SaaS Data Protection Solutions Ultimate Guide

Many business owners think that it is not essential to invest in SaaS data protection, as their data is secure. However, a huge percentage of data loss and theft is reported when companies manage and store data without additional security.

What Is SaaS Data Protection Solution

SaaS data preserving solutions are the means for full-coverage data control, management and back-up. Thanks to storing SaaS applications in the cloud, businesses can use them as services. This is a great solution for companies that do not want to invest time and money in managing such software themselves. When software is hosted by other providers, companies can focus on their own tasks.

SaaS data protection platform is a kind of data security solution that aims to combine a suite of traditionally siloed security tools. Most Data Security Platforms will combine functionality designed to locate and protect data on-premises and in the cloud.

SaaS information recovery and back-up is a process of saving business data regularly for easier restoration in case of any cyber threats. It is recommended to use services that specialize in backing up and recovering important data as they can be lost easily if stored insecurely.

The Benefits of Using SaaS Data Security and Disaster Recovery for Business

The use of SaaS data protection solutions  is truly advantageous for companies because of many reasons. Here are some benefits of investing in the protection of your company information:

  • Secure your data against internal and external intrusions.
  • Make sure that your business operations will not be disrupted by data leaks.
  • Assess the authenticity of your data.
  • Ensure quick and smooth data migration.

The Most Common Ways the Information Can Be Lost

There are numerous ways of losing your data, and not all of them are external as in cyberattacks. When companies use various software like Microsoft Office, G Suites, etc., there is always a chance of losing data.

Human Error

It is not rare for employees to delete or rewrite certain data on accident while using audit services and manipulating information in any other way. About 25% of company data can be lost in this manner.

Sync Errors

When you use cloud storage, syncing issues occur from time to time. In case you encounter any errors during the synchronization of your data, the latter can be lost partially or entirely.

Hacker Attacks

More than 90% of businesses experience cyberattacks every year. These stats demonstrate the importance of adopting SaaS data protection and backup services to secure your information.


This is a type of cyber threat that encrypts data instead of corrupting or stealing them, thereby making them unusable for owners until they pay money for them.

Malware and Viruses

New computer viruses appear every day, and only reliable protection software can prevent your data from such damage. A single virus in the system can halt the operation of an entire company.


There are a variety of other issues that may cause data loss. When employees leave the company, their accounts might be closed automatically, locking the information. There also may be issues with hosting providers where your data are stored.

How to Choose the Best SaaS Data Protection Solution

When picking SaaS data security services, it is important to keep in mind certain criteria. These characteristics will help you with choosing reliable software.

Cross-Platform Integration

Businesses often use various platforms and types of software designed for specific tasks. Multi-platform compatibility is an important feature to consider before the software is installed.

Data Recovery

A high-quality SaaS data recovery solution should provide easy and fast data regeneration in case of any issues, whether they are caused externally or internally.

Level of Protection

It is crucial that the software of your choice provides sufficient and licensed protection of data. Powerful encryption protocols should be in place to store and transfer files safely.

Threat Detection

It is better to detect threats in advance and protect your data instead of recovering them after an attack. Efficient threat detection saves time and money as recovery after cyberattacks can slow down or even halt the operation of your business.

Availability of Free Trial

Every SaaS data protection platform provides different ranges of services. Sometimes, it is required to try out different options to discover the most effective one for your needs specifically. The free-of-charge trial allows testing out the data protection and recovery services before paying for a regular plan.


Pricing is also important, although leaving your data unprotected can cost you millions. A single cyberattack can make a smaller business go bankrupt.

About SpinOne SaaS Data Protection and Recovery Platform

The SpinOne SaaS data security software is a great solution, which is highly acclaimed in the industry. This platform is a cloud-based tool that incorporates AI to provide automated services in data recovery, protection, backup, storage, management, and more.

SpinOne is compatible with Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, and other platforms. With its data leak prevention services, automatic regular backups, ransomware security measures, and overall application security, companies can focus on their operations, while SpinOne offers continuous protection technology.

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