How to Get More Viewers on Twitch Through Social Media

Today’s video streamers cannot afford to skip on useful tips and tricks that will help them stay relevant on the market where the competition is constantly growing. If you are a Twitch streamer, or you’re looking to become one, this guide will help understand some key strategies that will help you attract a large number of viewers and transform your performance on the channel.

How to Get More Viewers?

There are two key strategies that will help you form your channel in a way that will help you get more valuable traffic:

Stream Games with Lots of Viewers

Before you decide on a particular title to stream, make sure it has enough viewers that will help your channel get noticed. Also, try to find games that are not already featured by a large number of other content creators. For example, finding a title that has at least 1,000 viewers and less than 15 other people streaming it, could be a golden opportunity for your channel. 

Moreover, you will want to check how top-heavy your game of choice actually is. You need to find a game that has a large number of viewers spread out across a few different channels, not gathered around just one because those viewers might be showing support for reasons that have nothing to do with the game’s popularity.

Choose a Booming Niche

Similar to the first strategy, you want to play genres of games that are popular or even on the rise. The market for horror games, for instance, is vast and many viewers love seeing their streamers get past hard levels and often being scared. Another strategy is playing not so popular games, but those that are on the rise in the industry. The perfect example of this are casino games.

Many streamers play online casino games, especially slots. With this, streamers help viewers get insight into all the different themes and varieties of such games and when showcasing their skills on different slot machines, the presenters often choose to play both hot and cold games, since these are some of the most popular themes.

The viewers appreciate this variety of slots presented because it helps them weigh hot vs cold games. And then, when they visit one of the online operators such as Super Seven that offer a broad selection of both categories, they already have in mind what they would like to play.

How to Get Views Using Social Media Channels

There are many ways you can increase the traffic and the engagement on your Twitch account, but nothing beats the use of leading social media channels:


Twitter is an amazing channel for streamers that allows them to publish their stream updates and share important information like the upcoming titles, creative patches, new platforms, and much more.

The convenience of Twitter lies in the fact it is focused on the present, allowing you to quickly post updates before you start streaming, while you’re doing it, and as soon as you’re done. 

If you spend enough time tweeting and comparing the results of different times of the day, you will be able to come up with the ideal posting schedule for your account. When it comes to the number of daily tweets to post, anything between 3 and 7 is considered a good range, and that includes the retweeted content as well. Also, make sure you interact with your audience and other people within the community


Instagram is a great place to share short video clips and fun highlights from your channel, as well as some other content types like memes, and daily life images. You can also use Instagram stories to get even more exposure, and live videos to announce your stream before it begins. 

Make sure you upgrade your account to a Business one since it will allow you to access valuable insights that will help you learn more about the account’s audience, spot the times of the day when they are most active, and build your posting strategy around those hours.

Try to post as much as you can, maintaining a  minimum of one to three posts a day. In order to boost your content and help it reach the right audience, include up to 30 hashtags in your posts’ descriptions. 


The reach of the platform may be slightly decreasing, but the value for the gaming community lies in joining one of many gaming support groups out there. Although the groups will gather many of your competitors, they will help you understand the needs of the market and ask important questions about both gaming and streaming. 

You will also have a chance to present yourself as a knowledgeable gamer by answering the questions of other members. Posting one or two times a day is enough, but make sure you don’t post to several different groups at the same time since they are likely to have many mutual members.

The leading streamers on Twitch put in a lot of effort to get relevant traffic and stay ahead of their competitors. Now that you learned some of the basic strategies you can use to get more viewers, you are ready to start building your way to a more successful channel.

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