Finding A Developer To Create A Mobile App For Your Startup

So, you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to hire a mobile developer for the first time.

Or you’ve had a bad experience and don’t want to make the same mistake again, so you don’t have to deal with the consequences of your bad decision.

Perhaps you should assess your level of expertise in this matter. Then this article is for you.

Features of Mobile Development

Mobile App Development is a dynamic field. The methods used yesterday are no longer relevant today.

To make a product useful for business, you must understand what is currently relevant.

In addition, developing a new service is a technologically complex project that not every developer can handle.

For these reasons, clients choose outsourcing studios, which have a number of advantages:

The Team 

In businesses, all responsibilities are clearly defined; there are specialists for each area.

They have completed numerous joint projects and have a basic understanding of one another, so the application development process is well established.

If a specialized specialist is required, the studio searches for him or her independently.

If an employee becomes ill or is unable to perform the tasks, he is replaced. Thus, work on your project does not stop.


The team understands the complexities of such projects, as well as the nuances of working on them. Businesses frequently have ready-made solutions for standard tasks.

Skills of Specialists

Companies closely monitor changes in the digital services market in order to remain competitive.

To accomplish this, they invest in employee training and send them to conferences where they can network and share their experiences.

Quick Feedback

Typically, you interact with the manager who oversees your project within the company.

You can ask him/her questions, express your wishes, and provide feedback on the intermediate results.

He will then organize the team’s efforts to eliminate deficiencies at all levels. And if you still need to speak with a specific specialist, the manager will connect you with him.

Technical Support

The company that released the application is better and faster than others at fixing its operation and adding new features.

As a result, once the product is released to the market, a mobile developer can be hired to continue maintaining the app.

How To Find A Developer

If you already have an app idea, you need a studio that:

  1. Hears your wishes;
  2. Determines how to enhance your idea;
  3. Will introduce a competitive product to the market.

Such a studio does exist, and it is called Neontri. However, in any case, the following steps should be taken when selecting a company:

Step 1. Create A List of Candidates

You gather information about the companies before deciding which ones are best suited to your project.

It is preferable to consider third-party opinions first, followed by what the developer has to say about himself.

The easiest and most accessible method is to look up information about the app developer on the internet.

Study ratings, case studies, publications, and reviews. Colleagues and partners can also provide useful information.

Step 2: Contact The Selected Candidates

You’re interested in several companies. Write or call them and offer to schedule a convenient time to discuss the project.

At this point, you communicate with the sales manager and explain your idea, target audience, and application functionality. The studio, in turn, proposes potential solutions.

Step 3: Compare Commercial Offers

You’re almost there. It remains to be seen what terms the companies offer to collaborate and select the best ones. Here’s what you should be comparing:

  • List of services: It is preferable if you are offered a program with maximum and minimum: explain which features to implement for a full-fledged application, and which to start with for a minimal working version of the product;
  • The cost of the project: If there are any alternatives, you should be informed of them. It is useful to have a project estimate broken down by service;
  • Timeline: How long will it take to complete your tasks? Usually, studios create a Gantt chart for this (a work schedule that shows what comes next and how long it lasts).


Finding a good company is not difficult if you know what to look for. We hope this article helps you find a mobile app developer for your startup. Good luck!

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