through their email or chatbox, and you can do so seven days a week, making them really accessible and accountable. We love this Instagram growth tool because it’s simple yet effective.


Instazood is just like any other Instagram growth service out there – except that they’re loyal, and they seem to really care about their customers. They know that you’ll need all of those basic growth features, like commenting, liking, and direct messaging, and they also know that you’re trying to keep up with the times and implement other growth strategies, too, like story viewing.

Instazood has it all. While they seem to be a completely competent company, they still want their customers to retain some of the control, which means that you can choose how they execute their features and adjust them if things don’t seem to be working so well. They also don’t just want to target anyone for you – they want to make sure that the people they interact with are going to be interested in your content.

We love that they also put customer safety first, making sure that their growth service falls within Instagram’s terms and conditions. We also appreciate their high level of technical support, which can help you with anything, whenever you need it. With Instazood, you don’t have to download anything to your desktop, so you can keep it safe from viruses.

Their user-friendly dashboard comes with features that you can adjust based on your niche and industry, and they even offer it in various languages as well, so you can use it wherever you are in the world.

Xplod Social

Xplod Social pride themselves in offering a pretty powerful Instagram growth tool. They know that all of their clients are pretty serious about being successful with the gram, and they don’t want to give them an average experience – they want to give them the very best. Just like a lot of the other companies on this list, Xplod Social has a chat box where you can get in touch with a customer support person, even if it’s just to ask a question, which is the kind of accountability that we always like to see.

They make the whole sign up process super easy, and they want to know everything about your current Instagram strategy so that they can adjust their features accordingly. They also know that you will want to implement new Instagram engagement campaigns, and can work with each customer to make this happen.

This means that you get to set it all up yourself before they implement it for you. You get to be in charge of the fun part, while they deal with the mundane side of things. Xplod Social even comes with a one on one consulting feature too, so that you can take your Instagram growth strategy to the next level and really push the boat out on your Instagram growth.

Insta Hero

The first thing that you’re going to see when you visit Insta Hero’s page is a disclaimer that they never work with or provide their clients with fake engagement, so you don’t have to worry about putting your reputation at risk. This is because they believe that all of their clients deserve to receive real, active followers.

They have affordable prices that can accommodate for all different types of budgets, and they even have a live chat support feature that can connect you with a customer support representative should you need help.

We love that Insta Hero prioritizes its customers’ safety by making sure that their Instagram growth service doesn’t violate Instagram’s terms and conditions. They also make sure that they offer various forms of payment options, from credit cards to PayPal. There are a lot of reasons to try Insta Hero, so we recommend that you check them out today.

In Video

You may have noticed that more and more people are using video as a form of creative expression on Instagram. Instagram Stories has taken off, and as more and more people attempt to connect with their followers, they come up with new ways to do so. Video is now one of the most critical mediums on Instagram, and there are some Instagram growth services out there that have adjusted their features to accommodate this.

In Video is an Instagram growth service that can help you edit and make your videos Instagram-worthy in no time at all. It’s super easy to upload all of your videos through In Video and turn them into Oscar-worthy short films.

If you’ve had trouble coming up with videos that your followers are going to love, and you need a bit of help getting there, try In Video to turn your video into something that everyone is going to want to see.


The vast majority of the Instagram growth services on this list have a scheduling feature that allows you to plan your upcoming posts. If you want to save some serious time on this aspect of your Instagram growth, then you may want to consider checking out Planoly.

Planoly is one of the first visual Instagram planners that can help you see what your feed is going to look like before you upload your posts. Of course, they can also handle the uploading side of things, too, so once you’ve got it how you like it, you can leave it to them and focus instead on creating even more amazing content.

Planoly is going to make sure that all of your posts get published, when you want them, so you never have to be concerned about missing another upload time again. This Instagram growth service comes with all the scheduling features you need to make sure that you are getting the most out of your Instagram.


Another vital part of making sure that your Instagram is growing as it should is keeping on top of those analytics. Analytics can be the difference between success and failure on the gram, because they tell you everything you need to know about your target audience, from what content they like the most to when they’re online and looking for more of your content to interact with.

