Four Marketing Tips For IPTV/OTT Platforms

Creating an IPTV or OTT platform isn’t enough. After its development, you need to inform people about the new service you offer. Marketing has many approaches for promotions and informing people about your platform. In this article, we are going to cover four marketing tips that will help you tell the world about a new service.  

Three Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Essential

People Learn Your Product or Service

The primary goal of marketing is to let people know about your product or service and who you are. And, of course, persuade them to buy your product. 

Marketing helps to increase brand awareness and attend customers. What is more, digital marketing methods help turn your customers into brand advocates. So, you get an army of regular customers who recommend your brand to their acquaintances. 

You reach your target audience with the help of all marketing tools: SMM, SEO, and contextual advertising.

You Understand Your Target Audience

With all the analytical tools marketing has, you can understand your audience’s preferences and behavior. Moreover, you can directly ask them what they would like to change in your service. Your target audience can inspire you with new ideas to enhance your product.

When you lack ideas on your service improvements you can turn to your audience. What would they like to add or change on your platform: content, features? Is your subscription model convenient for them? Do they like the design? Is it clear? 

People love sharing their experiences and thoughts, and they love sharing ideas. Use this power!  

Marketing Helps You Build Trust

People tend to choose the brand they know something about. For example, the brand supports the same values as they are. For example, you spread the idea of environmental friendliness. It means that you will attract more people who are also concerned about the environment’s safety. 

Marketing helps create a reputation and show that your brand is credible and trustworthy. 

Some marketing tools, like content marketing, help deliver your values and brand ideas to people. This is how you build trust with the audience.

Four Marketing Tips For OTT/IPTV Platforms

Social Media Marketing

Despite the opportunity to show your brand idea, social media platforms allow you to ask your audience questions related to your product or service. So, you receive answers directly from your consumers and get to know your strong and weak points. 

This information can be valuable for other marketing campaigns

Along with feedback, social media are good at building relationships with your audience in general. They have many tools to achieve this goal: from stories to live streams. You can express your thoughts, ask people for opinions, arrange interactions, and go live to communicate with your customers in person. 

Offers and promotions

Whatever you do to attract more customers, offers and promotions are still the best options that arise interest in products and services. For example, using the favorite platform for an additional month without a fee is tempting. Only a few can stand and not use such an opportunity.

Also, all these discounts and seasonal sales create a feeling of satisfaction. The user experience grows, which is valuable for brand awareness.  


To let people come across your platform, you should SEO-optimize it. The search engine results are one of the essential ways consumers get to know about your platform. 

The optimization process includes researching the keywords, optimizing metadata and video titles, constantly tracking the position in search results, and enhancing the content on your platform. 

Don’t neglect these practices, as they can help increase traffic flow on your website. 

Email marketing

Emailing is an old but still efficient tool of marketing strategy. Emails are considered an effective way to attract customers and turn them into regular ones. 

Emails also allow you to customize your messages and create personalized offers. You can use them to inform people about new videos, special offers, affiliate programs, and new features. Some companies use emails to send promo codes to their email subscribers, encouraging other people to subscribe as well. 

Use emails to personalize your letters. People will appreciate that the letters they receive are individualized. For example, you can use a person’s name to address or congratulate a person on their birthday if you have such information. 


Many companies underestimate marketing tools, and due to that, they lose potential benefits and revenue. Marketing is all about testing hypotheses: what tools work best for your audience and what communication approaches work best for it. If used properly, they can help you solve different issues: from building trust with customers to attracting new people.  

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