7 Examples Of How To Use AI To Make Money

The revenue of the AI technology industry is expected to skyrocket by 37.3% between 2023 and 2030. This trend has occurred, in large part, due to the availability of AI. 

Many complex algorithms that support a variety of modern deep learning models were first introduced in the late 2000s, like the T-distributed Stochastic Neighborhood Embedding (tSNE). 

These have been improved for almost two decades, culminating in the availability of AI technology, the creation of generative artificial intelligence like ChatGPT, and the ensuing mass adoption occurring today. 

With the above in mind, here are 7 great ways to make money using AI technology.

Note that all of these are real-life examples, so each option presents an alternative you can start to attempt to leverage right away. 

1. Use AI For Content Creation

The first and most obvious way to make money with AI is to use this technology to create content. By giving AI tools the right prompts, you can now create:

  • Images;
  • Website designs;
  • Blog posts;
  • Email sequences;
  • Videos;
  • Video scripts;
  • And songs.

From there, you can decide whether to create a publishing website that can be monetized through affiliate marketing. 

You can also look at other income avenues, like selling or creating a subscription system for your AI content. 

2. Develop Plans And Strategies With AI

Many expect AI tools to eventually have the ability to complete human tasks, like creating certain types of business plans and strategies. 

The idea is that modern marketing, sales, and other business plans are created using large data resources. 

With the right prompts, AI tools can analyze large data sets, determine the presence of patterns, and make decisions based on the information presented. 

3. Build Online Courses

From tattoo artists to digital content creators, nutritionists, and many more, it’s possible to complete certain types of online courses and become a professional in different fields.

If you already have this knowledge, you can also focus on creating these courses and making profits teaching others.

And the best part is that you can recruit your favorite AI to help you. 

AI tools can help you identify the information already present in other successful courses, allowing you to reverse-engineer the content found in your lessons. 

Not only this, but you can also use AI to create the materials you use and share with your students. 

4. Create Your Own Chatbot!

There are more than 300,000 chatbots on Facebook alone, and that number will keep going up.

The good news is that you can create your own chatbot, which you can then use to generate revenues. 

You now have chatbot creators that don’t require any coding, so you can build your own assistant with personalized functionalities and offer it as a product.

Or, you can find alternative ways to monetize it, like sharing affiliate links through it.  

Another great idea is to create a chatbot that serves a functional purpose.

For example, you can try to create a tool that helps companies identify the most important review sites and sell this reputation management solution to brands. 

5. Create Or Promote Products For AI

There is no doubt that more and more products that cater to AI developers will enter the market.

You can actually get ahead of this trend and try to create your own product designed for AI professionals. 

It’s worth researching potential competitors all across the internet.

So, it may be a good idea to wait for Black Friday VPN deals and start monitoring rival brands while using an encrypted connection.

Using a VPN will not only allows you to do research with an encrypted connection but also opens locked locations for your results.

6. Learn How To Integrate AI

Companies can use AI tools to improve processes across their organizations.

However, learning how to integrate these tools isn’t easy, especially for businesses that have a limited number of employees. 

This presents a great opportunity as you can learn how to integrate no-code AI tools like Kissflow and start a business that helps usher these businesses into the future.

7. Provide Subtitling Services For Various Languages

Finally, AI tools and assistants give us our own personal translators.

You can use that to your advantage and use these tools to translate foreign movies and provide subtitling services in your own language. 

It’s common for big streaming brands to work with smaller firms when trying to translate into a specific dialect or regional jargon, so there’s a lot of potential in this option. 


Whether it’s the introduction of exciting tools like ChatGPT or another AI gone rogue like Tay, there is no doubt this type of technology is here to stay. 

Generative AI has added a new dimension to this fun and intriguing resource.

This, in turn, has unlocked a wide range of profitable activities available to anyone that wants to specialize in something related to AI technology. 

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