Iconosquare can help you with everything to do with your Instagram analytics. They can track metrics like how much engagement you get per post, as well as the history of your impression, and the evolution of your followers from when they first started liking and commenting on your posts. If you’re looking for a lot of comprehensive data on your Instagram Stories, too, Iconosquare can help you with this.

They can even generate insight into things like your bio and link, as well as hashtag tracking, too, so that you know how everything is working either in your favor or against it. If you want as much information as you can get about how your followers are currently interacting with your Instagram profile, and what you need to do to improve it, then we highly recommend checking out this Instagram growth service.


Another aspect that is essential if you want to grow your Instagram successfully is creating beautiful content. It’s all very well having the right hashtags and a good link in your bio, but if you don’t have stunningly beautiful images and videos that people want to keep coming back to, then you’re not going to get very far.

Crello can help with this. Crello is the type of Instagram growth service that can help you format and edit your content, as well as schedule your posts for the future so that you can at least cover the content side of things.

They can also help you see the finished product and what it is going to look like in your feed before you upload it so that you can see if it works well with existing posts. If you really want to give your Instagram profile the best chance of success, we recommend checking out companies like Crello.

Hype Auditor

Hype Auditor is similar to Iconosquare – they are all about those Instagram analytics and know how important they are to building a successful Instagram profile. What’s more, they can also analyze your current following, and let you know how many of them they think are fake, and how many are real.

This means that you can make sure you only have real, authentic followers, which, of course, is going to make sure that your Instagram is growing as it should. Hype Auditor wants to make sure that the engagement you’re getting is real. You can even use Hype Auditor to run an audit if you’re thinking about buying an Instagram account by entering their username into the search engine.

If you’ve always wanted to know this type of information, which is inherent to growing a successful Instagram account, then we recommend checking them out. You’re only as successful as what you know on Instagram, so the more you know about your followers, your competition, and other brands, the better you’ll be able to grow your own account.


FanBump is a premium service that is worth every cent.

A lot of your potential for Instagram growth comes down to the kind of audience you target. If you’re targeting an audience that’s going to be interested in your content, then you’re well on your way to making waves in your industry.

FanBump can help make this dream come true. Using smart filters, this Instagram marketing service can target users by usernames, hashtags, locations and much more. This ensures that the people being driven to your account are much more likely to engage with you and even stick around for the long haul.

The best thing about this service is that you get a phone call with their CEO to talk about your strategy!

Social Sensei

The first thing that Social Sensei offer on their website is a free five-day trial, which we consider to be quite generous. This is definitely enough time to figure out if this company is for you or not.

Social Sensei works to drive the right kind of traffic to your Instagram account. They do this through organic growth so that they find people who are actually going to care about your content. They make it easy by letting you sign up with a few details, before fast-forwarding your engagement so that you can put your focus into other parts of the business. Their active clients gain as many as 2000 new followers a month.

Managed Social

Managed Social is another organic growth marketing service that comes highly recommended when used with Instagram. Their intelligent technology helps you to work smarter, not harder — cutting down the time it takes to make your Instagram worthy of traffic.

Their exclusive growth strategies are managed and executed by professionals, so you know that your business Instagram account is in good hands. Why settle for fake automation when you can make it real and genuine with an organic growth service like Managed Social? It’s a no-brainer, really.

Managed Social

Sometimes, you just want a no fuss, fast turnaround Instagram marketing company that knows what they’re talking about when it comes to boosting your engagement.

That’s why Managed Social has made this list twice. This time I’ll mention the fact, that, in addition to their growth service, they can also provide you with followers on a recurring monthly basis. This is an excellent option if you’re someone who likes to keep hold of the reins — and let a little bit go when the time comes, and you need some extra help.

What is the Difference Between Cheap and Affordable?

Believe it or not, there’s a huge difference between cheap and affordable when trying to find the best Instagram growth service for your profile. It can be tempting sometimes to come across an Instagram growth service, see the price, and jump right in because it’s all you can afford. However, this could actually end up hurting your account more than helping.

In this kind of industry, you definitely get what you pay for, which means that if you pay a low price, you’re going to get low quality. There definitely is the possibility of finding a service that’s still affordable, yet high quality – you’ve just got to be able to know the difference between the too. Just make sure that the service you choose isn’t too cheap, but still within your budget.

