How To Boost Engagement With Personalized Video Marketing

Unsurprisingly, videos are one of the most popular forms of content consumption today. If you’re not using video marketing, you should start now because it’s a great strategy to connect with your audience that can boost engagement and conversions.   

But the types of videos that are being used to promote products are evolving as well. And because of the growing demand for individualized and personalized experiences, this trend will likely continue to spread. Thus, taking this into consideration, it makes perfect sense for businesses to explore personalized video marketing on a more in-depth level.  

If made correctly, personalized videos have the potential to be a spark in an integrated marketing campaign. It’s true regardless of whether the campaign’s objectives are to boost engagement, enhance acquisition and conversion rates, raise brand awareness, or develop long-lasting relationships with your customers. Now see how you can do it:  

Use Buyer Personas When Making A Personalized Video Strategy

Personal videos begin the same way as any other piece of content does: with personas. And ‘knowing your audience’ is presented as personas. In your marketing story, each persona is a real-life figure. 

Some businesses like to fill their personas with hobbies and interests that, in the larger scheme of things, are irrelevant. For example, does it make a difference that Matthew, the Chief Marketing Officer, enjoys golf on the weekends? If you are selling golf equipment, then yes, it does.

If not, it’s more of a nice-to-know than a need-to-know piece of information. Identifying information such as name and industry is important. Team members from diverse backgrounds should collaborate. Also, include frontline sales and customer success team members.

And do an internal and external survey to confirm your internal customer view is in sync with your customers. 

If you find it difficult to effectively use personalized video marketing with your team members, don’t worry, as you can find help from personalised video services that you can use to accomplish your objectives.

Keep It Short And Direct To The Point

In order for the personalized message to stand out and be remembered easily, it’s crucial to keep your personalized movies short and concise. Remember that the people watching your work probably have a lot on their plates and may not have the time or the patience to finish a long video.

In marketing, it’s best to make your point quickly. Thus, your video should be one to two minutes long so you can tell a story and end with a call to action. And know that a long video may bore or overwhelm them.

Analyze And Improve Video Performance

And last but not least, you need to utilise video analytics to determine how each video contributes to sales as well as how they perform across a variety of platforms, including your website, email marketing, YouTube, and others–all from a centralised dashboard. Doing that will allow you to see what video marketing strategy works and doesn’t. From that point on, you’ll know what approach to use best going forward.  

Where To Incorporate Personalized Video Marketing

Embedding each of your personalized videos into its landing page is the ideal way to present them. As well as providing a method for measuring the success of your video campaign by tracking the number of people that visit your landing page.

It also allows you to build a more tailored experience for your intended audience. To help you with, here are some channels where you can post your personalized videos.   

  • Business Website And Blog: One of the simplest methods of including personalized videos on your company website is to include a thank you video after a user completes an online form.

    You can use the information they gave you to make the video your own. Using automation software, you can track each visitor and give them personalized content along their journey. It will help your customers enjoy a memorable experience.
  • Email Marketing. It’s no secret that email marketing has always been a crucial part of any personalization strategy. The reason for this is that each user is targeted.

    Personalized videos in abandoned cart recovery emails, tailored discounts, and notifying customers of new releases of products are all examples of large-scale personalization in action.
  • Customer Support. Personalize the onboarding experience for each customer with a video welcome that matches the sincerity and friendliness of the sales process.

    You may also make personalized video contract renewal reminders, product release notifications for repeat customers, and even celebratory videos by setting a reminder in your calendar.
  • Social Media Marketing. Be familiar with the social media platform you’re using. For example, the videos you publish on your one social media account will be different from the ones you post on your other account. Keep in mind that the audiences of the various social media platforms have unique preferences in terms of content.


Doing personalized video marketing will make you one step closer to boosting engagement, creating trust with your target market, generating sales, and improving brand loyalty if you enhance your videos with personalization.

You can build a personalized video experience for every viewer, depending on their wants and needs. It will eventually lead them to the intended outcome that you have set for them.

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