How To Earn Passive Income Through Crypto

Let’s get one thing straight—active trading and investing in cryptocurrency is the most obvious way to earn passive income if you have the time and the knowledge to do so.

Nowadays, however, there are endless opportunities for investors to make money without being a crypto guru. Stick around until the end if you wanna know how.

Join Affiliate Or Partnership Programs

These programs are widespread in the crypto industry. Businesses create these programs to reward customers for helping promote their business. The fundamental principle here is simple.

You just share a tracking link (or code) with your audience and get paid a commission from purchases made using that link. Sharing a code is kid’s stuff, too.

Discord, Twitter, Telegram, or TikTok—any social media platform works just fine. Sharing will be highly beneficial if you already have an established audience of loyal followers.

One of the reasons why people get nutty about affiliate or partnership programs is that you only need to generate your links once.

After you share them on social media, they’ll normally keep earning you cash for a long time. But keep in mind that some affiliates provide links that expire after 30 or 90 days.

Wizardia Partnerships 

As an illustration, have a look at Wizardia’s partnership programs. Wizardia is a role-based P2E strategy game where players get rewards by monetary investments or are paid for the time and effort invested in the game.

There are three steps to take if you want to benefit from Wizardia:

  1. Sign up for an account to generate a discount link.

  2. Share your referral link with friends on social media.

  3. Earn up to $90 commission when your friends acquire Wizardia NFTs.

Your potential partner rewards are calculated based on Wizardia’s average commission percentage of 20% at a time. This percentage can rise to 30% for top-performing partners. In addition, buyers also win—they get 5% off their NFT purchase using your link!

Let’s bring in some numbers. If you sign up at round 5, the price of the Wizardia NFT will be $375. If your referral link sells 10 NFTs, you’ll get $750. If your link sells 25 Wizardia NFTs, you’ll receive $1,875.

What are NFT’s, and how do they differ from cryptocurrencies? You’ll know more about it here on our article.

Start Staking

Crypto staking is a way to earn rewards by locking up (i.e. depositing) your cryptocurrencies to validate transactions on the blockchain network.

When you stake your digital assets, you lock up your coins in pools to help blockchains confirm transactions, stay safe, and run smoothly.

There are three steps to take if you want to start staking:

  1. Buy stakeable digital assets (e.g. Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), Mars4 (MARS4), etc.).

  2. Transfer the assets to a blockchain wallet.

  3. Research staking pools in various crypto exchanges and join the most appealing one.

Staking rewards vary depending on the staking platform, the cryptocurrency, and the number of staking users.

The staking rewards of smaller digital currencies can go beyond 100%, but the most popular currencies, including ETH, ADA, or DOT, will typically earn 5% to 20%.

The latter number may not sound too impressive, but it’s still far more significant than banks’ returns from traditional savings accounts.

Lastly, some crypto investors earn over 1,000 percent annually by staking, so many experts believe that staking is the next big thing in crypto.

Staking Platforms

There are many places to start staking, especially if you look at the broader DeFi landscape. Yet, staking directly with a crypto project or on an exchange (e.g. Binance, Coinbase, etc.) is the easiest way to get on track.

For example, the staking platform AQRU can give you returns of up to 12% APY on stablecoins such as USDC or DAI. Moreover, the platform also provides 7% staking rewards with major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.


The golden rule to remember when looking for ways to earn passive income through crypto is to choose a quality project or token. Do your research—your followers and friends will appreciate it. Make the most of your existing connections and find the right ways to communicate your offer. 

When it comes to staking, shop around different staking platforms and exchanges. Staking stablecoins can bring secure investment opportunities, but exciting new projects might end up being even more profitable.

What happens when crypto meets with digital money? read our article about it for more information about cryptocurrency. Happy trading!

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