Best Ways to Interact with Your Followers on YouTube

Are you struggling to build your YouTube following? Creative content isn’t the only way to attract and retain new viewers. To improve your YouTube channel’s visibility and boost your ranking, you must interact with your audience. 

Positive interactions is the key element to building a loyal community on YouTube because it turns viewers into long term followers. However, there are various ways you can speak to your YouTube channel followers and retain them. Find out what these methods are by reading further!

Reply and Like YouTube Comments 

Similar to most social media platforms, YouTube analytics has an engagement feature that shows you how many viewers have commented, liked, and shared your video. Your YouTube channel’s ranking instantly increases when your engagements do. To increase your engagements, consider responding to as many comments as possible. 

When responding to comments on your YouTube video, ensure you provide valuable feedback, especially if your viewers have asked questions. Spend about 45 to 60 minutes a day responding to as many comments as you can. 

By responding to comments, you show your authenticity and that you take your viewers’ comments seriously. 

Pin a Comment on Your Post

While you’re spending time responding to YouTube comments, find one that you feel is valuable or one that has plenty of engagements. Pin that comment to the top of your page so that other viewers can see it immediately when they go to the comment section. 

This is an excellent way to ensure your next viewers don’t miss out on valuable information. Pinning comments may also increase your engagements.  

Create Videos Based on Audience Request 

Running out of ideas for YouTube content? At the end of every video, ask your audience to give their suggestions on what you should do in your next video. This will encourage your audience to comment on your videos, and you’ll have inspiration for more content. 

You could also run a competition on content suggestions. For example, you could say the suggestion with the most likes will receive a prize. After everyone has made their suggestions and upvoted their favorite one, you can use a Mac screen recorder to video the winning comment for more transparency. 

Feature the Conversation 

If there are comments or conversations you liked on your previous video, you can feature them in your next one. This is one of the best ways to drive engagement because viewers will most likely also want to be featured in your video. 

Featuring a conversation in your next video will also show your viewers how much you appreciate their feedback. It may prompt them to come back and comment on more of your YouTube content in the future. 

Reward Your Loyal Followers 

To gain more followers and retain your existing viewers, consider running regular competitions. This may encourage your viewers to like and share your videos, which will increase your engagements. For example, if you’re an artist, you can create a personalized item as a reward. Or you could organize meet-ups with die-hard fans (this works well for influencers). 

Encourage Your Viewers to Participate 

When you’ve established your YouTube channel, the algorithms may push your video through to people who will be interested in your content. Encourage new viewers to subscribe to your channel and click the bell for notifications. 

Ask loyal viewers to comment or share your video with the people they know, so you can grow your channel with more followers. 

Shout Out and Mentions for New Subscribers

At the end of each video, you can feature the channels of all your new subscribers. You can either list the names at the end of your video or verbally mention their names, and thank them for their support. 

Upload Videos Consistently

The only way to grow your YouTube community is if you upload videos every week. If you don’t make professional YouTube videos consistently, people may think you’ve ditched your channel, and you may lose your loyal viewers. Additionally, your audience may not engage with your videos as much when you upload new ones. 

Pick a day of the week that you’d like to upload videos. According to experts, the best days to post YouTube videos are Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 5 pm. These are the days that people spend the most time on YouTube. Make videos every week so that your viewers always have new content to come back to.  

Final Thoughts

YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the internet, next to Google. If you want to boost your channel’s ranking, then you must find new ways to increase your video engagements. The only way to achieve your goals is by interacting with your audience. Use this guide to assist you, so you can start raking in the followers, comments, likes and shares!

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