Instagram Best Practices to Build Your Audience

Instagram has really come a long way ever since the app was released some 11 years ago. Nowadays, this network is the most frequently accessed social platform among Americans.

As a business, you can’t afford not to be present on Instagram. Your business needs good strategies and practices if you want to build a huge following on Instagram and bring in more customers.

Let’s take a better look and see what you can do to build up your audience on Instagram.

Use an Instagram API

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Using a good Instagram API is something your business should rely on. For instance, you can use an API for messaging.

With a good tool, your business will be able to handle all direct messages from one platform.

Modern companies must be accessible across their customers’ preferred platforms. You should make sure you have an Instagram presence if your target audience is there.

After all, there are more than 1.05 billion Instagram users worldwide. If you want to market your business on Instagram, you’ll have to provide customer service as well.

A few years ago, you could still get away with forwarding all of your Instagram customers to an email address or a website.

However, they now want answers to their inquiries immediately where they asked them. That’s where a good messaging API steps into play.

This kind of tool can have all your channels in one place. You no longer have to click back and forth, you can manage every conversation in one view.

Try Kicksta (or Its Alternative)

Kicksta is a brand that can help your business get followers for Instagram. Having followers on Instagram is important and it serves as social proof.

People have grown cautious and they always check a business’s social media pages to see if they have legit followers.

This will either convince them to do business with a certain company or simply leave the page.

Recently, there have been some allegations that a portion of new followers Kicksta brings are fake (i.e. Instagram bots). If you decide that it doesn’t meet your expectations, you should try switching to a good Kicksta alternative.

Always Check for Updates and New Features

As Instagram is continuously changing, marketers must keep up with the latest trends and features.

This will offer you the foresight you need to take advantage of these changes and improvements before your competitors do.

Reels and Instagram Shopping, which marketers can use to engage their audience or drive store conversions, have been added to the platform’s popular content alternatives like Stories and IGTV.

Furthermore, it has improved existing features and offered new ones to Instagram Stories, such as augmented reality filters.

Brands can even develop their own augmented reality filters to increase audience interaction and visibility.

Tell Interesting Stories

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Your brand must be memorable in order to leave a lasting impression and that’s where the art of storytelling comes in. Instagram is the ideal medium for telling compelling visual stories about your company.

Begin generating images to create compelling tales about your brand’s history, consumer experiences, staff experiences, or influence.

For example, Nike uses this method to tell a story about sports and fitness as integral parts of one’s lifestyle.

The company uses Instagram to share interesting visual stories that revolve around Nike’s core brand message.

Take a look at their page and see what you can learn from it. Also, keep in mind that the visual content you create has to be consistent.

To be precise, you should select a visual theme and then follow through when posting content. This means that you should stick with one color palette and style when posting images.

Take Advantage of Hashtags

On Instagram, hashtags are your closest friends. They aid in the visibility of your content in hashtag search results as well as in the Explore pages of individuals who have watched or interacted with similar content.

As a result, hashtags on Instagram are an excellent strategy to increase content discovery and brand awareness.

You can use specialist hashtags and industry-related hashtags to help you narrow down your target audience.

Targeting meaningful hashtags relevant to your product or service is more likely to bring your material in front of potential buyers than using the most popular hashtags worldwide or regionally.

Measure Your Performance

Examining the performance of your content may be done in a variety of ways. Of course, we all want our following to grow, but the amount of interaction your audience has with your material is just as vital.

You can see how your audience interacts with your content using Instagram’s insights. It’s easier to determine what to post if you understand how and when your audience interacts.

Click ‘View insights’ in the bottom left corner of any post. You can view how many likes, comments, and shares you have from this page.

With reach and impressions, insights provide an in-depth look. Compare your results, see what posts generate a lot of juice, and make changes if necessary.

Final Words

Instagram will remain a game-changer in the world of marketing.

That being said, there is no excuse not to exploit it to the fullest extent. The practices and tips you just read about will help you do that.

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