How To Get High-Quality Backlinks As An Event Planner

Forming a link-building strategy for an event organizer depends on the project niche, budget, timing, and competitor strategies.

However, link-building methods remain the same, and understanding their essence and characteristics affects the creation of any strategy.

The primary questions a link builder should answer are: 

  • which links to obtain;
  • what sources to use;
  • how to get a link.

Depending on the selected method and the source, you may use a particular technique or combination.

For example, different link builder methods can be white and gray or black.

White Link Building Methods

These are the most consistent methods with Google’s policy on link profile sites, which requires links to appear naturally in a pattern.

The site’s ranking algorithm is based on the weight of the link, which depends on the resource that places that link.

The more authoritative a resource is in the search engine’s eyes, the more weight is given to its recommendation in the form of a link.

Crowd Marketing

Crowd-marketing places links in blogs, forums, and question and answer (Q & A) sites by creating profiles and communicating with the audience. Linksmanagement will help you with this.

An example of a crowdfunding post: The presence of errors is not accidental: sometimes this is done to make it look more like real users than company representatives.

Crowd-marketing is about SEO and increasing interest in the product and the brand as a whole.

It is what makes it interesting because it performs several functions at once:

  • dilutes the site’s link profile;
  • attracts traffic;
  • enhance the site’s behavioral factors;
  • increases audience loyalty, brand recognition, and company reputation.

Crowd lines are compelling and conditionally accessible, so they are actively used. Thus, the famous sites Quora and Reddit are must-have link builders.

Crowd links can be obtained either independently or outsourced to perform this task.

However, suppose you use crowdfunding as a link for the sake of links and as part of your marketing strategy.

In that case, it is better to hire a separate specialist who will manage the profiles on the sites and communicate with the audience regularly.

The methods are called “conditionally free” because, in any case, there is an expenditure of time and effort.

However, they become fee-based if you hire a specialist to perform these tasks and use paid services and tools required by the link builder.


The submitted method entails registering in various directories, review sites, directories, social networks, and other resources.

Quality submissions will help increase the site’s link profile, increase the credibility of the resource, and increase brand awareness.

As with crowdsourced links, this method is conditionally free.


Outreach is a link-building technique in which links to trusted resources are posted thanks to direct agreements with the owners of such resources.

Some experts define outreach as a conditionally free method of getting links.

However, this is one of the most expensive methods: it includes the cost of email-marketing services (statistics, sending emails to the owners of trust resources), specialists, and quality content (articles, infographics, to be placed on trust resources).

Content for outreach: this is a particular item of expenditure because it must be unique, interesting for users, and beneficial for a long time after publication.

Despite the costs, this method is one of the most effective; the quality of links is much higher than crowds, submitted links, or purchased links. 

Stages of quality outreach:

  • selection of suitable business locations;
  • сreating a quality email distribution to the owners of trust resources;
  • control over email, with an emphasis on improving its effectiveness;
  • сommunication with site owners, bloggers, and journalists by building a chain of outreach letters;
  • сreate and publish content with a link to a promoted resource.

Half the success depends on properly-structured communication with the owners of trust resources.

Writing a letter that people want to open, read, and respond to, especially in a highly competitive environment, can be called a separate art form.

In addition to understanding the methodology of drafting such letters, this type of work requires skills in copywriting.

Creation Process

What you should take into account when creating a mailing list template:

  • Personalizing the letter’s subject, the address in the letter-addressing by name is a rule of etiquette and a demonstration of respect for the interlocutor.
  • Be polite — if a letter contains only dry demands, it will most likely end up in the trash.
  • Show interest — show that you are familiar with the resource, are interested in the publications, and can assess the strengths and weaknesses of the content on the help.
  • Demonstrate value for the resource — demonstrate expertise, offer relevant materials, show interest in mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • Avoid spelling, lexical, and punctuation errors — a clear rule, which many people nevertheless forget.

If an email newsletter template is poorly designed, such emails will likely remain unread, and you waste thousands of dollars on the related services.

Quality content is the second success factor. The requirements for content placed on the donor site, the link, are much higher than content on the promoted resource.

After all, such placement aims to attract the audience and motivate them to share the content on social networks and other resources and follow the link to the promoted resource.

Content created with a data-driven approach is becoming popular based on the analysis of user data. As a result, it is considered more effective and engaging.


A Private Blog Network is a network of sites created by one owner to provide links to his project. The most popular and well-known direction in gray link building is the

The creation of PBN is a rather complicated process: selection of drops, restoration of sites from the web archive, fighting with footprints, and many other things demand good preparation and technical skills.

If a search engine discovers the PBN, there is a hundred percent guarantee of getting the promoted site under sanctions.

By and large, given all the technical possibilities of algorithms, exposing PBN is not that difficult. Instead, it is a matter of time and Google’s decision to apply sanctions.

Quality Website Promotion Must Be Ethical And Safe

When forming a link builder’s website development strategy, the link builder chooses the methods that he considers most effective in each case.

It depends on competitors’ niche, budget, timing, and strategy.

The use of prohibited methods is dangerous and may result in penalties for search engines: the site may lose its position, or SERPs do not show them.

The Possibility of Black Methods Linkbuilder determines this, considering both the risks and the possible profits.

Therefore, the best way to create a link-building strategy is to start with ethical and safe promotion methods.

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