How Good Customer Support Can Help In Customer Retention?

Responding to customer complaints is just one critical part of good customer service. There’s a lot more to it.

We are a part of a digital-first and experience-driven economy, where customer service is a strategic and vital element for customer service. It impacts the entire customer journey.

A study by Zendesk shows that 82% of the consumers do not visit a company again after having a bad customer experience.

This was for individual consumers, but it holds true for B2B businesses too. More than 50% of the companies avoid vendors who do not provide good customer support.

When customer support is such an influence on customer retention, it would be foolish to not put enough effort into it– even more than product and price, if needed.

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can bring your brand forward by providing good customer support.

How Customer Service Impacts Customer Retention?

From handling complaints to answering questions to scheduling appointments for maintenance, everything is a part of customer service.

Basically, whenever a customer engages with someone from your team, it counts as a customer service experience.

Just like how the quality of your product sends a message to your consumers, your customer service also shows how your brand delivers the promises.

Whenever customers have a good product and support experience, they’ll want to do repeat business with you more often than not.

If you want to acquire more loyal customers, prioritizing customer services is a must.

Customer support channels include email support, live calls, contact forms, and help desk.

Help desk software for small businesses can play a significant role in improving customer retention and streamlining communication processes.  

In addition to these channels, other customer support channels include live chat on websites, social media platforms, and even mobile apps, depending on the organization’s resources and preferences.

Your competitors might be offering the same products at the same price. This is where you can get ahead of them by leveraging the power of a good customer service experience.

On the flip side of it, if you fail to meet your customers’ expectations and provide a bad experience, they’ll not want to continue with you.

The next section will provide you with some practical ways to improve your customer service experience.

5 Ways For Customer Support Team to Improve Customer Retention

Before you jump into improving customer retention, first, you need to understand why your customers leave.

And then, you can find ways in which your customer support teams can put a positive impact on those reasons.

Other than the specific reasons your support team can improve, here are some areas you should consider working on.

Introduce Voicemail Greetings

When your customers call your business support team for queries, whatever message they hear is important. Especially when there’s no one to take the call, handling them with personalized voicemail greetings really helps.

Voicemail greetings are the first thing that a customer hears from your business. Meaning, it is the only chance you get to make a good first impression.

It might not appear to be useful in the beginning, but it is a lot better than making your customers sit idle with unending rings.

It not only helps in impressing your customers, but a good after hours voicemail script can also ensure that you win their business.

Understand the Numbers

Rope someone in who can analyze your business and finance and can help you understand what are the numbers that drive your business.

Try to know as much as you can about your customers. The better you understand their buying journey and value of your product for them, the more it’ll help your customer support team in being better and more effective customer advocates.

Additionally, tracking customer support metrics, such as net promoter score and first-call resolution, is essential.

By monitoring and analyzing these customer support numbers, you can determine the quality of your support operations and areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall customer experience.

Help Customers in Onboarding Process

In many businesses, there’s a long gap of time from when customers finish the sign-up process and when they actually start getting the values that they expected from you.

This is where your customer support team can enter the chat. They can bridge the gap by suggesting optimizations, explaining features, and guiding customers to use the product better.

Many customer support tech tools can help in onboarding. For instance, a ticketing system helps manage and prioritize customer inquiries during the onboarding process.

It allows customers to submit requests or issues and assigns them a unique ticket number. Support agents can then track, categorize, and respond to tickets efficiently, ensuring a systematic approach to resolving customer queries.

On the other hand, customer relationship management (CRM) software helps track and manage customer interactions throughout onboarding.

It allows support agents to access customer information, including their purchase history, preferences, and previous interactions.

Moreover, customer feedback and survey tools enable businesses to gather insights and measure customer satisfaction.

Businesses can refine their onboarding process and enhance customer success by understanding customer pain points.

Ask Better Questions

Customers only ask the questions they think they need, but many times, those are not the answers that they really need to succeed.

Create a customer support team that is curious about solving the problems of your customers.

The team can ask questions to understand the goals better, and then provide customers with answers that they really need to succeed. The conversations might become longer, but it’s a long-term retention strategy.

Answer, Anticipate, and Elaborate

Answering just what was asked is so old school. If you wish to make your customer service impactful, you’ll have to go beyond that. You can try this AAE model:

Answer: Provide customers with the answers they are looking for.

Anticipate: Based on their current question, analyze what are the problems they might face in the next steps. Provide an answer for those questions too.

Elaborate: When you are done with the above two, you can share a video, help document, or any other helpful resource so that they don’t have to come to your support team again.

Better Customer Service = Better Customer Retention

Retaining customers is not as hard as it may appear to be. If you want your customers to keep coming back to you, just keep delivering value to your customers.

Not all happy customers will come back to do more business with you, but almost all of them will spread good word of mouth– which is as good as retention.

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