Follow Adder Review 2024 – Is It Still Working?


Follow Adder Review 2024

Follow Adder Review Update: It’s 2020 – and Follow Adder is still in my opinion, one of the top bots for Instagram!

Follow Adder Review: Intro

Follow Adder is an Instagram bot that can help you gain engagement & exposure, and expand the reach of your business or personal profile.

With Instagress shutdown, Follow Adder is the best bot on the market. If you’re here searching for a new service then I recommend you take advantage of the money back guarantee and try it out.

Follow Adder Review

This bot automates manual actions – and so it can save you loads of time that you would usually spend on commenting, liking photos, following people, uploading media, and even doing powerful research on other Instagram influencers.

Follow Adder lets you create lists of users and media to interact with – you can then schedule these lists, sit back, and watch your account grow.

Follow Adder simulates a human being – or as close as you can get without paying a human to sit on Instagram all day. Essentially, it saves loads of time and money that would have been used hiring an extra hand or two to do the job manually. I’m sure you can think of a different way to spend those extra resources.

Everything you are likely to do on Instagram can be turned into a process and done automatically – which means much less work for you – Hooray!

The good thing about this Instagram bot is that it can literally be set up in a few minutes.

Follow Adder Discount Coupon / Code

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The Pros and Cons of Follow Adder

  • 7 day money back guarantee
  • Safest IG bot on the market
  • Unlikely to get shut down
  • Post scheduling feature
  • Auto like feature
  • Auto comment feature
  • Auto follow & unfollow feature
  • Auto direct message feature
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Supports proxies
  • Can be run on a VPS
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Software download is required

Who is Follow Adder suitable for?

Follow Adder is best suited for those who want to gain worldwide exposure for either their personal profile or business account – whilst cutting down on manual tasks.

  • People Burned by Instagress
    No-one knew Instagress was going to close, but many have been left waiting for refunds after the shutdown and without the software they paid for. Follow Adder is safer and more effective.
  • Social Media Fanatics
    Addicted to Instagram? Want to cut down on your time spent there but still want to grow your account? This tool can be of use to those who are addicted to Instagram. You can schedule and upload media daily with ease whilst you sit back and do other things.
  • Instagram Business Gurus
    If your business is big on Instagram, then this is the best tool for you. It will help you further engage with your target market, as well as find and use other businesses in your niche to your advantage.
  • Celebrities
    This tool is also great for celebrities looking for more exposure or those who want to engage with masses of people.
  • Vloggers/Bloggers
    These people can use this tool to channel targeted people to their blogs and vlogs through scheduled daily posts.
  • Online Start-up Companies
    They can use this tool to gain exposure in a short space of time and create a brand image for themselves whilst simultaneously building a following.
  • Freelancers
    Be it, writers, artists or photographers. Used smartly, they can use this tool to find jobs as well as create a good reputation for themselves.
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
    Yep. You read that correctly. Many digital marketing agencies now use bots as part of an overall Instagram marketing strategy.
Follow Adder Review
Follow Adder Instagram Bot

Can I Use This Instead Of Instagress?

On the 20th April 2017 Instagress was shut down by request of Instagram. Though sad – other, safer, tools like Follow Adder are here for you.

Although using automated marketing and management tools like Follow Adder and Instagress are technically against Instagram’s terms of service, you will still find many, many people (even some of your favourite celebrities!) and businesses using these types of bots.

You may want to consider if using a bot is for you or not, as some people go crazy with these tools and get themselves banned – but, if you’re smart, you won’t be labelled as a spammer anyway.

FollowAdder is the best tool available now as it actually does more than Instagress was doing and in a safer way. Instagress would run a high level of automated interactions for you from their remote server – alongside ALL their other clients too, and that’s why people were getting banned a lot. Too many footprints.

Follow Adder runs from your own IP address (or even better, on a VPS), and the software gives you guidelines on recommended settings to avoid you looking spammy.

The Instagress shutdown was a major blow to users but it was also a blessing in disguise for those who want to get more out of their automation.

Still not sure? You get a 7-day money back guarantee with FollowAdder, as opposed to the 3-day trial period which was previously offered by Instagress.

How Follow Adder Works

This software has basic features that are easy to use and understand.

It has two major functions – scheduling content and crafting engagement. You can utilise each to your advantage for maximum reach and exposure.

This can be used to scrape data from different Instagram users and build different lists e.g. users, photos, and comments.

