Ektora Review: The Safest Instagram Growth Service?

Ektora Review: Ektora is the newest and perhaps the safest instagram growth service on the market. Let’s review them.

What do you do when you want to grow and engage on Instagram? You outsource some of your activity to a third party and make the most of an Instagram growth service.

There’s a profusion of third-party social media marketing and Instagram growth services online today. What you need to know is that not all these services are reliable, safe, or honest.

This Ektora review will provide you with insights and the pros and cons of using this growth service.

Ektora Review: What is Ektora?

Ektora is a brand-new undetectable Instagram growth service. It belongs to the era of new-generation Instagram growth solutions.

This piece of software leverages the potential of automation combined with artificial intelligence. It’s a breakthrough in the landscape of social media automation. 

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Why is Ektora Different?

Almost all automation services broke down due to the updates of Instagram’s algorithm. In order to offer a safe solution, Ektora reconsidered the way growth services work. That’s why it uses facial recognition and it emulates the latest version of Instagram mobile app.

Facial recognition allows the growth service to detect faces on a post and automatically interact with it. You can therefore grow an audience full of real users because the growth service behaves like a human.

Ektora’s team regularly releases new updates to permanently fly under the radar of Instagram’s algorithm. The latest one aimed to reduce the number of requests sent to the social platform. We could safely perform more than 6.000 actions per day. We’ve finally said adieu to “action blocked” and “account compromised” notifications.

How Does it Work?

Ektora is a desktop application that you download on your Windows PC, Mac or Linux system.

Ektora Works
Ektora creates a User Interface in your Browser

The interface allows you to search for people who are interested in your niche via hashtags or users.

The main downside is that you have to install it yourself on your PC or laptop.

The software includes a guide and a video tutorial. A dedicated support team will assist you -for free- during the installation process.

Ektora’s Features

Ektora Features

Ektora’s main features include these:

  • Multiple Hashtag Targeting
  • Multiple Account Targeting (using Followers and Following lists)
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Auto-Like
  • Auto-Comment
  • Mass Story Viewer
  • Proxy Friendly
  • Reactive Support
  • All the automation tasks are AI-based.


Ektora is a growth service, and it’s a one-time-payment software. It offers two plans; both are equally safe.


  • Auto-Like (100/d)
  • Auto-Follow/Unfollow (50/d)
  • Auto-Comment (25/d)
  • Windows & Mac Friendly


  • Auto-Like (500/d)
  • Auto-Follow/Unfollow (150/d)
  • Auto-Comment (300/d)
  • Windows & Mac Friendly
  • Mass Story Viewer (5 000/d)
  • Feature Submission
  • Unlimited In-App Actions
  • Proxy Support
  • Free Updates

Ektora Pros & Cons

  • Multiple features
  • Safety precautions in place
  • Good level of customer support
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Varied features
  • Compatible with a proxy
  • No free trial

Ektora Review: Final thoughts

Ektora knows what it takes to build up a successful and loyal Instagram following. Growth services like Ektora mean you can finally stop sinking all your free time – and money – into building up your Instagram manually and start focusing on other parts of your business that you’ve put on the back burner.

It’s vital that you get this time to focus on big picture stuff and let this growth service do the day to day tasks.

It uses AI to detect real profiles, so you get engagement from real users from your niche. Investing in this software is certainly the best thing to do right now.

The one-time-payment is a major bonus, since all users participate in the improvement of the growth service and receive upcoming updates at the same time.

All these elements contribute to make Ektora the safest growth service, since it allows your account to find a balance between growth and undetectability.

40 thoughts on “Ektora Review: The Safest Instagram Growth Service?”

  1. Hello – It appears that my version of the software is not working – How do I re-install and re-activate? The website appears to be down – Is the product still being supported?

  2. Hey Quinn,

    What kind of out put does it kick to your computer if it is on your desktop and how much ram does it take?

    Is it customizable to move all the cookies in to one off the desktop hard drive?


  3. Hello I have a serious question about this program, I am interested in purchasing it to rebuild my music label page and also re build my influencer page. Before I make such a big purchase I wanted to know is this program legit? I will be purchasing the pro program. I just want a honest brief perspective of the program from someone who uses it daily. I’m interesting in rebooting my business and if this is effective i’ll be glad to purchase.

  4. Hi, I am having this error when I login:

    400 Bad Request: The browser (or proxy) sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Checkpoint challenge required…
    Checkpoint challenge required…
    Error type: checkpoint_challenge_required
    Instagram’s error message: challenge_required
    Request returns 400 error!
    your proxy None
    400 Bad Request: The browser (or proxy) sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Checkpoint challenge required…

    Could you please help? Thanks.

    • Hey Gabe – I’ve had the software for 30 days now and have the same issue. Their support is awful. It takes 5-6 days for them to respond.

      I’ve tried with and without proxies, with and without Facial recognition, and on 4 different accounts. Same issue with all accounts.

      I’ve had software for 30 days and it has not made a single action on a single account. Buyer beware

      • Hi Gabe, Hi Cory 🙂

        ektor.io’s CEO here,

        I am very sorry that your experience with ektor.io has been complicated, thanks to the new updates this should no longer be a problem.

        However, if you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us by email with your order number so that we can resolve your problem remotely.

        Best regards,


      • Hi Cory, I say this in the nicest way I possibly can – but just because you can’t get the software to work does not mean it does not work. There are many reasons why it might not be working on your station.

        And as I said to Gabe, please try the latest version of the software and direct your customer support questions to the appropriate party (I.e the manufacturer).

        I can assure you this software is working.

        I hope you get it sorted ????

    • Hi Gabe, I try my best to help here but I’m not ektor.io’s customer support. Please contact them for more help.

      Btw you can now manage 3 accounts on this software and Python installation isn’t required so please try the latest version.

      • Hey Quinn,
        How do I know if I am using the latest version if I purchased month ago? Or what should I do for the update?
        Not doubting on the system, but definitely they should have a much clearer instruction on how to install/ how to update.
        Once you input what you want the system to work on your account, where is the statistical information telling me how much the system has worked? We as a user needs something more informative to gain trust on an app. Then we will be able to spread the good words.
        The whole system is just a bit too confusing to be honest.


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