How to Screen Record on Snapchat without Them Knowing?

Spying on someone is not easy, not to mention the thought of how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing. Nevertheless, there’s an easy way to capture that screen and keep it your little secret.

We have it all outlined below, but first things first.

What Is Snapchat, and What Makes It So Popular?

You have most likely come across Snapchat, especially if you are a teenager or live with one. It is a popular communication platform globally.

Unlike most social media platforms, it allows users to customize content by adding filters or emojis to their messages. It also has more interactive features that most social platforms lack.

This app is a complete package. In addition to enabling you to reach others, it comes with more amazing stuff.

It offers amazing games, amusement features, news, and video and image editing tools.

It is nicknamed “the latest camera” due to its astounding camera function, diverse filters, lenses, and special effects, and it allows you to share your multimedia with others.

Group texting functions allow every member of the group to contribute and share content.

Snapchat is way more than just appealing photos. It guarantees privacy so that users can feel safe when sharing personal information on this app.

It is mainly known for this safety feature. When a message or snap is seen and read, it self-destructs, making it impossible to view it later.

What Methods Do Other Users Recommend?

Multimedia has become such an important aspect of our lives. When using an app that helps do that, you might want to keep some of the images and videos before they disappear.

Taking a Snapchat screenshot is the only way to do it. However, you need a good reason to do it because it will send out an alert to the other person, and they may want to know why that’s important.

Nevertheless, there are very many recommendations and hacks on how to screenshot Snapchat without notification alerts.

Here are some of the common tricks:

Record with the Use of Another Phone

You can use a smartphone to record the story from your device whenever you want. This is the most straightforward way to screen record Snapchat without them knowing.

Crop and edit the recording before saving it. Either way, you get to keep the original and edited copies.

This method is disadvantageous because one needs another fully functional smartphone to record. Images may also lack clarity clear compared to the original one.

Turn On the Airplane Mode

It could be quite a tedious process but one that works. Start by turning off your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or any other connection after loading the images on the app.

Then turn on airplane mode. Log back in and capture the images, and wait for about thirty seconds before reverting to normal.

Use a Built-in Recorder

Most iPhone and Android devices have a built-in recorder. Swipe down the notification panel and tap on it.

When texting with someone, you can then screenshot a snap without them knowing. It is possible to access the snap story whenever you want after you save it.

The Most Effective Solution

The best solution for secretly taking a screenshot or recording on Snapchat is using apps for monitoring phones.

For example, you can use the mSpy app. This tool monitors the target Snapchat account and helps you record and take screenshots before a snap disappears.

mSpy is compatible with all devices. You can remotely access a device and screenshot Snapchat without notification alerts.

It enables one to monitor messages and keep track of important details such as when a text was sent and the recipient.

It has a screen recorder feature that allows you to take screenshots of messages sent or received on the target device.

If you want to start using mSpy, just follow these three simple steps:

  • Create an account on the mSpy website
  • Check to see if there’s a mSpy promo code you can use.
  • Choose a subscription package that suits your needs and make the payment
  • Download and install the application on the target device.

As simple as that. Now, you can enter the control panel that will have the options of the messaging apps to monitor.

You can then immediately start recording Snapchat stories.


If you know your way around remotely accessing someone’s Snapchat and how to ss on snap without them knowing, you’ve got the upper hand on technology.

Do not let interesting multimedia disappear from the face of Snapchat. Install the mSpy software and stay one step ahead.

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