Proxy Seller Review & Discount Coupon

Proxy Seller is one of those proxy companies that cover many different proxy options, which is great if you’re going to be doing the kind of online activity that requires this. Let’s review Proxy Seller.

What is Proxy Seller?

From HTTP and HTTPs proxies to SOCKS5 proxies, there aren’t that many proxies that Proxy Seller can’t help you with. Because of their proxy range and the number of locations that they cover around the world, it’s no wonder that they’re quickly becoming one of the most popular options among proxy users.

Whether you have been using proxies for quite a while now, or you’re just considering them as a great option for your online activity, you may want to check out the affordable, popular Proxy Seller.

While they are relatively new to the game like other companies, including Blazing SEO Proxy, they are wasting no time in making sure that everyone knows what they’re about.

While they typically distribute their different proxy options purely based on the usage of each client, the majority of their proxies are for general purpose, which means that they can be matched with the vast majority of websites that you need to gain access to. Let’s check out their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons

  • You can refresh your proxies by requesting it
  • They have excellent customer support that is available 24/7
  • They have both username and password verification as well as IP authorization for that extra level of security
  • Their proxies can be accessed in 12 different locations around the world, that include over 300 subnets
  • They accept a wide range of payment methods including BitCoin, MasterCard, Yandex and Visa
  • If you have a faulty proxy and you need it replaced, they will do this within 24 hours or refund your money
  • They have some of the most affordable price points that you’ll find in the proxy industry, especially for the quality of their proxies. If you want to purchase your proxies in bulk or sign up for an extended time period, they’re even more affordable
  • Their highly anonymous proxies are compatible with SOCKS, HTTPS and HTTP
  • They do not offer a free trial, so you cant check out how their proxies work against your internet activity

Features and Pricing

proxy seller features

When it comes to Proxy Seller’s price points, it’s done based on how many proxies you will need. If you need just one proxy, for example, you can expect to pay just 0.76 USD a week for it. If you need access to 10 proxies, this is going to cost you 7.37 USD per week, and so on. However, their price points are also divided based on how long you want to use the proxies for.

This means that if you’re going to sign up for a year’s worth of one proxy, you’ll pay 16.06 USD, which is cheaper than doing it weekly. If you want to purchase 10 proxies that will last you a year, this is going to cost 155.74 USD, which again is cheaper than doing it per week.

Another thing that a lot of their current customers like about their proxy services is that they’re simple, yet effective. This means that they only offer shared and private proxies right now, and they haven’t categorized them too intensely, which makes it incredibly easy to pay your money and be given access to the right proxies, without it getting too confusing.


As we mentioned above, Proxy Seller offers 12 different locations around the world. Of course, they have access to the EU and U.S., as well as Asia. They also cover places like France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Canada, and India. While this may not seem like the most comprehensive list of locations, they’re always working on expanding it, so watch this space for even more places to use your proxies around the world.

Speed of Proxies

Of course, one of the biggest things that people look for in a high-quality proxy is speed. We are pleased to say that Proxy Seller has a speed of 50 Mbps, which is impressive and one of the highest that you’ll find out there. We were equally as impressed with their upload speed, coming in at 350 Mbps.

Signing Up for Proxy Seller

Customers love that Proxy Seller has made it incredibly easy to sign up for their services. Their web interface is easy to use, and you can even customize the package you’ve chosen before you’ve even paid for it. Another advantage of their website is that you can learn more about their services and how they work.

As we mentioned above, Proxy Seller offers two-factored authentication, making their proxies some of the safest out there. As you can see, there are many reasons why Proxy Seller is an up and comer that has caught a lot of people’s attention.

proxy seller review

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How Often Do They Update Their Private Proxy List?

Proxy Seller claims to update its private proxy list as often as they can, as it naturally improves the number of subnets they have access to, as well as the number of countries that they can have proxies in

Can Proxies be Replaced After a Few Months?

Proxy Seller says that they can replace old proxies for new ones for their loyal customers who have been signed with them for a few months. All you need to do is request this, and they will replace the proxy that you have been using with a newer one.

What is a Proxy?

While this may seem obvious, it’s important to know what you are getting into before you do. A proxy is a server that acts as an intermediary between your device, whether it’s your smartphone or desktop, and the internet. It does this to mask your IP address and allows you to bypass limitations and restrictions on certain websites so that you can carry on as normal.

Warning: Your Personal Details Are Visible

Your IP:
Country: United States
Region: VA
City: Ashburn
Latitude: 39.0438
Longitude: -77.4874
Timezone: America/New_York
ISP: Amazon Technologies Inc.

Scary, Right?

This is your personal data that ANYONE can view.

The only way to protect yourself fully is with a VPN. A proxy can provide some protection, but a VPN is a more complete solution and will ensure your privacy.

We recommend this VPN, or this proxy.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Proxy Seller is a viable proxy company that has already established a great reputation for itself. Check out their proxy services today and decide which one is going to be best for your online activity needs. While they may not have a free trial that you can check out, they do have flexible pricing options – and you can even customize the proxies themselves to really suit your needs.

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