FanBump Alternatives (Working Services)

FanBump Alternatives

There are so many Instagram growth services available online nowadays that it is a challenge to choose one. FanBump is one of the more popular of these services, but like any other service, it is not for everyone.

It is natural to want to have alternatives to FanBump for their Instagram growth services. It isn’t because there is anything particularly wrong with FanBump, it’s simply not everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak.

There are ample alternatives to FanBump to look at online, but the bottom line is that you need some recommendations of Instagram growth services that you can feel confident about using.

That is why we have compiled a list for you of alternatives to FanBump.

Top Tools to Grow Your Instagram

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FanBump Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Alternative #1: Growthoid


For people who need help attracting the right followers, Growthoid says, “Let’s Grow!” This company is considered an experience-style service. Their stable track record with their clients is obvious by the real reviews featured on their website.

A fully managed service that increased brand awareness will carry you to the next level is something that gives them the edge in this industry. If pricing is an issue for such services, you will be surprised to know that Growthoid’s competitors charge double for fewer services.

If you’re an influencer you will be happy to know that they provide specific packages just for you. These packages include negotiation strategies, media kits, and other effective features to help you monetize your Instagram presence.

Since this is not a service offered by other Instagram growth services, Growthoid stands out from the crowd in this arena as a FanBump alternative for influencers.

Alternative #2: Follow Adder

best fanbump alternative

Follow Adder has been around for a long time. Not only have they built a reputation of reliability, but they have also kept their prices affordable. Follow Adder offers many ways to grow and engage on Instagram from post scheduling to automated liking.

follow adder

This service allows you to manage multiple Instagram account from one dashboard, engage your target audience from the dashboard, create competitions to entice your follower, and helps to boost your activities and followers.

Since they provide these features and services, you can benefit from increased revenue, brand awareness, self-promotion, and web traffic. It essentially pays for itself repeatedly.

Something we can appreciate about Follow Adder is that their services encourage the client to execute their tasks. Therefore, if you prefer to be engaged while saving time with growth and engagement on Instagram, this service is a good choice for you.

Alternative #3: Jarvee

When Mass Planner got shutdown, Jarvee came to the rescue. It has been letting people schedule their social media content for several years. That is what this service is; a scheduling tool with some added bonuses.

There are still people who think you cannot get organic growth by using any kind of automation tools, but there is evidence to the opposite. It has been proven that you can achieve organic growth with automation.

The Instagram activities you can automate using Jarvee include likes, comments, direct messages, follows, and unfollows. By using recommended hashtags, you can really narrow down your niche and reach out to the people most interested in what you’re offering.

If you have a talent for creating a lot of amazing content across multiple social media channels, but you don’t desire to log into your Instagram account several times per day, Jarvee is a good FanBump alternative. Jarvee caters not only to Instagram but to other popular social media networks.

Alternative #4: Hashtagsforlikes

Hashtags for Likes

If you’re considering Hashtagsforlikes, it’s worth noting that their software is well worth paying the higher, yet affordable price for it. After all, there is a noticeable difference between affordable and cheap when it comes to this kind of Instagram growth and engagement.

The difference in cheap and affordable goes hand-in-hand with being safe or being risky in the social growth service industry. The more sophisticated the software, the more it will cost, but the more it will offer in functional features and customizations.

One thing that makes Hashtagsforlike’s software worth it is its advanced search engine that gives you access to relevant hashtags with very little effort on your part. You won’t have to do an Internet search for it with this little piece of technology at your fingertips.

Ultimately, you are more likely to up your Instagram game with this level of technology offered by Hashtagsforlikes. You get advanced targeting, autopilot operations, straightforward pricing, and efficient services for your investment.

Alternative #5: Trusy Social

trusy social

Trusy Social, better known as simply, “Trusy Social”, is a newcomer to the industry that has already made a name for itself. Its appeal comes from its “growth on autopilot” features.

This fully managed service specializes in growing Instagram accounts for influencers. While you handle the operating your business and Instagram account with high-quality and engaging content, this service handles the day-to-day tasks of engaging on this platform for you.

Audience targeting for your niche, following, liking, commenting, and other functional tasks are what Trusy offers to help you attract the right kind of attention to your Instagram account. That is one efficient way to grow your profile and presence.

If Instagram is your primary source of engagement and you want growth through experienced services while you save time and money, this one is a good choice.

Alternative #6: Kicksta


Kicksta is considered safe to use with their “likes only” method of engagement. It is the safest method you will find from a service. We are confident about the safety and efficiency of Kicksta.

Since they deliver as they promise, they are popular among their clients. Based on the onsite and off-site reviews, this company makes good on their services. You can look at their Instagram account and see that they have over 8,500 followers. They feature case studies on their website so you can see the proof.

