7 Tips On How To Grow Your Business With An Organizational Chart

If you’re like most business owners, you want your company to grow and thrive. But how do you make that happen? One way is to create an organizational chart to help you organize and manage your business more effectively. 

Creating an organizational chart for your business can be a great way to help you grow and expand. By organizing your employees into specific roles and departments, you can make sure that everyone knows their responsibilities and how they fit into the big picture.

Here are seven tips on how to create an effective organizational chart for your business.

1. Know Your Organizational Structure

First, you need to understand what kind of organizational structure your business has. Many companies have one main department or area that is the most important and the rest of the departments fall under this one umbrella.

For example, a manufacturing plant may have two main departments: production and shipping. However, if you happen to own a clothing store, your organizational structure could be more flat and decentralized, with each employee having his or her own role and responsibilities.

Before creating an organizational chart for your company, make sure you know what kind of structure it uses so that your chart is accurate and helpful.

2. Determine The Hierarchy Of Your Organization’s Org Chart

After you know what kind of organizational structure your company has, it’s time to determine how many levels there are in your hierarchy.

Will everyone report to the CEO? If so, will some people report directly to him or her while others report through a department head? How far down does the management go? The more levels there are in the structure of an organization, the longer and more complicated its org chart can be. 

3. Plan The Flow Of Communication Within Your Company In Creating An Org Chart

Once you know how many levels there are in your company’s organizational structure, it’s time to plan out the flow of communication.

Will certain employees report directly to the CEO? If so, who will they report to if the CEO is unavailable? Or would this reporting structure work better by passing along information through department heads?

By planning this flow of communication before creating your org chart, you can make sure that each employee has a role and knows exactly what their responsibilities are.

4. Create An Effective Design For Your Chart

Before you start drawing up your organizational chart, it’s important to design one that will be functional and easy for everyone to understand. An effective organizational chart should show how each individual department or position in an organization relates to the others.

Also, you should create a legend so that viewers can easily tell what each symbol means, such as “manager,” “director,” “supervisor,” etc. By creating an accurate and useful chart, you can make sure that all of your employees know their specific roles and responsibilities within the company.

5. Cut Down On Confusion With Effective Communication Among Employees

After you’ve finished designing your organizational chart, another way to help everyone work more effectively is by improving communication within the company. One way to do this is by having regular meetings with employees and department heads.

In these meetings, you can go over what everyone’s responsibilities are in the company and how they fit into the organizational chart. Then, you can ask for suggestions from employees on how to improve communication between departments or positions.

6. Ask External Sources For Feedback When Creating A Company Organizational Chart

One of the best ways to improve your organizational chart is by getting feedback from others who aren’t a part of your company. To do this, consider using a graphic designer or professional artist to help with designing your org chart so that it looks appealing and easy to understand.

Next, have someone outside of the business look at the final product and give their expert opinion on improving your organizational structure. Finally, by asking different sources for their opinions on your organizational chart, you can make sure that it’s as accurate and helpful as possible.

7. Use Available Templates Online Of Org Charts

By using templates from websites such as Venngage,  you can save time and money by creating a company organizational chart that is accurate, attractive, and easy to understand.

In addition to templates, many of these sites also have helpful tips on how to create an org chart as well as some great examples. So, if you need help with designing your organization chart or simply want access to some useful templates online, consider using one of the available options from websites such as Venngage.

Venngage is a graphic design tool that lets you create infographics, charts, reports, eCards & resumes with visual communication. Venngage is the best choice for your organization’s next org chart.


Creating an organizational chart for your business can be a great way to help you grow. It can help you visualize the hierarchy of your company, identify areas where you may need more staff, and plan out how to better distribute work.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools available online that make creating an organizational chart easy and fun. Try out Venngage today and see how easy it is to create a beautiful and informative organizational chart for your business.

With just a few clicks, you’ll have everything you need to get started growing your business in no time!

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