9 Hacks for Buying Your Dream Appliances on a Pocket-Friendly Budget

Home appliances are some of the few indispensables of the house. Talk about Washing Machine, Dishwasher, HVAC system, Dryer, Home Theater Sound System, Countertop Microwave, and everything else in between. These items are needed to make our lives comfortable.

Unfortunately, their current market prices can run one crazy. I mean, how can you ask me to spend tens of thousands of dollars just to equip my small apartment with the necessary appliances? To be honest, that’s too much, in my opinion. And I’m sure a lot of house owners will agree with me. Thankfully, I’ve found some great hacks for buying these items on the cheap.

Please stick with me as I show them to you.

Hacks for Buying Your Dream Appliances on a Pocket-Friendly Budget

1. Make a list of the kinds of appliances you’re targeting 

Look, it won’t be easy to find pocket-friendly appliances without first creating a detailed description of the kinds of appliances you’re looking for.

As you know, there are different makers and specifications for different appliances. For example, there are Samsung-made dishwashers, and we’ve also got Bosch-made. Also, there are compact dishwashers, and there are countertop washers. In fact, we have In-sink washers, too. Each of these comes at different prices. 

The same holds for Home Theater, HVAC system, Microwave, and other appliances. There are just too many options. That is why we recommend making a list of the type and dimension you want first. 

2. Look for ‘fairly’ used options

Fairly used appliances are those appliances previously owned by someone else. You can find these types of products on popular retail stores like eBay, Craiglist, BestBuy, Oodle, Geebo, ClassifiedAds, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

You can find just about anything ‘used’ on these platforms, including home appliances. The beauty of buying ‘gently’ used appliances is that they always come for extremely low prices. 

Mind you; you should pay close attention to the little details when shopping for used appliances as many may not be in great condition anymore. We recommend getting your used appliance to local repairers who fix electronics near you. They can help you check the state of the appliance to see if anything needs fixing.

3. Wait for holiday season sales

A smart way to buy appliances on a budget is to wait around for the holiday or Black Friday season. As you know, appliance manufacturers often make their products available at subsidized prices during these seasons.

Generally speaking, holiday season sales usually come up around the fall season. However, there are instances when individual brands make theirs available at various points in the year.

You should keep your eyes and ears on the ground to know when these deals will be available. You can look up and mark individual brand sales dates in your calendar so that you won’t forget.

In case of an emergency purchase (like say your juice blender stops working overnight), this hack may not be a good option as you wouldn’t have the

4. Hunt for those appliances with ‘small issues’

Sometimes, you might be able to land good deals of up to 10-15% discount if you’re willing to look past small issues like “little dents,” “minor scratches,” and so on.

These kinds of deals come along every now and then. You might find them in local stores around you or even online. 

At times, manufacturers and retail stores often put these kinds of products out for sale because they know most customers won’t want to buy them. So, instead of tossing them away, they make them available on discount deals.

By and large, ‘minor scratch’ items make for a great deal when you’re shopping for appliances on a budget. 

Finally, in case you want to cover up the minor dents and scratches on your appliance, you can easily get that done at a nearby NYC appliance repair company.

5. Opt for older models 

When appliance manufacturers release their yearly model upgrades, they normally reduce the prices of the products from previous years. 

This price drop is carried down the supply line to the retail point. At this point, even retailers are compelled to sell the older models for lower prices.

While it may seem like you’re missing out on the latest features that come with an appliance’s newest upgrade, opting for older generation models can save you a lot of money.

Even though it’s true that the latest release will probably make your world easier, having an older appliance is not all that bad, especially if it completes basic tasks.

6. Look for distress sales opportunities

Whether by talking to friends and neighbors or by searching the internet, it’s possible to find home appliance owners who’re willing to part ways with their items for ridiculously low prices. 

Usually, people sell their items when they need money for other pressing needs like school fees, debt, rent, etc. Not that any of that is your concern, though. What should matter to you is that you’re buying an item that’s still in great condition and for an absolutely great price.

As with ‘fairly used’ products, you should send your distress appliance purchase to a nearby technician to help you check its condition. If possible, make sure it’s a technician who specializes in the repair of that same appliance brand. If you’re buying a Samsung blender, for example, bring along a Samsung repair NYC technician to the place where you’re buying the item. Or alternatively, bring the appliance to the repairer’s shop.

7. Leverage coupon and discount codes

Everybody knows coupon codes are what the world thrives on. If you need to buy home appliances on a budget, there’s no shame in hunting for coupon codes and promo codes.

As you know, there are many retail stores offering promo and coupon codes these days. Many of these codes can be redeemed and used to purchase appliances. You can either use your coupon at the store that issued it or any of their other branches.

Besides retail stores, many appliance manufacturers also have ‘manufacturer coupons’ to enjoy. If you can take your time to research various brands, you may be lucky enough to find coupons and discounts you can use for your next appliance purchase. 

Sometime in 2021, I was lucky to win a Kenwood Mixer coupon, which hacked my mixer purchase price by roughly 30%. You, too, can start your search today. You can search from Kenwood to Bosch, Samsung to Whirlpool, KitchenAid to JennAir, Panasonic to HotPoint, and every brand in between.

Finally, you can also leverage many of the home improvement discounted gift cards we have around. These products, gifted to customers, can help hack down your overall cost. 

8. Consider swapping 

If you have an older model of the appliance you’re looking to buy or another appliance you think might be considered valuable in the market, you may want to consider swapping.

Often, many retail outlets in the market hunt for older appliance models. Remember how we advised you earlier to consider buying an older appliance model instead of a new one? Well, there are others like you who’re also looking for similar deals.

Let’s say you’re looking to buy a new blender and you’ve got an old model Kenwood pressing iron; you may want to consider swapping the latter for the former.

However, if you can’t find a straight-up swap deal, you can try selling your old model appliance and then putting the money toward your new purchase. Some good platforms to sell appliances are listed below. Before checking them out, you should first see this article that teaches people how to advertize products for sale. We believe the tips there can help you learn more ways to sell your appliances quickly. 

  • Craiglist
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • eBay
  • Local garage sales 
  • NiceLocal etc.

I’m sure you know every other name on that list except for NiceLocal. Well, let me tell you a little about the company.

What’s NiceLocal?

NiceLocal is an online search engine platform that lets you find local businesses around your immediate locality anywhere in the world. Talk about the UK, US, Canada, India, Europe, etc. NiceLocal connects you with local businesses anywhere you need one. 

Now, while NiceLocal doesn’t have an outright eCommerce service that helps people sell their stuff, you can quickly connect with a local technician or an electronics repairer around you who might be interested in a deal. Just visit the site and click on the corresponding category. You will find a willing electronics repairer waiting to transact with you.

9. Look out for garage sales

Last but not least – attending local garage sales.

You might be able to land a good deal if you keep your eyes and ears on the ground for when a garage sale is happening around you. If none is, you may reach out to friends and colleagues to see if any is happening around them. 

The idea is to find as many garage sales opportunities as possible. 

The more you can find, the more options you have regarding purchase price, brand selection, and product specifications.

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