How Digital Signs Can Help Your Marketing Campaigns

Dynamic digital content is, without doubt, going to play a key role in the future of marketing, and digital signs will certainly make up a significant part of many campaign strategies. More than just the latest gimmick, digital signage can provide tangible results, making it an essential tool for modern businesses. 

What Are Digital Signs? 

You will probably already have seen a fair few examples of digital signage in action. Also known as electronic signage, digital signs are simply signs that make use of technologies such as LED walls, projection, and LCD monitors in order to convey a message.

These messages can include calendar events, updates or information for staff or students when used in a workplace or educational environment, directories, maps, as well as motivational quotes.

The technology involved means that these signs can include animations, video and motion graphics, making them a truly eye-catching choice. These signs can even be integrated with social media such as Instagram and Twitter, allowing viewers to see a stream of your choice of hashtagged content in real time. 

Digital Signage Is Great For Marketing 

When it comes to using digital or electronic signs as part of a marketing campaign, the sky really is the limit. You can display videos of product demonstrations, run a live feed of social media content associated with the campaign, or simply create stunning images with attractive graphics and animations to capture the attention of anyone in view. 

In fact, a study by Intel Corporation found that digital signs had an incredible 400% view rate (in comparison to traditional, static signs) whilst research from Arbitron found that digital signage delivered 83% recall rates from those who had viewed it [1].

You can discover more about the impressive capabilities of digital signage from experts in digital signs for marketing, including some winning strategies.

It’s clear that digital signage can represent an excellent investment, but there are ways to boost its power even further, and see even more impressive engagement with your marketing campaign. 

Employ Urgent CTA

Of course, your CTA (call to action) will be a key component of any digital display, but you can enhance its effect by introducing an element of urgency. The nature of the technology means that the signage can be updated with ease, so why not use it to advertise a promotional offer running for a short period of time, such as a “today only” discount?

Viewers will be encouraged to act fast in order to secure a great deal, and you can even cycle different time-sensitive offers as you wish. The only caveat is that overusing this strategy could lead to complacency among regular viewers, so use this technique sparingly for the best results. 

Add Contests To Grow Brand Engagement

You can use your digital signage to advertise contests or competitions that tie into your campaign, even linking them directly to the brand’s social media accounts.

This strategy is a great way to build engagement as well as valuable brand awareness, and represents a highly cost-effective approach. After all, contests are known to generate excellent word-of-mouth advertising as friends share the details with one another. 

Get Location Data

By simply integrating a QR code or “check in” CTA on your digital display, you can effortlessly track useful data on locations, giving you valuable insights into this key metric that will enable you to better target the right audiences for your brand.

By offering a discount or other benefit in exchange for checking in at your sign’s location, you can further grow brand engagement and even deliver tangible sales increases.

If you are running a marketing campaign for your own brand’s benefit, this approach will help your future customers to find your location, by increasing its chances of being rated a “verified location” by key search tools such as Google Maps. 

Unlock Other Key Metrics

It isn’t just location data that can be provided by digital signage. You can develop winning marketing strategies based on the engagement levels found at different times, simply by cycling different content or brands and A/B testing.

It is easy to check when peak engagement correlates with your advertised content, allowing you to discover the optimum times to display each segment. In addition to driving sales and engagement, this approach will drive even stronger return on investment (ROI) for your digital signage. 

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