Mastering BigCommerce SEO: 27 Proven Strategies To Catapult Your Organic Traffic

In today’s times, for a business to be successful in the online environment of e-commerce, it has to have an effective presence on the internet. 

However, bigCommerce being a very powerful e-commerce platform makes all doors open for several opportunities.

To exploit its full potential for use, one must navigate the murky waters of SEO.  

In this blog, we will share 17 priceless tips that would help your BigCommerce store become the center of attention and boost organic traffic, in this guide. A Managed SEO Services plan would help better in following the below tips better.

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Understanding The SEO Foundation

1. Leverage Concise and Relevant URLs

Your URL is your online shop’s address. Use the ones that are short and fully appropriate for page content. 

This not only helps search engines to understand your page but also makes the user experience much better.

2. Optimize Meta Titles and Descriptions

Meta titles and descriptions are the first handshake between your store and search engines. 

Make appealing meta titles and descriptions, containing relevant keywords that meet both algorithm requirements and customers’ needs along with relevant search queries.

3. Prioritize Header Tags for Structure

Make sure that H1 to H3 header tags are well-organized in your content. 

To organize information, use header tags that both users and search engines will understand the importance of every section.

Navigating The Content Landscape

4. Create Unique and Valuable Content

The key element of SEO is its content. However, develop fresh content that is informative and practical for the target audience. 

Answer all of their questions, solve every pain point and achieve a leading status in your niche.

5. Integrate Long-Tail Keywords Strategically

The true champions of SEO are long-tail keywords. Integrate them with your content so that you can focus on specific user intents. 

They can be used with the complexity of user search queries and respond by tweaking content.

6. Optimize Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are not only about enumerating features; they are a place to tell a story. 

Add relevant keywords organically to your product descriptions as you highlight the benefits and USPs of your products

Unleashing Technical SEO Tactics

7. Ensure Mobile-Friendly Design

A mobile version of a website is no longer a luxury in the age of smartphones; it’s essential. 

Improve your BigCommerce store for mobile devices to give customers and search engines a pleasing experience.

8. Improve Page Loading Speed

A slow website can break a deal. Compress images, use browser caching to improve the loading speed of your website and make sure you choose a decent hosting solution. 

The fast loading website is not only user-friendly but also gets the sympathy of search engines.

9. Implement Schema Markup

Schema markup is a language that search engines recognize. Using schema markups, rich snippets are improved and displayed to the users, giving more information about your store and also increasing its visibility.

Harnessing The Power Of Backlinks

10. Build High-Quality Backlinks

In the world of SEO, backlinks are the currency. Focus on obtaining authoritative backlinks in your field. 

Firstly, let go of the quantity in order to focus on relevance and authority when constructing a backlink profile.

11. Utilize Internal Linking Strategically

Internal linking is a focused SEO technique which involves connecting pages. 

Build an internal web of cross-linked pages within your site that guide visitors and search engines to relevant content, boosting the topical authority of your store. Using Shopify SEO Apps can certainly help you with this. 

Embracing User Experience

12. Improvement of User Experience through Intuitive Navigation

SEO success hinges upon user experience. Make sure that your BigCommerce store has an easy-to-navigate structure so that users can find what they need quickly. 

The smooth navigation results in happy customers and better search engine rankings.

13. Implement SSL Encryption

Online security is crucial to secure your website. Ensure that your connection with users is sent via the SSL protocol in order to encrypt data transferring. 

Apart from enhancing the security piece, SSL is a ranking factor that pushes your store up the search engine ladder.

Analyzing and Adapting

14. Harness the Power of Analytics

Invaluable insights into user behavior can be given by analytics. 

Utilize tools such as Google Analytics to gather information about the target audience, identify best-performing pages and modify your SEO strategy. 

Data-based decisions serve as a starting point for constant improvement.

15. Regularly Update and Refresh Content

Freshness and repurposing is essential in the SEO area. Update and refresh your content on a regular basis to give search engines an indication that your store is open for business. 

