How to Build a Resume that will Make You Stand Out?

Stepping into the corporate world is intimidating, but one thing that can make your journey smooth is an impactful resume. Your resume is the first step to getting the dream opportunity you’ve set your eyes on for ages.  

Are you looking at ways to make a resume that makes you stand out in the crowd? We have some tips that can make you shine brighter. Let’s have a look! 

How to Build a Great Resume? 

Your resume can highlight your potential even if you don’t have the many skills as many candidates applying for the job. Use tips in your resume to get an interview call right away: 

Be Direct and Simple 

People often think that a longer resume means more chances of you getting the interview call. However, it is not the right approach. Hiring managers have many resumes to go through. If your resume is precise yet impactful, you will be shortlisted for the interview. 

Make sure to add all your relevant experiences in the past five years. Remove all the experiences that don’t make any difference. It helps in building the employer’s focus and interest in your resume. 

Add Good Interests 

One of the main questions every interviewer asks is how working for them benefits you. Your resume should highlight your interest and key takeaways from your job. There are quite a few good interests to put on a resume.  

Add an interest section in your resume where you can add your general hobbies and what you are passionate about. It is essential to add a few interests relevant to the job.  

You can add socializing in your interest section if your job requires human interaction. The employer will feel that this job would be mutually beneficial for both. 

Don’t Pick Common Resume Templates 

If you use resume builder apps, you should probably steer clear of them. While there is nothing wrong with using resume builder apps, they don’t do anything to make you stand out. Many people are probably using the template you choose to go for. 

You can build your resume on Microsoft Word from scratch. You can take inspiration from templates online if you don’t have resume-building skills. You can also choose an online resume template but customize it to give a unique touch. 

Add Numbers 

An Employer’s interest spikes in your resume when you add numbers. When adding relevant experience, always use metrics and numbers to highlight your performance. Suppose you were a sales associate for an organization in the past; you can add you helped increase sales by XYZ%. 

It is always a good idea to quantify your performance and highlight your achievements to gain the hiring manager’s interest. The recruiter will get a good idea of what you are capable of and your true potential

Right Language and Grammar 

A resume is supposed to be formal, but using informal language can ruin your impression. When building a resume, pay special attention to your words and frame your sentences diplomatically. Even if you lack some skills required for the job, make up for it with your soft skills and potential. 

After writing your resume, always recheck it for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Always remember to pay attention to formatting and making headings. It makes your resume more readable and easier to navigate. 

 It is best to summarize your experiences and qualifications in the beginning. It makes the recruiter more interested in your craft. 

Highlight Relevant Skills

You may have many skills that you can pitch in your resume. However, it is best to narrow down your skills and only mention the ones relevant to the job. If you are applying for a social media marketing job, highlight your creative and strategic skills.

An employer won’t get impressed by your gardening skills if you don’t have anything relevant to offer. Keep the most relevant skills on the top, and if you really want to showcase other skills, keep them on the bottom.

Create a Career Summary

Add a career snapshot to your resume if you want to immediately grab the recruiter’s attention. It is a small paragraph, in the beginning, highlighting your key experiences and skills till now. It should be short and impactful enough to keep the recruiter engaged.

Final Verdict 

Resumes can make or break your chances of getting into your corporate dream job. Hence, it is essential to pay special attention to it. Building your resume mindfully and strategically to stand out would be best. 

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