Using Video Pop-Ups To Increase Sales And Engagement On Your Website

For your business to achieve its maximum possible goals, you should be aware of and take the most out of the latest innovations.

The use of video content is currently quite relevant and profitable from the marketing and business point of view.

People are tired of text content, which is why it is much easier for them just to press the play button and start watching the video.

As you have probably noticed, social networks are also full of long and short videos that start playing by themselves when you scroll through your feed or explore section.

Videos are so popular today because they require little effort from the visitors, and it’s physically faster to watch a video than to read text that often continues in the comments or on the images you have to scroll through.

Video Pop-ups

Pop-up banners are effective on their own, but if you add a video to them, you can achieve even better results when it comes to conversions.

Popup video is still quite a new trend, so you can use this element in your promo campaigns.

To do this, you can utilize various pop-up builders or plugins for WordPress.

There are many solutions like Privy one that have multiple options for creating and integrating triggering pop-ups.

This will help you set up a custom window with your offer that will appear at the right time for the right people.

The most popular types of pop-ups include the following ones:

  • Pop-up windows that appear with a mouse click;
  • Scroll pop-ups;
  • Pop-up windows that appear with a set time;
  • Pop-ups at login;
  • Exit pop-ups.

No matter which one you decide to use, you can easily embed a video in any type of it.

Pop-up Appointments

Let’s Define What Pop-ups Can Be Used For:

  • Notify customers about current offers and promotions;
  • Showcase a new product or service;
  • Offer to subscribe to the newsletter;
  • Highlight a useful feature of a product or a service;
  • Remind about items in the cart, etc.

As you can see, there are many options for how popup elements can be integrated into your platform — it all depends on your plans and goals.

And now let’s move on to the main block that will help understand how to make the pop-up effective.

Benefits Of Video Pop-ups

Many successful business owners understand that video is a great marketing tool to gain the trust of customers and convince them to make a purchase faster.

You can show your products up close and in detail in a video. This format of content presents items in a more aesthetically pleasing way than through regular product images. Let’s look at the main pros of video pop-ups.

The advantages of video pop-ups are as follows:

  • Better UX. By displaying video in a pop-up window, you provide a seamless, distraction-free experience for your visitors because they don’t have to navigate from page to page or interact with other on-screen elements.
  • Multifunctionality. Such videos serve to promote products or services, provide training materials, or showcase customer reviews.
  • Visual accents. Pop-up elements help convey your brand message and values in a more memorable way than just text or images.
  • Simplicity. Easily added to the site with a simple plugin or script and can be customized to match the design of the site and the visual identity of the brand.
  • Additional features. Comes with built-in analytics and tracking features to follow engagement progress and optimize your strategy.

When done right, pop-up videos can help you bring your visitors down the sales funnel and ultimately convert them.

You need to keep your target audience in mind and use the right pop-up builder.

Pop-up Video Widget Types

Pop-up videos are a great way to present products and services to visitors because they are much more detailed, and the visualization helps viewers not only process the information better but also retain it for longer periods.

We can distinguish the following types of pop-up videos:


It integrates the video into a pop-up window. It appears on top of the main content of the page, darkening the background for better attention focus.


It displays the video directly on the page instead of in a separate pop-up window. The video plays automatically or requires the user to press a button to start playing.

Exit-intent video pop-ups

They appear when the user is about to leave the page and can be used to suggest or provide additional information to encourage them to stay on the site.

Slide-in video pop-ups

Such pop-ups appear on the side or bottom of the screen, capturing the visitor’s attention without interrupting their viewing.

Full Screen

It displays the video in a full-screen mode, blocking all other screen elements for a more immersive viewing experience.


It sticks to the edge of the screen as the user scrolls the page, making the video content visible all the time.

Pop-up videos as a part of content marketing strategy effectively increase conversion.

It is because consumers get the opportunity to see the product in action or learn more about how and where to use it, and dive into the story of its creation or popularity.

This, in turn, convinces them to buy the product. Another reason why video marketing increases conversion for websites is that they increase user engagement rate.

Video content makes people stay on your website longer. It is quite effective, especially for those who do not like to read.


Video pop-ups are a relatively new strategic trend, so take advantage of it before it becomes outdated.

They’ll help you with SEO progress, trust level, and conversion rate, and give people more content in a form that is easier to perceive.

To get the most out of using video pop-ups, you need to constantly test your ideas — change the CTA, design, and essence of the offer for different user groups, as well as regularly evaluate the results to adjust your strategy.

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