Modern Marketing: The Advantages of Digital Display

The first advantage is that digital signs and modern Kitcast software are far cheaper than they ever were in the past, so investing in digital signs has become super economical.

In terms of modern advantages, we are living in an age where the Internet rules and Smartphones call the shots.

With that in mind, it isn’t a bad idea to transition at least part of the offline experience into a more digital realm.

Offline stores, real physical stores, are still needed in our society, no matter what the online elitists say.

Making stores a little more digital in real life is not a bad thing. Here are a few other modern marketing advantages to having digital displays.

Grabbing Attention With Movement

When people see movement in the corner of their eye, it is human instinct to take a look at what is moving.

Even if it is only a small glance, when you put digital signs in your windows, you are forcing people to look over.

Unless your customers are hardened up to the idea of constant movement, such as if they live in an arcade, then they are going to look over at your signs.

You can use trial and error testing to figure out which ads are the most effective. Try a very slow-moving ad, followed by a large, bold and sweeping motion.

Make no mistake, this is a very powerful tool because they are forced to look at your ads, which is something you cannot really achieve online without a massive marketing budget.

Info-taining Your Captive Audience

Do not leave people in your waiting rooms and in your common gathering areas with only their phones to play with.

Give them some digital screens to look at, and don’t just fill them with very obvious ads. Instead, try to teach them things and inform them of problems that you can solve.

If you run a vet’s clinic, then inform them about all the places where pets can get fleas, and then remind them that they have flea collars on sale.

If you are running a dentist’s office, then don’t fill your screens with ads for cosmetic treatments.

Instead, offer them a wide range of facts and interesting points, and slip your ads in between the interesting content.

Demonstrating Products To Your Customers

You cannot show off your lawnmowers in store, but you can show them off through digital signs.

Smaller companies have been known to show off their inventions and their new products to customers through digital signs.

If you are sneaky, you can also play down some of your product’s less desirable traits.

For example, if you start your lawn mower in the store courtyard, it echoes and sounds very loud.

But, if you record your lawn mower in an open setting on a field, then it sounds far quieter (plus, you can edit the sound to make it a less abrasive sound if you wish).

Grabbing Attention Through Human Curiosity

This used to be known as car crash marketing, which came from the idea that people slow down during a car crash in order to look at what is happening.

Digital sign users have proven that car crash marketing need not be shocking or even attention grabbing.

There are people re-purposing TikTok videos who are having great success in drawing people in.

Such as the TikTok guy who replaced his strimmer’s cutting wire with different things and it still worked (from metal twist ties to plastic zip ties).

Or, the car manufacturers who showed CGI videos of the inside of their car designs, or the product sellers who showed images of their products cut in half (done with all due flair and artistry of course).

Showing People Your Product Or Service Reviews

Instead of letting people search for reviews online where you have no control, you can show them reviews on your digital signs through a social media format.

Obviously, do your best to keep the negative reviews if you have several varieties of a type of product.

That way, you can promote your better products by letting your reviews speak negatively about your lesser products.

Educating Your Customers On Your Services

Remember the old days of Volvo, when all their ads would revolve around how safe their cars are.

They were educating the public about their brand principles (that being that they make safe cars).

You can promote your brand ideals and principles too, or you can demonstrate your service on the screen.

You can show everything from how you diagnose problems with a car, to how you create animations for your social media marketing company.

Modernizing Your Marketing Methods

If you are used to using posters in your store, then start using digital signs instead.

If you have salespeople make sales, then have your digital signs warm up the potential customers.

Perhaps you make exciting displays in your windows. If that is the case, you can update your method by creating an exciting display that also utilizes the movement caused by the videos you show on your digital signs.

These are just some ways that you can modernize your business marketing with digital signs.

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