  • Users
    When it comes to users you can build a list by scraping data. You can then set Follow Adder to systematically interact with everyone on the list – e.g. likes, comments, follows, and direct messages.
  • Comments
    You can scrape different comments from other users and save them in a list.
  • Photos
    You can also scrape and create a list of photos to like and comment on. It is very easy and almost instant, saving you a lot of time on manual searches.

Bulk Uploader

This can be used to upload photos in bulk, and schedule at set times so that your account looks busy, active and natural.

Interaction Functionality

You can easily follow and unfollow many people systematically, as well as interact with them thoroughly. You can craft engagement by creating different lists to run your processes on.

Follow Adder’s Best Features

Search Option

This feature can be used to do deep research on similar accounts and also to search and scrape Instagram users you want to follow and interact with as well save pictures and comments you would like to use in the future.


This is often used to create different kinds of lists as per your needs and preference. It is one of the best features of the bot and has very high functionality.

  • Create lists of users – which you will then systematically follow and engage with using the settings of your choice.
  • Create lists of photos – which you can then auto like and auto comment.
  • You can also create a list of “My Photos” to schedule for upload later.
Follow Adder

Follow/Follow Back and Unfollow Features

To get started, you need to create a list of people you want to follow – then just click the follow button and everyone on that list will be followed systematically and automatically over a period of time.

Once the list runs low, the system will top it up again (or not if you so wish).

The same applies to when you want to unfollow some people. Just create a list.


Here you can share different photos, like, unlike and comment on them using photo bulk uploader. So much time saved – productivity win!

Direct Messages

You can use this feature to automatically send direct messages to new followers as well as send messages to lists of users you want to engage with.

Follow Adder Advantages

  • It allows you to schedule your posts to look as natural as possible so that they do not look like they have been automatically generated
  • You can also do bulk uploads
  • Engage with many users using auto follow, auto like and auto comment features
  • Easily search and find targeted users, put them on a list, and engage with them
  • Build interest in your products and services by interacting with your chosen audience
  • Works on Mac, Linux, and Windows

Follow Adder Disadvantages

  • It requires you to download software

The Free Trial

A while ago Follow Adder had a free trial promotion where you could use the tool without paying anything. Unfortunately, they eventually closed that offer.

The good news is, you can still get a refund within 7 days if you don’t like the software. So it’s possible to get a “free trial” in that respect.

Follow Adder Discount Coupon

The great news is, I’ve managed to secure a large discount in the form of a coupon for my readers.

How to Set Up Follow Adder on a VPS

This step is not essential, but I highly recommend it for increased safety and usability.

I have written a VPS setup guide for Instagram bots.

I’ve had a bunch of emails about this, so I put some examples together on this Follow Adder setup & best settings guide.

Obviously, you can adjust them, but those examples should give you a good starting point.

Follow Adder Version 2

The good thing is, the Follow Adder team are always updating the software with minor updates. With that said, they released a major update on 19th September 2017, which included the following updates:

Version 2 Build #170918
-Greatly improved performance, especially for users with large profiles or multiple profiles.
-Added automated search method for finding users based on a list of photos. Option to search for photo likers or photo commenters.
-Added automated search method for finding photos shared by a list of users. Option to limit results per user. Ex. Find the most recent 2 photos of all of your (or someone else’s) followers.
-Added option to automatically like a photo after you comment on it.
-Photos can now be posted in resolutions/orientations other than square
-Photos in lists and search results can now be viewed full size by clicking on the thumbnail
-Blacklist now prevents likes, like backs, photo comments, and direct messages in addition to follows
-Disabled sending direct messages to multiple recipients – this was creating group conversations which most users did not intend, and creating a possibility to be flagged for spammy behavior
-Added option to manual photo search to limit search results per user.
-Added option to automated photo search to limit search results per user.
-Added options to easily save your followers / following lists to a new user list
-Added option to create new user/photo/comment destination lists directly from search screens
-Fixed error that sometimes occurred when adding a new search with a newly added profile.
-Adder UserID to photo’s lists
-Added ability to add users to blacklist or whitelist using UserID number
-Improved the way default settings are saved to ensure new settings always have a set default value
-Changed some wording to make parts of the software more intuitive
-Improved bar graph charting speed, and improved chart display.

Follow Adder Review: Final Verdict


This is an Instagram bot that is the best of its kind, and can be used to gain followers on Instagram as well as maximise engagement with your fanbase. It can change the outlook of your business or personal profile in as little as a week depending on how well you utilise it’s features.

Personally, I also love the fact that it runs across operating systems (Windows, Linux, AND Mac).

It is the best Instagress alternative on the market – and it’s safer and has more features.

So, with Instagress gone, and the money-back guarantee available with Follow Adder, it is definitely the right time to try it out.

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