What Are The Best Settings For Follow Adder?

I’ve had a few emails from people who have purchased Follow Adder who want to know what settings I use.

This guide will help you set up Follow Adder with settings that will help you maximise your accounts’ reach and engagement potential.

These settings are a guide only and are what I have personally found to be most beneficial and are by no means the best for all scenarios.You should adjust your settings depending on your results.


Buy, Register & Setup Follow Adder

The first few steps are straightforward enough, so I’ll be extremely brief; Purchase Follow Adder and get your registration key. Install on your computer or VPS. Enter your registration code and connect your Instagram account.



Schedule a post every day

Yes, every single day.

Research has shown that daily Instagram posts are necessary to keep your followers engaged to the highest level.

You can use Follow Adder to schedule your posts for you. So you can set this all up a week or month in advance and forget about it.

Use Follow Adder to schedule daily posts periodically to keep engagement levels high.

Do some research to find out the best time to post. Generally, the best time is evenings between 7pm and 9pm as that’s when most people have spare time to browse Instagram. HOWEVER this can vary depending on your geo-location and niche, so make sure you do a bit of research and perhaps some A/B testing here.


Snipe followers from similar accounts

Use Follow Adder to target followers from similar accounts.

Put the account username that you want to emulate in to Follow Adder like so:

Snipe followers from similar accounts – Kim Kardashian!?! Hey… I’m not judging you…

Follow Adder will then begin targeting their followers and follow them, which will encourage them to follow you back.


Like and Like-back large amounts of photos

Again, Follow Adder takes the hard work out of this with precision targeting via hashtags and locations.


Build a list

Tip: Use the same hashtags and locations you put on your own Instagram photos and videos.

Build a list of photos. In the example above, Follow Adder will like photos that have the hashtag ‘#Thailand’.


Like upto 1000 photos per day

Like photos. These are the maximum settings – make sure to work your way up to these gradually.


“Like back” upto 1000 photos per day

Like back. Again, these are the maximum settings.


Comments settings

I’m not covering this because automated comments are truly horrible and I believe they damage your brand because they look spammy as hell. If you really want me to cover this then comment below and I might do it if there’s enough demand, but I would really advise against using comments in 99% of cases.


Video series

I’m currently developing an in-depth video series to show you how to build your following using Follow Adder. Please register your interest by joining my mailing list below and I’ll let you know when it’s ready. If you are already a member of my list then you don’t need to do anything because I’ll notify you anyway.


Growing Your Instagram Further

Setting up Follow Adder correctly is just a small part of the puzzle to grow your brand on IG.

If you want to get ahead, it’s pretty much vital to get some third-party help.

Stellation Media is a powerful growth service that will grow your Instagram account for you, all day, every day!

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Any Comments? Or is Follow Adder Not Working Still?

Please comment below. And tell me if this has been useful and what other settings you want to see on this page.

Be sure to check out the official Follow Adder tutorials too.




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11 thoughts on “What Are The Best Settings For Follow Adder?”

  1. Hi Quinn

    Thanks for the discount code, it worked great.
    I also followed your recommendation of using Cheap Windows VPS which is perfect for the job.

    I’m trying to set my likes/follow limits for my profile. I have about 700 followers and the page has been up for almost 2 months.
    How many follows/unfollows and likes would you recommend per day?

    Also if I get my bot to like 250 photos per day on hashtag #1 and 250 photos per day on hashtag #2 will that be 500 likes for that day?

    Will lists regenerate themselves? If I uncheck the box saying “automatically removed search after it’s completed” will that keep changing the people on the lists every day? So that new people will be on the list?


    • Hi Peter,

      When I was using follow adder I maxed out the like settings completely. I ramped up over time though.

      The same with follow & unfollow – however with some accounts I don’t use the follow/unfollow as it can make your follower to following ratio look low.

      Yes, if you uncheck that box, lists will regenerate.

      Hope that’s helps a bit!

  2. Hi Quinn

    Thanks for the reply. That clears it up with the renewing of the lists.

    So if I have the settings to like 250 photos on a hashtag per day and then on another hashtag another 250. Will that be a total of 500 for that day for my account?


  3. Hi Quinn

    Thanks, I have it back up and running again. I uninstalled it and it worked.

    Can you run 2 accounts on FollowAdder without a proxy?


  4. Hi Quinn
    Thanks for your reviews on different Instagram bots and growth tools.
    Regarding follow adder, I would like to know if one can add and remove multiple accounts for the starter plan during the 6 months period of purchase.

    Thank You


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