The 5 Key Aspects Of Call Tracking

Are you looking for an innovative marketing tool to boost your business?

If so, you should consider call tracking, a leading-edge software for attributing your calls to marketing campaigns – and much more.

To give you an understanding of what this software is and why you need it, we’ve put together the five key aspects of call tracking and how they can help your marketing…

1. Attributing Calls To Campaigns 

The first core aspect of call tracking is its ability to track your calls and attribute them to your various marketing campaigns.

For every call you receive, the software can trace it back to the specific campaign it originated from, as well as all the activities the customer visited before, during, and after they called.

With these insights, you can create detailed customer journey maps to outline the most effective areas of your marketing and see where the majority of your leads and sales are coming from.

Also, when using call tracking software from an expert provider, you can have visitor-level tracking for your marketing.

This means you’ll be able to see the full journeys of every visitor who leaves a session on your website, rejoins later, and then makes a call.

This allows for a more complete overview of your marketing performance, and which campaigns are most successful at driving leads for your business.

2. Enhancing Your Campaigns 

Another important aspect of call tracking is that you can use it to enhance your campaigns for maximum engagement.

Call tracking reports will show you which campaigns are driving the most conversions, and you can then analyse these campaigns to reveal the reasons.

You might discover your most successful activities are in your social media channels, or that they have specific, unique calls to action.

For example, this could be a large influx of calls being made from visitors to your website who followed a link from your Facebook page.

You can then use this information to adjust your other campaigns – as well as future ones – to adopt the same style, therefore attracting a similar level of engagement.

Apply this to as many campaigns as you can, and you’ll be able to create stronger campaigns across each of your channels, to optimize customer journeys.

3. Speech Analytics

You can also incorporate speech analytics with call tracking. This is a unique feature which allows you to transcribe every customer call and identify any important keywords mentioned in the conversation.

If there are certain keywords which are crucial to your marketing or conversions, you can use this feature to pick up when these words or phrases are spoken.

For instance, this can be a customer mentioning a ‘purchase’ or enquiring about your ‘shipping times’. It could also involve the mention of specific campaigns.

This can highlight when customers are being driven to a call by certain activities, as well as show the main enquiries they have had at this point of interaction.

4. Visibility For Your PPC Activity

Call tracking also offers complete visibility for your pay-per-click (PPC) activity and can help you improve your conversions through this channel.

You’ll be able to see which of your ads are delivering an increased number of conversions and which are not bringing as much value.

Meaning you can invest more effectively into your successful PPC ads and reduce spend on those which are underperforming.

This can provide a more cost-effective structure for your PPC channel, whilst also helping you develop the most valuable areas that are identified with the software.

5. Re-structuring Your Marketing Budget

Finally, the last aspect of call tracking is that it can allow you to restructure your marketing budget more effectively.

With key insights into your most valuable campaigns, you’ll have a clearer idea of where to direct the majority of your resources.

This can ensure you gain more value in leads and sales out of every investment and lower your total cost-per-lead for each campaign.

On top of that, the software’s data-driven reports can be used as solid evidence to justify investing in particular areas with your budget, if approvals are necessary.

Now you know five of the many essential aspects of call tracking, and plenty of reasons why this expert software can be a great addition to your marketing efforts – from the benefits of speech analytics to the ability to optimise your marketing budget.

If you want to transform your marketing for the better, why not contact an expert provider today to start enhancing your own strategies?

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