Plastic Surgery Marketing: How Can You Grow Your Business?

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Many different strategies exist for the marketing of cosmetic surgery centers.

Some are going to be more effective in one clinic over another. Which approach best fits the particular needs of your clinic will likely be as unique as your practice is.

In this writing, we’ll explore a few ways plastic surgery marketing can be effectively leveraged toward greater business for your clinic.

By no means are these your only options, but generally, most marketing will fall under one of the following categories.

1. Lean Into the Healthy Aspects of Such Surgery

People don’t realize cosmetic surgery has legitimacy behind it, and you need to help correct their misconceptions.

There are a lot of Public Relations or PR angles that can be leaned into.

For example, cosmetic surgery often corrects issues like cleft palate syndrome.

Another cosmetic angle is reconstructive surgery in the wake of an injury.

In terms of mental health, whether or not congenital issues or injury has resulted in facial damage, there is the potential for increased self-esteem through cosmetic surgery.

Leaning into the legitimate benefits of what you provide when marketing your clinic is a very smart move.

You can “lead” with such info, then list other more “cosmetic” surgeries after.

2. Be Very Visible With Testimonials

One issue cosmetic surgery practices encounter is a fear of less-than-optimal outcomes.

There are entire reality TV shows about this issue. Well, you want to get ahead of that.

Whenever you have a happy customer, you need to incentivize their positive review of your clinic.

You might offer discounts on the services they’ve just acquired if they write you a positive review.

You might write a review on their behalf and run it by them to assure they approve before you publish it.

Whatever you do, make legitimate positive testimonials as visible as you possibly can.

You should have good reviews listed on your website, and if you can get video of positive reviews from real people that are then posted on YouTube, that’s even better.

3. Keep Careful Data On All Outreach

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, commonly functions as a marketing solution that is hand-in-glove with effective data collection.

Such data helps inform future SEO outreach, and it also helps inform other areas of marketing. SEO isn’t the only outreach solution that generates relevant data.

Find ways of getting, keeping, and using data. The more information you have, the more you can identify the most effective outreach opportunities.

You shouldn’t be wasting money on marketing, you want to fund tactics that legitimately work.

4. Focus On Marketing Procedures Most Sought By Customers

A huge percentage of your business will likely involve breast augmentation and rhinoplasty.

You need to be sure you correctly market the most popular services your clinic provides.

Whatever other angles you pursue, it’s important that you put the most prominent services in a visible place.

This may mean balancing marketing between cosmetic procedures used for reasons of health, and those used purely in a cosmetic sense.

There will be different sorts of outreach solutions which will be more or less effective.

Data helps inform the ratio of marketing outreach “families” you give precedent to.

If 60% of your services are rhinoplasty, 20% are breast augmentation, and 20% are therapeutic in terms of reconstruction or the correction of congenital defects, what you might do is focus 50% of marketing on therapeutic options, 40% on rhinoplasty, and 10% on breast augmentation. The latter two procedures will be “assumed” as available for most clinics.

This is a prospective statistical breakdown; your clinic may have different services, so be sure you balance outreach accordingly.

Consultation can be quite helpful here for individual clinics. The point is, you want to be sure that the “bread and butter” of your clinic is visible, but not in a way which might incidentally work against you. The key word here is “balance”.

Being More Visible As A Cosmetic Surgery Business

There are many ways to market your cosmetic surgery clinic, we’ve just touched on a few considerable tactics here.

That said, focusing on marketing procedures commonly sought by target customers makes sense, provided you balance out such outreach with tactics that are friendly to public relations.

Additionally, you want to be sure you keep the most extensive data that’s feasibly and profitably possible on all outreach.

You also want to be visible with testimonials, and lean into the truly therapeutic aspects of your cosmetic surgery clinic.

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