Best Photo Enhancer Apps To Improve Photo Quality

Even pictures taken on a high-resolution gadget need to be retouched.

For example, if the image has too many details that distract from the main subject, you can use the app to change the background of photos.

You can learn more about this topic on Skylum’s blog. In other cases, you may need to add light, and somewhere on the contrary muted tone.

To solve such problems, you can use photo enhancement applications. We suggest you read a list of the top options among which you are sure to find the one that suits you best.


Multifunctional free photo enhancement software. The set of tools for working on photos is wider than in Paint, but not as big as in GIMP-level applications.

The program has a simple and clear interface. When you open Paint.Net, you will see a window with a set of tools with the following features:

  • circle an arbitrary area on a photo;
  • selection of areas of the same color;
  • resizing;
  • ability to display a mirror image;
  • there is a function of working with layers;
  • changing the saturation of color shades;
  • adjusting the brightness and contrast of the picture.

The graphics editor allows you to process images using 30 different effects: blur or distort the picture, and change the drawing styles.


The application is adapted to work on Linux, UNIX, Mac, and Windows. The graphic editor can retouch photos and combine and create images.

There is a possibility of batch processing of digital pictures and publishing.

The function of changing the format of the image from one to another is also available. The software can work with layers.

By installing additional extensions, you can greatly expand the capabilities of the editor. The advantages include:

  • free use of the software;
  • many additional plugins;
  • developers are constantly working to expand the capabilities of the application.


With the wide functionality of the free application, you can easily view and enhance your photos and batch process your images.

With PhotoScape you can create collages and animated pictures in GIF format. The editor has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of tools:

  • flip photos directly in the program window;
  • impose on a photo one of more than 200 frames;
  • automatically adjust the brightness, contrast, and sharpness;
  • apply effects of any kind;
  • divide the image into segments;
  • align geometric shapes or images over the photo;
  • create a collage in batch processing of images;
  • to print photos, you can place an unlimited number of images on one sheet.

With the help of a special utility, there is an option to send the processed photos for printing.


The graphics editor has additional features for working with images compared to similar applications.

With the tools, you can set masks, work with layers, customize brushes, or apply your own.

On the official website of the editor, you can download additional plug-ins to expand the functionality of photo processing.

With these, you can integrate Photoshop or third-party filters, so the application will appeal to both beginners and professionals. The main advantages include:

  • convenient and simple photo editing and image creation tools;
  • can work with masks and layers;
  • support for Wacom pen tablets;
  • can process files in PSD format;
  • has a library of graphic images;
  • additional plug-ins are available;
  • high-speed photo processing.


The software is designed for editing digital photos. It has great features but would be difficult for beginners to figure out all the settings.

Most of the tools have names that are clear only to a small circle of professionals.

A newcomer will have to go through them all by hand to figure out how to edit an image and apply various filters.

But the result will be worth it. After editing your photos with RAWTherapee, you’ll get a real work of art. The indisputable advantages include the following points:

  • a wide range of professional photo processing tools;
  • integrated photo manager;
  • all changes are immediately displayed on the photo;
  • photo rating is available;
  • can be downloaded for free;
  • the best solution for professional photographers.


Photo enhancement software with a simple set of tools allows you to process images in automatic mode.

To do this, select from the list the parameter in which the picture was taken: rain, sun, night, and the graphic editor will make improvements to the original photo itself.

The app also allows you to add a frame to the image and more than 60 different effects.

You can set the depth and degree of blurring, and change the angle and size of the photo.

In a separate window, you can see the preliminary result of the changes made. The editor also includes the ability to make collages. The main advantages are:

  • user-friendly interface;
  • auto-improvement;
  • the previewing option;
  • batch processing of images.

You do not need to download the tool, editing photos can be done online.


Of course, it is difficult to choose a universal option suitable for every situation.

Much depends on your goals, the knowledge, and skills of photo editors, as well as your personal preferences.

We hope that you will find the editor that suits you best in our top list. With a little practice, your pictures will become real masterpieces!

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