Why Should You Use a Growth Service Instead of Buying Your Followers

The reason why we promote Instagram growth services is that they’re a lot better for your growth than buying your followers and engagement. The trouble with buying your engagement is that a lot of the time, it’s fake. This means that while it may make your follower count look good, your engagement rate is going to stay the same – or even get worse.

Fake followers that sit on your follower count don’t interact with your content, so while you may have a lot of followers, you’re not going to get that many comments and likes on your content, which will look suspicious.

What’s more, fake followers will eventually end up dropping off again, which will leave your follower count where it was before you purchased them. Instagram growth is all about the long game, which is why we always recommend using a growth service instead of buying your followers.


What is an Instagram Growth Service?

An Instagram growth service is a service, tool, or application that you sync up with your Instagram engagement strategy or plan to grow your profile in general.

There are many companies out there, just like the list above, that have features to accommodate for this type of activity, which means that you can free things up on your end a bit more and focus on other parts of your brand. An Instagram growth tool is designed to bring organic engagement to your profile.

Do Instagram Growth Services & Tools Work?

The short answer is, yes. Instagram growth services work if you use them wisely, and don’t overdo it. This means that you need to make sure that you’re targeting relevant people with it, and you’re making sure that you aren’t doing too much engagement at once.

These are the typical signs that you’re violating Instagram’s terms and conditions, and they’ve been known to come down on their users hard. This means that the best approach to using an Instagram growth tool is to be conservative but proactive.

The Pros of an Instagram Growth Service

One of the things that make Instagram growth services so popular is that they can help you adjust your tools and features, which means that you can focus in on the right audience to target. A lot of the time, when you’re implementing your engagement strategy on your own, you are doing so haphazardly, which won’t result in too much growth.

A growth service, on the other hand, is designed to get specific for your industry or niche, whether this is done by gender or even location, so that you can work out the best audience for your content. What’s more, a growth tool can provide you with analytics that’s going to determine how you apply your strategy, increasing your chances of success.

The Cons of an Instagram Growth Service

As we mentioned above, a lot of the time, these services outside of Instagram’s terms and conditions. While this isn’t the end of the world, it is if you want to be taken seriously out there because Instagram has started to really crackdown on people who are taking advantage of this.

Another thing that we briefly talked about above is that if you’re not careful, an Instagram growth service can make your account look spammy, another red flag for Instagram. Instagram Account Compromised

Instagram Growth Services with a Free Trial

Some of the premium companies out there don’t offer free trials, and that’s understandable because they want to focus on their paying clients. However, we always recommend checking out a company’s free trial if it’s offered, before you commit to anything. Whether they offer one for three days, or seven, or even 14, they’re always worth signing up for, so you can get a good idea of what they’re like to work with.

While most companies won’t ask for your credit card details to do so, you may want to watch out for the ones that do, because they may start charging you for their services once you’ve finished it, whether you want to sign up with them or not. Again, always try to make the most of a free trial when it’s offered.

Final Thoughts on Instagram Growth Services & Tools

Social media marketing is an essential part of keeping your finger on the pulse when it comes to online interaction, growth & engagement for your business. Because all of these online tasks can be time-consuming, it almost goes without saying that some of this you’ll outsource.

When it all comes down to it, however, you choose to automate your Instagram engagement, you’ll quickly find that it surpasses what you had to invest initially. Try any of these top services for your Instagram growth and know that you’ll be at an advantage.

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  1. What Would be the best option if you are a complete starter, meaning currently having 200-300 followers. I feel my first priority is to get more followers quick, REAL followers, I don’t see the use of followers that are not interested in my content.
    I think it is really hard to get through that first period, during which the account is not big enough to start collaborations, and shoutouts.
    Thanks for your article!

    • Follow other people in your niche, comment, ask them questions so you’ll be recognized and followed back, use relevant hashtag.

  2. My company used Social Captain when I was brought on a few months ago and it is entirely a scam. Which unfortunately made me question the integrity of this article. I’d consider removing them from your review unless you tried them and had a different experience than we did.

    • They were good before and we had them high up, then things changed with Instagrams new algorithm, and that’s why they are placed very low down in the article now.

  3. I’ve been stuck at around 8k followers since what feels like ages ago, I gotta do something, I’m going crazy here. I’ve just checked Stellation Media and they seem pretty cool. Do they offer a free trial service as well?


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