4 Reasons To Use Tumblers in Your Marketing Strategy

When you’re looking for unique ways to get people interested in your product, there are some things you can do throughout your marketing strategy to make it much easier. A little bit of growth hacking can certainly yield some results, but sometimes you just can’t go wrong with some interactive marketing strategies

The phrase interactive marketing sounds a bit confusing, but rest assured it’s actually very simple. In the context of generating interest in your organization, this could be as simple as engaging with people on social media, building a strong website, running contests, and doing some promotional giveaways.

When it comes to promotions, water bottles and tumblers are ideal. Tumblers are especially popular and can be an essential part of an overarching marketing campaign. Here are a few reasons to incorporate them into your marketing strategies today.

Types of Tumblers

Before using them for marketing, it helps to know a little bit about tumblers, what they are, and how they work. Tumblers are a type of beverage container that’s basically a type of drinking glass with straight sides, no handles, and a lid. 

There are many different types as well. Thermal tumblers are ideal for your iced coffee/tea or trying to keep things cold as you go through your day. Collapsible tumblers are unique and make it even easier to take your drinks on the go.

Plastic tumblers are made with BPA free plastic, which means that they are free of the chemical known as bisphenol A, a chemical that has some possible adverse effects. Metal tumblers are durable, usually made with copper or stainless steel. 

Most tumblers also come with lids and straws making them a convenient means of drinking your delicious beverages. There are vacuum and double walled tumblers. The difference between the two is pretty simple.


One big reason people love tumblers and water bottles is because of how convenient and functional they are. Imagine not being able to take your morning coffee with you in the car on your way to work. Tumblers let you take your drink with you and keep it cold for a long time, especially if its insulated. 

It’s helpful if you’re in athletics, running, or just doing activities around the office. It’s also nice to have a thermal container that can keep your beverage hot or cold while you’re doing other things. That way, you don’t have to worry about a spoiled or ruined drink after getting sidetracked by other tasks. 

This functionality is part of the reason that customers love promotional items like tumblers and cups. They’re useful outside of professional situations and tend to last a long time. When somebody finds a good beverage container, they’re more likely to keep it and use it. As they do so, they’ll be reminded of your brand each and every time.

Branding Opportunities

The branding opportunities afforded by promotional tumblers are nothing short of spectacular. Offering custom tumblers to your customers is a great way to drive engagement, and ensure your marketing message is getting out to a broader audience. By customizing tumblers with your logo / company name, it helps increase brand awareness. By offering them as promotions, you can build trust and goodwill with your potential customers. 

By selling them in your store, you can build brand loyalty by offering something high quality and useful to your guests. Regardless of how you choose to use it in your promotions, there are plenty of branding opportunities and ways to increase awareness of your brand by using special custom promotional tools such as tumblers, coffee cups, and water bottles.


Tumblers, like many other types of reusable water bottles, can be eco-friendly. Consider the construction of a wheat straw tumbler. These tumblers are constructed with some leftover wheat straw, making them have less of a carbon footprint and therefore more eco-friendly. Many tumblers can be made from sustainable materials

These can be bamboo or stainless steel, items that are renewable and durable. Reusable containers also have lower impact on the environment, making them viable for reducing waste and one’s carbon footprint.

Sales and Promotions

Using tumblers for sales and promotions is a great way to build some goodwill and rapport with your customers. Selling them is a convenient means for customers to acquire them without having to participate in a promotion. 

Selling them also has the benefit of advertising your store when other people see you using them in public. Ultimately, selling tumblers is a way to generate some positivity for your brand, help the environment, and make a few extra impressions on potential leads. Whether it’s a thank you gift or something intended to appeal to certain generational cohorts, tumblers are an amazing promotional/sale item to offer at your organization today.

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