Most Popular Tik Tok Accounts Useful for Students

Since its launch in 2017, TikTok is a social media platform that is continuously surging in popularity. It has about 80 million active users monthly only in the US, so it is quite a popular app among youngsters.

60% of its users are between 16 and 24 years old, so a lot of pupils and students spend time on TikTok.

Preventing teenagers and students from spending time on social media is not so easy to do. 

So, why not bring educational content on the platforms they spend most of their time on? This is something many schools tried to do by signing up for a business account for their institutions on Instagram.

It was seen as a nice opportunity to connect with youngsters, but also educate them and share tips and tricks on some topics and subjects.

So, which are the most popular TikTok accounts useful for students? Find out below. 

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If you are studying psychology, you probably know that you need to learn its history and some of the other things that might appear boring.

@onlyjayus is a lady that shares tips and tricks about different psychology-related subjects but also presents educational content in a fun and engaging way.

Moreover, you do not need to be a psychology student to understand the language it uses, as many psychology professors do.

Her videos are funny and easy to understand and among the most appreciated by students worldwide. 


One of the skills that they do not teach you at school or in college is how to manage your money efficiently and understand the entire economical system.

Well, you can now learn more about these if you watch the videos on the @logicalfinance TikTok account.

You have the opportunity to learn from an MBA and financial analyst, so you can procrastinate educationally on TikTok. 


A funny and nice high-school teacher has signed up for her account on TikTok where she shares interesting information in a catchy way.

She mainly talks about the management of classrooms, but also a bunch of other attractive subjects for teachers.

And her videos would not be complete without her unique sense of humor that makes learning more pleasant. As a student, you will surely have to write essays and need assignment help.

You can buy argumentative essay or get help for students by letting this teacher inspire and guide you.

Many teachers and professors can be found on TikTok and students should embrace this opportunity of watching educational content with a touch of humor, background music, and a funny approach. 


Another TikTok account loved by students! Many of them find learning science very difficult, especially when you do not have a dedicated teacher willing to help you understand complex terms.

But do not worry about it. Watching the videos of @mags4science will help you understand how science works, what happens behind some phenomena, or learn and understand complex terms or theories.

So, if you want to learn science in an unconventional approach, then this is the account you should follow. 


Unless you have an innate or fostered passion for Math, you are probably hating or disliking it. And you are not alone.

A lot of students and high-schoolers have trouble understanding Math concepts or solving Math equations and problems.

But, if you follow @Ludus on TikTok and watch their videos, you will surely start understanding Math from the start.

Their funny approach that includes music and dance makes learning Math funnier. They have quite a few videos you can watch on a variety of topics, but also solutions to SAT Math problems. 


If you are passionate about history or just want to learn more facts and gain more knowledge, this is the TikTok account you must follow.

You can learn about any historical topic that crosses your mind. And if you do not find a video on it, this Slavic girl that runs this account takes the recommendations of her followers into account.

Her videos are nice and funny and explore many History topics you do not even learn about in schools, such as the history of feminism or URSS facts. 

Ending Note 

Students and youngsters love spending time online and new social media platforms appear every day. Even though most people see the time spent on social media as lost time, you can also use it proactively.

There is a growing demand for educational content on social media platforms and users do not disappoint. 

There are many useful accounts for students they can follow and learn tips on how to solve algebra equations, learn history and science, psychology, and how to manage their finances.

And apart from these, many other educational accounts could help you in your academic pursuit, you only have to find them. 

Who would have thought a few years ago that you can learn new information in a funny, unconventional, and humorous way online?

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