Its solid reputation with clients and the safe, high-quality, and consistent growth that is delivered plays a major role in the development of their good reputation. The likes service performs up to 1,500 likes daily on Instagram, which keeps you under the radar and allows you to experience efficient and genuine growth.

You can track and monitor your Instagram growth safely and securely. This service doesn’t offer other actions such as commenting, direct messaging, or follow/unfollow. That factor helps prevent your account from looking spammy and protects your brand’s reputation.

Alternative #7: Ingramer


Another safe and efficient FanBump alternative is Ingramer. It is considered a self-growth service method that helps you with your Instagram growth. You can automate your Instagram marketing to help level up in the game.

It features an easy to set up and use interface, so you don’t have to be intrinsically savvy to use it. Even a newbie can access all the features without difficulties. This service is known for its 24/7 customer service via email or live chat. No matter what, there is a professional waiting to help you.

Post scheduling is a huge time saver and helps you target your posts to relevant users. That is how you experience growth. You can set it and forget it each week, month, or however, you need to avoid manual posts all day long.

Safety and security are two elements that Ingramer keeps in mind for its clients. You get all these services and more at an affordable price. If security or price issues for you, this service is a good choice.

FanBump Alternatives Brief

It is wise to disclose that Instagram states that they don’t allow bot activities on their platform in their terms of use. There is no debate on that fact. It’s simply not acceptable to Instagram. Though it is an accepted practice by some brands, influencers, and businesses.

Even in the wake of lawsuits and botting services getting shut down across the Internet, new bots and so-called organic growth services are being developed and are being offered on the Internet daily. You must be watchful and cautious when choosing your Instagram growth and engagement services.

Instagram has spent a lot of money on their learning machine technology to detect automation involving followers and likes. However, the above services are the most likely ones to stay under Instagram’s radar. They are the safest options.

We strive to guide you in the right direction so you can choose the safest and most effective solutions to boost your Instagram presence. It is wise to be aware of some of the new companies out there promoting organic growth while they are using bots. That is what you want to avoid.

What About Buying Likes and Followers?

There is nothing of value in buying likes and followers for your Instagram account. Also, this method is no FanBump Alternative. Buying that kind of engagement will adversely affect your account’s reputation and standing. This type of service is all fake and all bots accounts.

You may not know that companies like Hypeauditor and IGaudit are capable of detecting fake influencers and will pass on sponsored posts. There are also other analytics services designed to detect bots and fake followers.

Instagram uses that kind of analytics to seek and find the percentage of fake followers you may have. Seeking organic growth is a better and safer option. You do have a reputation to preserve.

The services mentioned in this list are not about buying engagement, but instead, are designed to create organic growth from real followers that will interact with you and that can be potentially converted into loyal customers. That is the goal.

FAQs for FanBump & Alternatives

Did FanBump Shutdown?

No. FanBump has not been shut down. However, they have stopped accepting new customers for the time being because they are currently at optimal capacity.

Is FanBump Not Working?

No. It isn’t that Fanbump isn’t working. Choosing this kind of service is a personal decision, so not every service is going to fit every person’s needs.

Are these FanBump Alternatives Safe?

We are confident that each service listed here is safe to use based on our experience with the service, the methods used, and the customer reviews. We recommend that you factor in how your account’s past methods may affect your experience (i.e. buying fake followers, Instagram pods, using bots, etc.).

Should I Worry About Getting My Account Stolen?

There is nothing to indicate that any of these services have or will steal Instagram accounts.

Will My Instagram Account Get Banned or Shadow Banned?

The risk of getting banned is always an issue when you use services that are against Instagram’s TOS. However, due to the above services in the list, your risk is quite low because of the methods used. It’s safer than other services.

Getting shadowbanned occurs when people use 30 or more hashtags or using irrelevant hashtags. Unless you plan to hashtag #jewelry on your food post, you shouldn’t have an issue.

Final Summary

After must research and experience with Instagram growth services, we are confident about the list we shared with you here. The goal is to help you find Fanbump alternatives that will help grow your Instagram presence safely, securely, and organically. That is what we want to help you to do.

If you experience any problems from using these services, you will find that some of them offer a money-back guarantee so you can recover some or all of your initial investment. None of them are out to take your money and run.

We spent a lot of time reviewing and digging to come to the conclusions about these services, so you don’t have to go through all that work yourself. Naturally, you should still do some of your own research, much like you would get a second opinion from a doctor, to ensure you are choosing the service that is most suited to your needs.

We are not in the business of steering you wrong, but the decision is ultimately yours when you are selecting Fanbump alternatives to boost your Instagram presence. Check out the services, read their terms, read about their features, and choose the one that fits into your idea of what you want.

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