How Will AI Change the Gaming Space

Artificial Intelligence, often shortened to just AI, is when a machine is able to display intelligence based on memory and learning from past experiences rather than set programming. It is the opposite of natural intelligence, which humans and some animals exhibit.

The beginning of this tech can be traced to 1935, when Alan Turning created a machine that would try to break the code of German soldiers. It required the machine to have a type of memory to function as needed and was something never attempted before. Yet, recently, AI had not developed to mimic or even overtake human intelligence. One landmark moment was when a computer beat the world’s best chess player at the time, namely Vladimir Kramnik.  

What Industries Will Benefit?

Artificial Intelligence is such a monumental leap in technological advancement that it is likely to be embraced by all industries and sectors. No business will want to miss out on this helpful technology which has the power to improve products and services, save time, increase output and streamline processes. From security and logistics to web development and healthcare, each and every industry can in some way benefit.

The gaming industry is one niche where AI could significantly improve the experiences of gamers, including those who play casino games and video games.

How Will AI Enhance Casino Gaming?

The use of AI when visiting Party online and other innovative online casinos will help create a more human service and provide services tailored to your personal online betting habits, such as game recommendations and personalised homepage accounts. But the use of AI at an online casino might be even more important than improving the experience of the gamer. Instead, it could be used to effectively keep gamers safe.

At the moment, the best online casinos use technology to help identify customers who may have developed a gambling problem or an addiction. The technology is always active to try to spot people who may have changed their betting patterns significantly and prompt the company to get in touch and investigate their change of habit.

This is all done to keep players safe and hopefully prevent a betting issue from materialising. But the technology that many casinos use is not bulletproof, and problem gamblers can slip through the net. This is where AI comes in.

Using AI within the technologies to prevent problem gambling will improve the chances of spotting people developing a gambling problem earlier with greater success, possibly even to 100%. Therefore, the adoption of AI in the online casino industry could be one of the most important developments to enhance the industry’s reputation and make casino gaming safer than ever before.

Other tech that is currently feeding into online casinos is AI and VR to improve customer experiences.

How Will AI Enhance Video Gaming?

Artificial Intelligence has been around in video games for some time. Its most elementary form can be seen in games from the 50s to the 70s, such as Nim, Quack and Speed Racing. But the use of the tech in video gaming is much more prevalent and impressive today. Here are some of the ways the latest AI technologies are improving modern video games:

1. The Development of Characters

The characters in video games powered with AI will be able to develop as the game progresses, just like how characters in our favourite movies and series also evolve and change throughout the course of the action. These characters will learn from past experiences and influence how they behave in the future. You may even hear the characters engage with other characters in ways similar to how we engage with different people in the real world. If you want a perfect example of rounded characters, check out the latest SIMs games.

2. Less Reliance on Online Gaming 

Gaming online against other people from around the world was born because players would get bored with facing the computer. Playing against the computer would become too predictable because the player had the intelligence to learn what the computer was likely to do in a given situation. This either made the game too easy to play or somewhat dull. A good example is the difference between playing against the computer on FIFA and then going online and getting schooled by someone who also has the human intelligence to compete.

Sporting games and shooter games that encompass AI will allow the computer to change tactics and be much less predictable, to the point where playing against the computer will be just as tricky as playing against another human online. It could even reduce the demand for online gaming.

3. Game Developers

The emergence of new technologies calls for game developers to swiftly learn to use these technologies and implement them into their creations. AI appears to hold a pivotal role in the future of video gaming, and any game developer worth their salt will need to act fast and get up to speed with handling it. The best game developers in the future will require an in-depth knowledge of AI and how to use it effectively. Thus, AI will even affect the future game developer job market.

Benefits in Gaming (Quick Summary)

To summarise the above and touch on related points, here are the key benefits of using AI in casino gaming and video gaming:

1. Provides deeper personalisation

2. Can create safer online gambling

3. Enhances the character development within games

4. Improves the standards of gaming vs the computer

5. Makes gaming against the computer less predictable and more exciting

6. Causes aspiring game developers to adapt and become familiar with the technology, which will result in better games

7. Can benefit all methods of gaming, including video, desktop and mobile gaming

8. All of the above takes place without any extra effort from the gamer

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