This not only encourages previous users to return but also makes search engine algorithms impressed.

Amplifying Social Signals

16. Integrate Social Media Strategically

Social media and SEO are related. Place social sharing buttons on your product pages, develop user-generated content while promoting it. 

Keep the usage of multiple social media channels consistent. Social signals make your store authoritative online.

17. Encourage Customer Reviews

Customer feedback speaks volumes about the reputation of your store. The company should prompt the customers to provide reviews and testimonials. 

Positive reviews also guarantee the formation of trust with potential clients and improve your store’s SEO due to fresh, relevant content.

Elevating Your BigCommerce SEO Game

18. Explore Video Content Optimization

In an era of multimedia dominance, video content is unique. Try video optimization by using appropriate keywords in the titles, descriptions and transcribed content. 

Host videos on platforms such as YouTube and effectively embed them onto your product pages to create a comprehensive SEO plan.

19. Utilize Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP involves leaner versions of web pages created to load faster on mobile devices. 

AMP implementation does not only enhance the mobile user experience but also gains approval from search engines which may further serve to increase visibility of your store in mobile search results.

20. Diversify Content Types With Infographics

Infographics are potent media that provide complex information but in an interesting manner. Develop relevant infographics based on your products or field and include keywords when applicable. 

Share these across your website and social media to improve both user interaction as well as SEO.

Adapting to Algorithm Updates

21. Stay Abreast of Algorithm Changes

The development of search engine algorithms is never-ending. Keep abreast of algorithm changes by the leading search engines. 

Being aware of changes enables you to adjust your SEO strategy quickly, ensuring that the store remains in tune with current ranking criteria.

22. Explore Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular with the emergence of virtual assistants. Align the content to accommodate natural language searches for conversational and long-tail keywords. 

This voice search optimization can transform your BigCommerce store into a front-runner on this new search terrain.

International SEO Expansion

23. Use Hreflang Tags For Multilingual Sites

If your BigCommerce store targets the entire world, then adding hreflang tags becomes necessary. 

The following tags indicate to search engines the language and geolocation configuration of your page, enabling them to redirect users properly based on their location and preferred language.

25. Research and Optimize For Local Keywords

It is a must for local businesses to optimize for local search keywords. Use search keywords that are related to your location, and include them in your content, meta tags, as well as information on the company. 

This increases the visibility of your local store in search results.

Strengthening E-A-T Signals

26. Create Authoritative E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)

Provide your store with credibility attributes by using expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness throughout your online presence.

This includes emphasizing credentials, awards and expert recommendations establishing a platform that appeals to users as well as search engines.

27. Develop A Comprehensive FAQ Section

A comprehensive response to the queries by customers is, thus, both a customer service practice and an SEO strategy. 

Develop an extensive FAQ section with a wide range of questions concerning your products and services. This not only helps users but also supports the topical authority of your store.

The Culmination: Unleash Your SEO Potential

With these new tactics, you now have a complete repertoire of tools that will help take your BigCommerce store’s SEO to higher echelons. 

The digital industry is constantly changing, requiring a forward thinking approach to keep up. 

Integrate these cutting-edge strategies not only to increase organic traffic but also the stability of your store against online commerce transformation.

In the maze of e-commerce, where every tick becomes a guiding light for users who can find what your BigCommerce store offers. 

As you implement these strategies, remember: You are not just aiming at search engines. You are aiming at the customers that place value on every digital interaction they have. 

Continually improve, continue adapting and make your BigCommerce store SEO expertise become synonymous with it!

Learning BigCommerce SEO is a constant process requiring dedication and flexibility. With these 26 tips, you’ll not only increase organic traffic but also make your online store strong enough to compete with other fierce players in the highly competitive battle for supremacy. 

Stay ahead, stay engaged, let your BigCommerce store be a star in the online world!

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