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Maximizing ROI With Social Media Listening: Measuring Success And Insights

Today’s social media platforms have become an indispensable tool for modern businesses.

They can be used for everything from marketing to selling to communication, and they offer a wide range of creative tools for the customisation and execution of unique campaigns.

However, modern social media platforms are enormous, it can be difficult or even impossible to properly keep on top of things. This is where social listening comes in.

By using a social listening platform, you can maximize the ROI of your social campaigns and accurately measure success. You practically gain great tools that can help you to get much better results than you could alone. 

Let’s find out more and take a look at two very important parts of social listening, sentiment analysis and customer profiling.

What Is Social Listening?

Social media listening is the process of analyzing huge streams of social media data to identify posts that are relevant to your business.

Social listening tools make use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automate data analysis and generate results.

The data collected as part of a social media listening project can be organized into reports and insights for easy digestion.

The process can offer businesses a range of benefits and can be used to evaluate the success of social campaigns and business ventures.

It enhances the results obtained by the marketing department thanks to insights coming from actual data. 

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is a type of social media listening that focuses on how your brand is perceived by consumers online.

It works by trawling social platforms for mentions of your business and analyzing whether each of these mentions is positive or negative, utilizing advanced algorithms as part of a technique known as context analysis.

For example, say you recently launched a new social media campaign to promote a new product.

While you may see an uptick in sales, it can be difficult to ascertain just how your campaign has affected your brand image.

By conducting social media listening with a focus on sentiment analysis, you will be able to directly assess how customers perceive your brand since your latest campaign, which should give you a clear insight as to its success.

It has to be mentioned that sentiment analysis can bring in bad results when the brand that is analyzed is rather new on the market.

There is a need to analyze a larger amount of data in order to get a better understanding of how brands are perceived.

This is simply because people tend to complain about something that they do not like much faster than praise something they like. 

Customer Profiling

Social media listening doesn’t just tell you what is being said about your business, it can also tell you who’s saying it.

This is key information that will prove invaluable to your business. It can even highlight some influencers you could use in the future to promote your brand. 

Whatever products you create or services you deliver, you’re going to have a target customer.

For example, you might produce luxury perfumes and target the female aged 30 – 50 bracket.

Social media listening can allow you to assess whether or not your target demographic is talking about your brand.

You can also use it to see how the bracket is discussing the brand. Such data can help you to make changes that would further improve your entire online marketing campaign.

If you’ll see online discussions, you’ll know your marketing has been successful.

If not, it may be time to rethink your strategy, or this could indicate that there is a potential target customer out there that you have missed, which could open up brand-new opportunities.

Identifying target groups and building up customer profiles is a key business strategy.

With social media listening, this process has been simplified and can now be done with greater accuracy and efficiency.


By using social media listening techniques, you can maximize ROI on your social campaigns and access a range of different insights and metrics to help take your business to the next level.

They help you to improve practically everything you do on social media, which is very important since the competition is always huge. 

The last thing that should be highlighted is that social media listening needs to be carried out with the use of proper tools and the data you get has to be analyzed by actual professionals.

Without proper understanding, it is very easy to make mistakes or draw conclusions that would not be correct. 

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