Best Online Stores For Games

There was a time where you had to head out to the nearest store and buy discs and what not to play your games, but the times have changed, and you can do all that from the comfort of your drawing rooms.

Over the last few years, online stores have become the biggest distributors of video games all over the world. 

You can just pay for the game you love and play it right away, it’s all at your fingertips, and here are a few online stores that we think are the best in the business.


Steam deserves to be in the first place for obvious reasons. Valve’s PC game distribution service is most probably the oldest and largest platform on the web.

Steam is surely the most preferred choice of games when it comes to buying the most recent games or pre ordering the ones on your list. 

What’s great about steam is that it isn’t just an online store, it’s a platform for multiplayer online gaming which is so prominent that today it is being used by almost every other gamer.

It’s like a small universe made for PC gamers to connect and play games together.

PlayStation Network

PlayStation Network is Sony’s answer to the modern world gaming standards. It provides a smooth service and comes with a huge library of downloadable games for the console.

The best part about PSN is that it comes with multiplayer gaming without the users having to pay an extra amount for the subscription.

This makes PSN convenient for many players who spend most of their time playing multiplayer games rather than single-player story-based games.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is yet another choice for you to buy your games from, while also helping out the people in need through its charity service.

You don’t have to exclusively pay for the charity, instead, some amount from the bundle price goes straight to charity, hence Humble Bundle.

Besides that Hundle Bundle is one of the best game stores with exclusive partnerships with many triple-A game publishers.

The store even has a large collection of Indie titles. With original titles and easy subscription plans, Humble Bundle is a great choice if you want to grab a bunch of games at the same time.


The best spot for old-school gamers in the whole gaming world. GOG or Grand Old Games is a website for titles from the decades of the 90s and early 2000s.

GOG primarily focuses on successful old hits that are still being loved by millions which makes it quite a unique game store. 

The pricing is mostly very low because of titles being old which makes the whole thing even better, you get to play rare masterpieces for as low as 5 bucks, who wouldn’t want that? 

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store has a massive database of games for your PC, Xbox console, and even tablets.

While most of the games are their own but they also offer a huge variety of third-party games.

It’s a likeable hub of gaming, dealing in both physical and digital copies of the games and as well as a lot of other gaming-related accessories. 

There isn’t much that isn’t likable about the Microsoft store as it is very accessible and easy to use even for the new gamers that have just arrived in the industry.

Epic Game Store

Epic Game Store might still be a long way away from overtaking Steam as the best marketplace for major gaming titles but it sure has come a long way from being just another marketplace.

The staggering success of Fortnite has given Epic Game Store a much-needed push in the right direction and a hope to one day break Steam’s monopoly. 

However, Epic does bring us some exclusive deals on some popular Triple-A titles that we gamers love to take advantage of.

But it still misses out on many AAA titles. And Speaking of deals on major titles, you can get a sweet discount on an various games that are on Gamecamp as well.


Origin is the place for EA’s every single game and almost every other big title as well and is surely Steam’s biggest competitor.

It shares almost a similar database that of Steam however it Origin does have an edge over Steam when it comes to titles like Call of Duty or Madden as they aren’t available on Steam. 

Origin is a great place to shop for games but it is for the elite as the platform offers most of the recent games and big titles that are priced ridiculously.

So unless you have some extra bags of cash lying around somewhere and you are super eager to get your hands on these exclusive triple-A titles, you might wanna look for something that doesn’t break your bank.


Unless Epic Game Store starts to introduce more features to make the gaming experience more than just “buying”, we still think Steam is the best choice if you want reasonable prices, occasional sales, and a smooth multiplayer gaming experience.

However, if you are feeling generous and want to help the ones in need, Humble Bundle is a great option for you.

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