Psychology of Sales: A Secret Ingredient For Successful Trade Shows

Are you a startup owner looking for ways to make a good impression during trade shows? You can increase your brand’s visibility, foster loyalty, and gain feedback for your services or products by attending trade shows. 

About 92% of attendees visit these shows to learn about new products and get exciting deals.

Did you know 56% of visitors would prefer traveling hundreds of miles just to attend the event? 

Similarly, 54% of businesses attend trade shows because of their competitors.

But how do you stand out in the crowd and attract potential clients? Well, there is one strategy that can help you upscale amidst the competition – leveraging human psychology to make sales. 

This blog will discuss how to utilize sales psychology to attract more clients during trade shows. 

Is The Buying Journey Psychology Important at Trade Shows? 

The psychology of sales means the study of a prospect’s mindset and how it impacts buying decisions and journeys.

As a startup owner, you can use this information to improve the chances of selling products or services at trade show exhibits

However, you need to analyze and understand the buyer’s journey to better your chances.

For example, startup owners can leverage the stages from unawareness to decision-making at a trade show. 

According to Classic Exhibits, booth designs should align with your startup’s marketing goals and brand image.

As a psychological marketing tactic, startups can get inlines, hanging signs, or light boxes to portray their brand at trade shows.

Either way, you need to perform a few activities to attract customers to your booth. 

During the unawareness stage, you can utilize pre-show activities. When you catch a prospect’s interest, try the on-site brand reinforcement technique.

After that, showcase your marketing message and brand vision or mission to the prospect.

Once you have done everything correctly, the prospect may turn into a lead and make a buying decision. 

Erik Lanke, the CEO of the National Fluid Power Association, stated that booths need to be a conversation starter.

The more you converse with your prospects, the better chance you have at making a sale. 

3 Ways To Use Human Psychology To Make Sales During a Trade Show

A study by Harvard Business School proves that 95% of buying decisions are made subconsciously.

There are various tactics to tingle the subconscious mind of your customers. 

Take, for example, the usage of storytelling to appeal to the customer’s emotions. Or, harnessing the power of gifts, coupons, or discounts.

Some say that having fewer product options will assist prospects in making decisions quickly. Moreover, social proof of your startup’s values can be a good appeal to them. 

Other strategies include the following: 

#1. Booth Location and Look 

The first impression matters, especially for first-timers at a trade show exhibit.

Hence, the space, location, type, and look of your trade show booth will determine your success. 

Based on observation, visitors prefer to turn right and go towards landmark exhibits during a trade show.

Try to choose a booth that is in the center or right side of the location. Choose colors like light yellow or red to encourage buying power and come across as lively, stimulating, and passionate.  

#2. Fundamentals of the Booth

The design and size of your booth will also influence the buying decisions. Hence, you need to carefully plan the merchandise placement and store flow. 

Startup founders can place key visual items that trigger a positive reaction from the attendees.

Moreover, maximize user experience by offering an attractive, engaging, and friendly buying experience.

Remember, your booth should offer solutions to the potential customer’s problems. 

#3. Power of Non-Verbal Cues 

Your trade show will be successful if you can leverage human communication during prospect interaction.

Startup founders or representatives at the booth need to learn how to properly gesture, sound persuasive, and be confident during a pitch. 

For example, the voice quality, speaking style, clothing, gestures, and posture needs to be perfect.

These will create a welcoming environment and positive sentiments, and your prospects will feel warm.

Furthermore, establish eye contact, smile genuinely, be confident, dress well, and avoid sitting. 

The Bottom Line

Trade shows let you showcase your brand’s uniqueness in the industry and promote your offerings. At these events, you can network and analyze your competitors. 

Of course, you will need an amazing trade show booth location, design, and theme. Providing exciting offers and using sustainable items will also help. 

However, understanding and studying consumer behavior is vital for your startup’s success in trade shows and the industry.

For example, the phases of unawareness, awareness, knowledge, consideration, and decision-making are all part of the sales funnel. 

You need to utilize these and create a booth that has an attractive and captivating look.

Moreover, use the power of non-verbal cues and leverage storytelling. These will help you make sales and foster brand loyalty. 

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