How To Deal as a Parent With Inappropriate Content

Inappropriateness of the Content

There is huge content regarding all aspects of life. Social media platforms have clear community guidelines about the issues related to the appropriateness of the content. Reporting, blocking, muting, and flagging facilities are available to inform the management regarding the problems.

Several categories make the content unfit for the children to watch it. The content is viewed by the media teams of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to consider the application of users. It is a good idea, but it is applicable only when a content is reported containing hateful speech, violence, nudity, and other moral issues. 

Why Are Parents Worried About Media Content?

Parents are primarily responsible for the moral and social growth of the children. They also play the role of first-line defense for the mental and physical health of the children. It is impossible for parents to forbid their children regarding the use of social media in this age of science and technology.

Children are getting more addicted to gadgets and it is challenging for the parents to control the online activities of the children. The media platforms and some software applications provide the facility of parental control that enables them to monitor the use of technology by the children.

These tools are helpful to alleviate the concern of parents and they can feel relieved by providing the young generation with a safe web-browsing opportunity. 

Tools To Control the Use of Communication Devices

Here is a list of some useful tools and their functionality to show how they can benefit the parents who are conscious of their children. 


An application that aims at providing people with default online restrictions, a time limit for using the gadgets, and an automatic locking system on exceeding the decided limit. The software facilitates monitoring the activities of children through checking chats, call history, locations, applications being installed and uninstalled, and above all real-time dashboard gives online detail of child activity.

In this way, people can set an environment that can help to avoid the use of unauthorized, immoral, and illegal content. Almost all kinds of devices like PC and mobile can be controlled through these useful tools. 

Net Nanny:

Location tracking, web filtration, app management, and inappropriate content blocking are some of the key features related to this application. PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire can be monitored to ensure proper and beneficial functions.

Multiple device control is an addition to its functionality through family passes for up to 20 devices. Social media protection, time consumed on-screen, online activity reports, and internet access to on/off facilities guarantee the proper control of devices. 


Another helpful application to see the email, text messages, and other online activities of the children for a safe online experience. Web filtration, time limits for the children to watch the content or play games, and screen time management are some of the prominent features of this application. 

Tips To Deal With Inappropriate Content

Below are few tips might be useful for the parents to keep the children on the right path by keeping an eye on their internet activities, the content watched, time consumed, and other such activities. 

  • Use of Technology: Use of technology is the most suitable way to control the online usage of devices. The location and chats of the children can be monitored to see their bent of mind and take steps according to it. Through the apps mentioned above, we can monitor the online activities of the children and a strategy can be made to tell them about the beneficial use of technology.
  • Parental control of devices: The devices also provide the facility to monitor the usage, time spent on screen, apps used, and content history. The parental control can enable the parents to get rid of unwanted and undesired content for their children. 
  • Reporting the content: Reporting content is not only helpful for the families, but it saves the entire community from the content that is dangerous for the child’s growth and mental grooming. The teams are working 24/7 and in case of any unsuitable or illegal content, they immediately remove it from the digital media. 
  • Use of ad-blockers: The use of ad-blockers is another good idea to avoid immoral images, videos, and other animation content types that are inappropriate for families.


The use of technology is beneficial, but it becomes trouble due to some corrupt factors. The use of the above-mentioned tools and tips ensures controlled, safe, and secure usage of internet and devices. 

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