Drupal`s (Third) Party: The Best Services To Integrate With Your Site

Service integration accelerates work processes and opens up new opportunities.

In this list, we have placed services and systems for communication in Drupal.

Some service federations are enabled by simple configuration; cloud integrators develop and debug custom integrations.

The focus on integration with third-party services began in Drupal from the eighth version of the CMS and continues to this day.

Since the eighth one, many official system modules have been created that simplify interactions with delivery services, media platforms, CRM systems, financial accounting systems, and much more.

All this is designed to increase the efficiency of your business and automate even more business processes to keep things running smoothly.

The developer community is also actively improving additional integration modules.

Recall that in Drupal, this system is centralized, and each add-on undergoes a thorough code safety check, so you don’t have to worry when installing third-party plugins.

Let’s explore the best Drupal integration services to boost your business.

Manage Your Mailing Lists With Mailchimp

This is an excellent solution for your marketing department as it can now be done directly from the site’s admin area.

In addition, you can generate a newsletter subscription form and plan a full-fledged email campaign as part of the sales funnel.

Drupal integration with Mailchimp doesn’t require any extra effort. You just need to add your Mailchimp API key to your website code.

Improve Customer Engagement With Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM systems in the world. Obviously, Drupal could not ignore this fact and rolled out a suite of integration modules with Salesforce.

These modules are Salesforce Mapping, Salesforce Push, Salesforce Integration, etc.

Now you can set up a quick interaction of any site data with CRM objects, such as contractors, customers, sub departments, etc.

The latest version of the module (2021) fixed almost all minor bugs, so today, you have a fully functional solution available.

Let Customers Advertise You On Telegram

Everyone knows that Telegram is one of the most powerful promotion tools.

Unlike other social networks and instant messengers, there are no advertising tools and promotion algorithms, so this is the most “heartfelt” platform, which TOP marketers actively use.

Last year, Drupal released a module for integration with Telegram, which allows you to publish materials from the site to your channel automatically and pulls up the comments of your subscribers to increase the engagement and relevance of your pages in the search engine.

Create Interactive Maps On Your Site With Leaflet

Leaflet JS is an open-source library for creating interactive maps. To integrate this resource with Drupal, the Drupal Leaflet module is used.

For example, this feature is actively used by delivery and postal services to allow the client to track their goods and parcels in real time. It is also actively used by taxi services and many others.

The Drupal Leaflet module is configured through a simple API. It also has a built-in function for formatting Drupal fields by geolocation, as well as the ability to integrate with DrupalViews.

At the moment, the module has been updated many times. The community is constantly improving old functionality and adding new ones, such as storing data about coordinates as decimals, compatibility with GeofieldBackend and Claro Drupal, etc.

Using Leaflet Maps can be a great free alternative to Google Maps. By the way, the service has excellent support for the mobile version.

Make Email One Of Your Main Communication Channels With SendGrid

Drupal’s SendGrid integration module is a great solution for small businesses that do not need to bother with their own mail server, but who actively use emails as a communication channel.

You can send, receive and send mail to clients in the cloud without delays and errors. To do this, simply set up the SendGrid key.

Process The Data Of Site Visitors With The Hubspot Service

One of the cool features that we personally use in our strategic digital agency is the integration of Drupal and the Hubspot platform to process customer data and then use it when planning advertising campaigns.

This module works in conjunction with the Webform module. It works like this:

  • You customize any form on your site (subscription, survey, order, etc.);
  • When filling out the form, the site visitor indicates the data in which you are interested;
  • Immediately after submitting the form, this data is pulled into your Hubspot account;
  • You can analyze and structure data to clarify the client’s portrait, identify his pains and needs, solvency, and other characteristics;
  • Based on the information received, you can plan any advertising campaigns that you think can be profitable.

Starting in 2021, the community has been constantly improving the Drupal-Hubspot integration module, each time adding new features.

So, who knows what new features await us in the future? One thing is sure: the Hubspot integration is the add-on you’ll need if you’re building a Drupal site!

The Bottom Line

This article only talked about the Drupal integration features that we tested ourselves and liked.

Of course, many more exciting modules and services for integration with the CMS exist.

As a reminder, all of them are carefully checked before being published, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your company’s or your customers’ data.

If you do not find the module you are interested in. you can always make it yourself since the Drupal code is open source.

And a friendly community will help you deal with any difficulties if they arise.

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