Mac Or Windows: Which Is Better For Digital Marketers?

It matters what software and computer you use when it comes to digital marketing. This has fuelled the never-ending debate between Mac vs. Window.

Most digital marketers are going over and above to secure a Mac. There are many reasons why you may decide to carry out your online marketing using a Mac. However, one of the most common reasons is following a trend.

For instance, today, digital marketers using Macs are considered more serious in their job compared to those using Windows. Granted, the machine helps to create one of the sleekest, most impressive designs. 

It also has one of the most superior customer contact information through the use of some of the best CRM for Mac.

However, should the use of a Windows computer be reduced to not being serious? Are there not equally functional software for Windows? Does it mean you can’t produce world-class marketing campaigns if you have a Windows computer?

This article will demystify all these concepts and beliefs. It’ll focus on the key factors to consider when buying a computer for your Internet marketing needs. This will help you determine which of the two is superior for each factor.

Mac Vs. Windows

To help you determine which one between the two is the best for your digital marketing, here are some of the factors you should consider:


Since the Mac moved from the Power PC to Intel processors, Mac and Windows’ hardware difference has closed. This is because Windows PC uses the Intel process as well. However, the difference between the two is felt with features such as the ports.

Most Windows PCs have several ports such as the USB-A port, SD card slot, and HDMI port, which allows you to connect to other devices such as your television or camera memory. However, with the Mac, you’ll need an adapter to connect it with any other device because this machine has one port. This particular port doesn’t function independent of an adapter.

Other than the ports, Windows are notorious for having a wide range of hardware features. That is, you can find webcams, speakers, memory, and touch screens of your liking.

There’s a vast pool to choose from. This is mostly because third-party companies manufacture most Windows PCs. Since the companies vary, the hardware and tech specs are bound to be different.

To date, Apple is the only company that makes Macs. In order to build a brand and ensure quality control, MacBooks are designed based on a given set of guidelines.

The result is that most Mac machines have the same features and design with very little room for customization. This explains why there aren’t various features such as the ports. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to negate the need for an adapter while transferring your social media posts or visuals, a Windows PC is your best match. Additionally, the Windows PC ticks the boxes if you’re interested in enjoying a wide array of hardware features and tech spaces.

Software Integration And Compatibility

One of the key differences between a Mac and Windows machine is their software. Most Macs run of the MacOs software system. This software gives Mac a competitive software compatibility advantage over Windows.

As mentioned above, Apple is the only company that produces Macs. As such, they all have similar specs depending on the device type. This uniformity is enhanced by the MacOs software that allows cross-product integration. 

That means you can easily airdrop images from your Mac laptop to your co-worker’s Mac machine or to an Apple TV screen using tvOs. The software is so advanced that you can also share your information from a Mac laptop to an iPad, iPhone, and even an Apple Watch running on the Watch OS.

Since different third-party companies manufacture Windows, this PC machine lacks software uniformity, hindering software compatibility with a Windows PC. Instead, you’ll have to rely on third-party apps to share your copies, images, and other web advertisements.

This particular feature makes it easy to work and communicate within a team looking to achieve digital marketing goals. Note that this feature cancels the problem of using an adapter to transfer your data and information for Macs. So, one way or the other, the Mac machine is proving to be superior.

Design And Editing Features

Design and editing features are parts of digital marketing that can’t be overlooked. If your design skills are lacking either due to a lack of skills or using a restrictive computer, your digital marketing skills at large are questionable. 

As such, it’s one of the factors you should consider when selecting your tool of practice. Ask yourself whether the Mac or Windows can help you develop top-tier designs for your posts while making your work significantly seamless.

Macs are considered a superior machine for design and editing features. To start, Macs have state-of-the-art applications such as Final Cut Pro and Apple motion, which, when paired with Adobe, offer you endless creative designs to trigger your creative juices. It can sometimes be so boring when your digital marketing copies lack that unique creative style.

Other than that, Macs are user-friendly. So, not only would you enjoy the best design and editing features, but the experience of creating with Mac is fluid as well. These particular features make digital marketers who use Mac be considered more professional than those using Windows.

SEO Software

This was once the most significant advantage of Windows compared to Macs in digital marketing. A few years ago, most Windows PCs had SEO and other marketing software integrated. Automatically, this meant it was easy to use a Windows PC compared to Mac for anything SEO. In fact, for Macs, you had to buy the software.

However, with time, experts have developed better SEO tools. The downside is these tools have to be bought. So, it really doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or Windows. If you’re looking to run your SEO operations, you have to purchase the best SEO tools such as Serpstat, Semrush, or MozPro.


Further from the specific digital marketing features, you also have to factor in the cost of the machine. The difference in price between a Mac and a PC is so big; most Macs are very expensive.

Since there’s a wide variety of Windows PCs, their prices vary with different specs. This explains why there’s a Windows PC which is half the price of perhaps the oldest version of a Mac. However, Windows PCs give Macs a competition, but they’re still relatively affordable.

The expensive nature of Macs also goes a long way in building its credibility, desirability, and the idea that it’s more professional to use a Mac. That said, if your pocket doesn’t afford a Mac, you can still purchase a Windows PC with superior features, use it to work, and eventually afford the latest Mac.


In each category discussed above, you’ll notice that Macs have a relatively high competitive advantage over Windows PC. Perhaps, the only constraint would be its affordability. Therefore, if you can afford a Mac, it’d be your best fit for digital marketing. 

However, a good PC will work just as well if a Mac is too expensive. Moreover, if you’re still using a Windows PC, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it works just fine, and you’re rightfully still a professional digital marketer.

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